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It's time to talk giant space turkeys...

This is the podcast of the movie, TV and genre website, featuring debate among our writers and guests, as well as occasional interviews. It may get silly, it may get serious...

Download On loving Star Wars but hating George Lucas  07-11-2016 (43.58 MB)

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On loving Star Wars but hating George Lucas

  • On loving Star Wars but hating George Lucas
  • Why did George Lucas hand The Empire Strikes Back to his old film-school professor Irvin Kirshner - hating the resultant footage - when he was supposedly the hottest and richest property in Hollywood? Is he really still living in 1977? And what spicy Star Wars tattoo does outspoken contributor and self-confessed 'optimistic masochist' Aaron Knier have on his body?

    In this inaugural podcast for, founding editor Martin Anderson chats with Aaron about the glories, failings and fallacies of both the Star Wars prequels and their creator, George Lucas. You can listen to the entire 54 mins or use the index below to jump to a topic. The slider is at the bottom, below the index...


    What Glen Garry Glen Ross does better than Phantom Menace. 0.23
    More than 3D needed to 'unflatten' the prequels. 1.30
    Yoda, better-rendered he is. 1.51
    Star Wars: The Musical Journey. 1.57
    Empire or A New Hope the essential 3D ticket? 3.09
    Can A New Hope's opening shot be 3D-ised? 3.20
    West End's D6 Star Wars Roleplaying Game. 5.30
    Aaron's first reaction to TPM. 6.40
    The 'expectations' excuse. 8.47
    A theory about Palpatine's role in the saga 8.49
    From emperor to 'P**is Monster'. 10.00
    Why Jedi's glitch won't be fixed even in 3D. 11.00
    The Secret History Of Star Wars. 11.30
    Marcia Lucas strikes back at a critical moment for TESB. 12.25
    Lucas as bad with DPs as actors? 15.42
    The poor cinematography in the prequels. 16.30
    Lucas's prior success as an 'actor's director'. 17.27
    Aaron's tirade on the prequels' casting. 18.15
    The lost promise of Ewan MacGregor. 20.31
    Guinness and Shatner impersonated. Briefly. 22.18
    It's not a movie, it's a box of Meccano. 23.21
    Star Wars Revisited fan edit (2009). 25.45
    The horror of expanded Mos Eisley. 27.30
    The good revisions. 28.30
    The three missing Star Wars movies. 29.25
    Why Richard Marquand if Lucas was free to direct RotJ? 30.36
    The love-story - worse in Clones or Sith? 32.12
    The other thing Lucas shares with James Cameron. 34.05
    Aaron's two favourite scenes in A New Hope. 35.34
    What most annoys Aaron about the Star Wars movies. 37.54
    Breaking Rick McCallum's legs. 38.16
    'And yet you love these movies..?'. 39.11
    Hayden Christenson and other missing characters. 40.31
    The 'Optimistic Masochism' of loving Star Wars. 41.29
    About Aaron's smutty Star Wars tattoo. 41.45
    Encouraging bad behaviour. 43.15
    The ever-expanding Expanded Universe novels. 43.54
    Han shooting first again in 3D..? 46.12
    Dirty Harry, Popeye Doyle, Han Solo and revisionism. 47.38
    Exactly why Han has to shoot first. 48.43
    George Lucas's hypocrisy in Congress..? 49.39
    The Dambusters, Huckleberry Finn and disappearing 'history'. 50.23