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Jason Statham to star in Hong Kong action movie from Kurt Wimmer
Wes Craven 1939-2015
The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller to make a Han Solo spin-off
Now you can see the lost Empire Strikes Back short for free
Rumour: Shape-shifting Spider-Man could make future reboots easier
Furious 7 Super Bowl spot's action takes crazy to a whole 'nother level
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens official teaser trailer
Christophe Beck wants to score another Marvel movie
Second Star Wars stand-alone director announced
Man of Steel Sequel Gets New Title, Hints at Justice League
Final Hobbit film gets an epic new title
Frozen makes $1bn; wins Best Animation and Best Original Song
First look: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer revealed
Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer breakdown
Report: Rush screening event at Millbank Tower
Stop the presses! Burgundy's legend set to live on in print
James Cameron brings writers aboard for Avatar 2, 3, and 4
John Williams confirmed to score Star Wars Episodes VII-IX
Cobie Smulders to play Wonder Woman in Lego movie; Is Justice League next?
Awesomeness round-up: Sharknado, Pacific Rim, Nerds vs. Aliens
William Fichtner confirmed as Shredder in TMNT reboot
Muppets director in talks for Alice in Wonderland 2
Joss Whedon endorses J.J. Abrams as director of Star Wars Episode VII
The Wolfpack is back! First Hangover III trailer hits the web
Joss Whedon not directing Star Wars Episode VII
Chuck could star in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
Star Trek Into Darkness Japanese trailer throws new scene at fans
Joseph Gordon-Levitt could play Batman in Justice League
The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer criticises The Avengers; teases sci-fi directorial debut
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting news
Scoop: Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing could be released early summer 2013
Catwoman could join Thor to fight robots for Steven Spielberg
Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy News
Joss Whedon talks Much Ado, Shakespeare, Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, and more
The Hobbit's second film is now the third film; titles and release dates announced
Nicolas Cage cast in The Expendables 3; could be joined by Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, and Wesley Snipes
The Hobbit: Turning pages into gold, with an estimated page-to-screen ratio of over $9m per page
Peter Jackson confirms third Hobbit film
Christopher Nolan would consider 3D, but "only if it would enhance the story"
Cool concept art for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy
Ice Age meets Batman in The Dark Nut Rises
Nathan Fillion not famous enough to be in The Avengers 2?
The Hobbit has wrapped principal photography; still five months to wait for movie
Extended Cut of MARGARET to be Released 7/10
Andrew Garfield assumed to be in The Avengers 2 after reading Avengers comics
Joss Whedon's second 90s Buffy movie that never was
Christopher Nolan will never make any more Batman movies after The Dark Knight Rises
Taken 2 trailer tempers the action with a hint of moral ambiguity
New Dark Knight Rises trailer isn't good; it's stunning
I Am Legend 2: Will Smith not involved, but could be
Production of Iron Man 3 begins; first image released
Leonardo DiCaprio could have played The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises
'Cumberbatch is not Khan' says Pegg; and Worf to return?
Tom Hiddleston talks Loki, Thor, Avengers, Shakespeare, and more
Awesome details for Dinosaurs vs Aliens
The Dark Knight Rises poster online
Andrew Garfield wants to play Spider-Man in The Avengers 2
Taylor Kitsch and Peter Berg contributed to the Battleship script
James Cameron only wants to make more Avatar (and documentaries)
Harry Lennix to play Henry IV
The Amazing Spider-Man trailer online
NYC Event: TropFest Short Film Festival
First clip from Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing
Galaxy Quest writer working on original animated film for Paramount
Dollhouse's Enver Gjokaj “unable to confirm or deny” being in The Avengers
NYC Events: NYC International Film Festival
Lewis, Tolkien could be played by Jude Law, Tom Hardy, or Henry Cavill?
ILM's 'Black Friday': the 'Return Of The Jedi' footage you'll never see
Felicia Day hints at secret cameos in The Avengers
Secrets of Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods revealed! Sort of. [No spoilers]
UK's biggest IMAX screen won't show The Avengers
Cannonball! Anchorman 2 is on its way
Percy Jackson 2 casts Nathan Fillion and Anthony Stewart Head
'Alien' visionary Jean Giraud ('Moebius') dead at 73
The Lone Ranger: First pic of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer
Ralph McQuarrie, designer of 'Star Wars', dead at 82
Transformers 4 reinvents the franchise
VIDEO: Sylvester McCoy fails to talk about 'The Hobbit'
Ask Joss Whedon about The Cabin in the Woods and more!
First offical shot of Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall
Joss Whedon will be on Twitter today, with Avengers cast members
The Hangover 3 to begin filming in the summer; trio set for big payoffs
'Razzies' set for April Fools' Day
Star Wars Uncut is the best video on the internet
Resident Evil: Retributon Trailer
George Lucas is "retiring", would like you to stop picking on him
War Horse Press Conference Part Two: Authors and Actors
Iron Man 3 filming to begin in May
The Dark Knight sells out: of IMAX tickets
War Horse Press Conference – Spielberg Speaks
Star Trek 2 to begin filming Thursday, plus a run down of its talent
Early pic from The Bourne Legacy
Evil Dead: Ash Cast!
Juan of the Dead: wide release in 2012
The Avengers will be post-converted to 3D (and why it could actually work)
The Dark Knight Rises trailer hits the web
The long awaited, Men In Black 3 trailer has landed!
Light-hearted humour, courtesy of the Star Wars Doppelganger
Cabin in the Woods poster taunts us with meta-textuality
Sylvester Stallone and 'Rocky' are heading to Broadway
The Muppets 'hosting' the Oscars needs to happen
Spielberg defends Indy 4, talks Indy 5 and Jurassic Park 4
Joss Whedon's secret Shakespeare film adaptation
The Avengers trailer is the Best. Trailer. Ever.
7 Lives Premiere
New Dark Shadows pics: here
Mel Brooks returns to horror
No Ash for Evil Dead remake
The Thing: First clip here
Denis Leary prefers Batman
Goyer to remake the Invisible Man
Hilarious old grouch Chevy Chase writing new Vacation script
The plot synopsis for Pixar's Brave is a little disappointing
Portal: No Escape, a stunning live action short
Ran remade: Kurosawa rights up for grabs
Two new Pixar movies announced
Gwyneth Paltrow saved woman's life on 9/11 because why not
Disney CTO: Big-budget films should focus more on plot? "Bullsh*t"
Empire Big Screen 2011 report
50/50 Trailer looks 90% good
Depp to bring the Vault comic out of the comic vault
Doctor Strange is back from the ether. Again.
Damon Lindelof talks Prometheus at Comic-Con
Six Degrees to R.I.P.D. Villain
The Shining's Overlook Hotel is even creepier than you think
Johnny Depp gigs through 'Dark Shadows' with Megan Fox?
Aardman’s The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists trailer
Adam West for Dark Knight Rises cameo?
Prometheus: Alien prequel or not?
Official, thrilling Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol trailer online
Toy Story 4 currently in production?
Disney Pixar's Brave trailer hits the web
New Captain America trailer released
Stupefy! Harry Potter final trailer released
Bad news for fans as Green Lantern scores just 24% on Rotten Tomatoes
Ben 10 set for a cinematic transformation
Shrek director Andrew Adamson to direct Beasts of Burden
Doctor Who spin-off movie in the works
Hangover 3: the Wolfpack is coming back
London Comic Con -- X-Men: First Class panel
London Comic Con MCM Expo May 2011 report
Source Code goes VOD before VID
Second Muppets teaser trailer is just as witty
Total Remake: Casting Update
Alec Baldwin to join Ferrell-McKay football flick
Green Lantern 3D Trailer
Warner Bros leaks tonnes of new Hangover 2 material
Stephen Fry joins The Hobbit Cast
Dark Tower Adaptation Lives! Slightly Modified
X-Men: First Class Clip: Here!
Bradley Cooper may be the devil!
Constantine sequel a possibility?
Conan The Barbarian official trailer, photos
Tyson tattoo artist sues Hangover 2 producers
The Cabin in the Woods, finally!
Arnold Schwarzenegger agrees to another Terminator
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer goes live
Captain America: Not Even a Minor Spoiler
Immortals trailer finally hits the web
World War Z Casts Enos
Juan of the Dead coming soon
New X-Men trailer renews faith in upcoming prequel
Gordon-Levitt and Cotillard’s roles set for The Dark Knight Rises
9 new hi-res pics from 'Vamps'
Ryan Gosling the new Lone Ranger?
Sunjata, Gorman to join Dark Knight Rises
Peter Jackson easing 3D eyestrain for The Hobbit?
Franco joins cast of 21 Jump Street film
Actor chosen for Snyder's Zod
Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool nails a director
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows featurettes
New Green Lantern TV Spot
Excellent! Bill & Ted 3 script nearly complete
Another mug for the 'Sweeney' movie
Is Justice League headed for theatres?
Engarde! The Three Musketeers trailer is here
Russell Crowe may be Billy Butcher in The Boys
The Professionals gets Hollywood makeover
R-rated footage will be included in the Sucker Punch DVD
Amy Adams cast as Lois Lane
13 Assassins Official Trailer
Kunis joins Franco in Oz prequel
American Gods film, Good Omens TV series in development
Captain America Trailer: Here!
Akira Casting: McAvoy and Fassbender?
Hunger Games: Lawrence cast, Collins 'thrilled'
Deathly Hallows part 2 featurette online
Joseph Gordon-Levitt joins Dark Knight Rises
Costner cast in Superman
RIP Michael Gough 1916-2011
Hunger Games: the latest casting rumors
Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides new Cruz pic
David Slade trades fangs for fights with Daredevil
Wahlberg eyeing another Fighter?
Del Toro discusses Pacific Rim
Super 8 full-length trailer debuts
Sylvester McCoy talks The Hobbit and Doctor Who projects
New trailer for Fast Five...but do we really want it?
Can Tom Cruise do Lovecraft justice?
E.T. farewell scene voted 'most powerful moment in film'
Holmes Sequel: Law and RDJ want more!
Super trailer: shut up, crime!
Tyson set to build on The Hangover success
Why Blade Runner doesn't need a sequel
The Adjustment Bureau: reviews are in
Tarantino targets new genre
Jane Russell dies at 89
Bourne to take on new identity
Live Blog: 2011 Academy Awards
The Last Airbender, Shyamalan, "win" big at the Razzies
Viggo Mortensen may play Zod
Joel McHale and Seth MacFarlane join comedy forces
Bl**dy h*ll! The Weinstein Company to c*ck up The King's Speech
King's Speech director turned down Iron Man 3 for Les Mis?
The Hangover 2 trailer is finally here
EXCLUSIVE: Dane Cook asked to co-star in Ghostbusters 3
Sucker Punch Trailer 2 Released
Scorsese versus Kermit for Thanksgiving box office
Shane Black set to direct 'Iron Man 3'?
Kick-Ass Idea from Vaughn
Script problems delay Men in Black 3
Sir Christopher Lee's touching acceptance speech at the BAFTAs
Does 'The Dark Knight Rises' have daddy issues?
Franco may play Kaneda in Akira
Gosling as Logan in classic run remake
Shane Black on deck for Iron Man 3?
Cobie Smulders will be an Avenger
Rosamund Pike in Wrath of the Titans?
Director chosen for Fantastic Voyage remake
Captain Hammer voices Green Lantern
Transformers 3 Super Bowl spot online
Rango Super Bowl spot brings the crazy. In a good way...
Johnny Depp bewitched by Eva Green in Dark Shadows?
Will new Superman flick feature Ursa?
The Dark Knight Rises may feature Robin
Ghostbusters 3 finally ready to begin production...or is it?
First Captain America poster brings the intensity
Stephen King talks The Stand remake
Kristen Stewart chooses fairy tale over franchise
More Avengers casting rumors
R.I.P.D. comic book movie gets Galifianakis
Pet Sematary remake - all King, all the time
Could the Dark Angel duo of James Cameron and Jessica Alba reunite?
The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer geeks out about the film
Dude, a Lebowski sequel may be in the works
Toy Story 3 writer to front Snow White project
Javier Bardem's 007 villain would be more 'nuanced'
Stephen King's 'The Stand' to hit the big screen
Can Woo Remake His Classic 'Killer' ?
Legendary composer John Barry dies, aged 77
The Rite possesses the US Box Office
'Get Back': what if the Beatles hadn't broken up?
Black Swan tops Fox Searchlight's box office opening
Matrix sequels a hoax?
Matrix 4 & 5 coming in 3D
Featurette for The Adjustment Bureau
X-Men: First Class hi-res stills gallery
Sacha Baron Cohen to portray Saddam Hussein
Will Smith-Annie Redux?
Selina Kyle & Bane tabbed and cast for 'The Dark Knight Rises'
Battle: Los Angeles international trailer
Susannah York dies, 72
Watch a deleted love scene from The Empire Strikes Back
Stiller confirms Zoolander 2
Harry Potter image leaked
Alien prequel: It's dead as disco
Pic: Chris Evans as Captain America
Pic: Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man
David O. Russell may shoot 2 Guns adaptation
Bond 23 release date confirmed
Trent Reznor scoring Dragon Tattoo
Rudd, Mann and Apatow Reconvene for a Knocked Up Spin-off
Latest Hobbit cast signing is... Elijah Wood?
'Monsters' director lands Godzilla remake
Stan Lee Honored with Star
The Social Network wins best film per OFCS
No theatrical 3D release for Disney's Beauty And The Beast
IMAX rakes in $546 million and counting for 2010
Major spoilers for Kenneth Branagh's 'Thor'
Forbidden Planet star Anne Francis dies, 80
Pete Postlethwaite dead at 64
Drive Angry (3D) UK trailer
Christian Bale to play Chinese massacre hero
Stormtroopers hit snowbound London in wrong uniforms
Golden Globe nominations targeted by bribery allegations
Spiderman reboot 'treatment' leak
H.R. Giger on board for Ridley Scott's Alien prequel
Hollywood comedy legend Blake Edwards dies, 88
Pacino, Pesci, and De Niro to co-star in The Irishman
Favreau to leave Iron Man franchise?
Golden Globes nominees and predictions
Don't mention the V word
International trailer for Blue Sky's Rio
Exclusive: drunken zombie horror in Roger Christian's 'OctoberfeAst'
First trailer for Thor hits the web
A pictorial peek at Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Cate Blanchett and Orlando Bloom reprise roles for The Hobbit
Matrix creators to tackle Robin Hood tale
The Seventh Doctor joins The Hobbit cast
Spider-Man reboot news continues to mystify
Frankenstein's monster returning to big screen
'Halo Movie' leaked?
The Social Network NBR's film of the year
Heath Ledger will NOT be in The Dark Knight Rises
The Green Hornet tv spots released
Sam Rockwell reveals the inspiration for his Galaxy Quest character
One last hurrah for Ledger's Joker?
New poster for Season Of The Witch
Twin Peaks star Ray Wise late addition to X-Men: First Class
Michael Bay jumps on 3D bandwagon
All-Star Superman coming to DVD
Mark Hamill to star in 'New Gen' comic adaptation
Peter Jackson green-lights 3D for The Hobbit
RIP Irvin Kershner
Leslie Nielsen passes away
Slumber pillowfight in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1?
Jessica Alba CGI-naked
Jeremy Renner may take Mission Impossible lead from Tom Cruise
Zack Snyder's Superman plot revelations
Green Hornet international trailer
Twilight director's Red Riding Hood looks refreshingly adult
Cowboys & Aliens trailer finally gives 007 decent gadgetry
Anthony Hopkins features in new poster for The Rite
Green Lantern trailer hits the net
Full trailer for Cars 2
Keeley Hazell's magical literary journey
Teaser poster for Cowboys And Aliens
Final Harry Potter to be 'like a war film'
Machete full UK trailer
World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles international trailer
Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader trailer
We are teased by Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides poster
New TRON legacy trailer shows more of 'younger' Jeff Bridges
Zac Efron lands Akira lead
Sally Field may be Aunt May, maybe, in new Spider-Man
New Harry Potter featuring Brendan Gleeson
Martin Sheen closing on Uncle Ben role in new Spider-Man
Tim Burton tries something totally new
Solomon Kane director to helm Silent Hill 2 in 3D
Jessica Alba leathers up for Spy Kids 4
Cruise hits the heights for Mission: Impossible IV
Bikey, chesty new Captain America pics
Jeff Bridges features in new TRON: Legacy poster
BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs to be 3D movie
Emmerich invades Earth on a shoestring
John Carpenter moves on to 'Darkchylde'
Saw 3D - torture franchise closes to big opening
Great new TRON Legacy clip: Hit the road!
Ghost Rider 2 on half a tank
Mission Impossible 4 titled + Cruise doesn't rule out Top Gun 2
Nolan on Batman 3: “It Won’t Be the Riddler”
Production gearing up for Alien prequel?
Watch some mind-blowing 'Alien' extras NOT on the Blu-ray anthology
Saavik returning to the Star Trek franchise?
Cameron wants Leterrier for Fantastic Voyage
Jennifer Lawrence's Mystique in X-Men: First Class
Sam Raimi to helm Triffids movie
Alien anthology Blu-ray delays
Spielberg returns to cybernetic sci-fi with Robopocalypse
Martin Freeman and other Hobbit casting confirmed
VIDEO: Clip from John Landis' 'Burke And Hare'
Wild planetary vistas in new Green Lantern concept art
Colin Farrell for Total Recall remake?
New Shyamalan sci-fi project
Alien prequel details revealed - 'Forced gay sex'?
Trailer for Hopkins' The Rite exorcism outing
Retro-style poster for Tron: Legacy
Trailer 2 for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
BAFTA-winning writer reveals East Is East trilogy details
Paranormal Activity 2 - another mysterious trailer
Transformers 3 plot revealed
Darren Aronofsky almost at handshake for Wolverine 2
First set pics from Sherlock sequel
Spielberg aims high with Bee Gees movie
Martin Freeman to front The Hobbit?
Really crap new poster for Green Hornet
Source Says The Hobbit Finally Given the Official Go-Ahead
Luc Besson revisits sci-fi in new film project
Harry Potter films get 3D Blu-ray revamp
Tom Hardy for Batman 3
Rhys Ifans joins cast of new Spiderman movie
NY Comic Con: Aspen Comics Panel
NY Comic Con: Trailer debut for 'The Thing' prequel
NY Comic Con: Chemical Brothers to score 'Hanna'
Warner Bros abandon 3D for Deathly Hallows pt.1
Avatar extended Blu-ray details and release date
Phoenix/Casey admit "I'm Still Here" a hoax
RIP Kevin McCarthy
Machete international trailer
Rose Byrne tardy to X-Men: First Class
The A-Team press conference
Joss Whedon officially directing The Avengers!
Paranormal Activity 2 trailer
Cinematographer Wally Pfister talks Inception and more
Transformers 3 will be 3D, plus more details about the film
Jeremy Renner in final talks to play Hawkeye in The Avengers?
David Tennant joins Fright Night cast
Jamie Bell strongly rumoured to be new Spider-Man
New trailer for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
Guillermo del Toro Steps Down as Hobbit Director
Has Joss Whedon “tentatively agreed” to direct The Avengers?
Marvel 4D waxworks superheroes: report and pictures
Superman flying back in holiday season 2012?
New Jonah Hex trailer - better than the film?
Logan's Run may have its director in Carl Erik Rinsch
New trailer for The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows epilogue spy photos
Nathan Fillion to play Hank Pym, a.k.a. Ant-Man?
New IMAX poster for Twilight Eclipse
New posters for Predators
First image from Favreau's Cowboys & Aliens released
Disney pay big for live 'Cinderella' script
Shia LaBeouf will be the 'human element' in Transformers 3
Black Death trailer
Official teaser trailer for J.J. Abrams' and Spielberg's Super 8
En-garde as Musketeers gets the 3D hanky-drop
Judge Dredd starts filming late 2010 - in 3D
First official UK trailer for Splice
Universal Soldier 4 shoots in October in 3D
Iron Man 3: Favreau favours Mandarin as villain
Inception trailer reveals DiCaprio's world of dreams
Twisty new poster for Christopher Nolan's Inception
'Alien' tongue thief imitates Ripley
Final poster for The Last Airbender
Christopher Nolan's 'Inception' - first screening
Die Hard 5 on the slate?
Our first look at Thor!
Freddie Krueger shows his ugly face
Paramount passes on Anchorman 2
New poster for Inception found through viral game
Twilight: Breaking Dawn director announced
Jonah Hex early reviews: 'The worst film of 2010'?
Twilight Eclipse official UK trailer
Human Centipede clip a real freak-out
Universal to pick up 'Maximum Ride'?
First footage of Jonah Hex
Official trailer for The Last Airbender
Ridley Scott reveals details of the Alien prequel
No 3D for Batman 3?
First reviews begin for Ridley Scott's Robin Hood
Robin Hood first look in secret NYC screening
Shrek Forever After premieres at Tribeca
Sam Worthington as new James Bond?
Men in Black 3D confirms Sonnenfeld
Russell Crowe on the warpath in new Robin Hood poster
Star Wars confirmed for Blu-ray in 2011
Back to the 3D Future
New teaser poster for The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Captain America has a new girlfriend
Shrek films get 3D conversion
Third Sex And The City movie, says Cattrall
Jaws for 3D re-release?
Mulholland Drive: The sequel
New trailer for The Expendables
CGI costume for Green Lantern
Sex And The City 2 trailer
Clues emerge about Nolan's 'Inception'
Joss Whedon Being Considered to Direct The Avengers
Buck Rogers for 3D movie with Paul W. S. Anderson
New site up for Matthew Gratzner's UFO
Fiend Without A Face remake gets a boost
Clash of the Titans touted for trilogy
The Skarsgårds voice Moomins and the Comet Chase
New 3D Brit SF thriller coming: 'Transmission'
EXCLUSIVE: Alien prequel WILL be 3D
UFO movie: new SHADO logo
First look at the new interceptor from Matthew Gratzner's UFO
Ali Larter in talks for 'UFO', now a trilogy
James Cameron returning to Fantastic Voyage?
Tron Legacy: new image and poster
James Cameron remaking Battle Beyond The Stars?
Gears Of War movie the new Phantom Menace?
Overboard again
'Twilight'-makers tackle 'Dracula'
Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura will return for Heroes: Reborn
Buffy meets Star Wars as Sarah Michelle Gellar joins Star Wars Rebels
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD casts Amy Acker
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD gets UK return date
Will Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Episode 2 have an end-credits cameo?
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD analysis: Fandom, ratings, and longevity
The Firefly Shakespeare episode that never happened
Matt Smith to quit Doctor Who
Star Wars live-action TV series could happen at ABC; BSG's Ron Moore wrote some of the scripts
Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. will be "very Joss Whedon"
Neil Gaiman brings Cybermen back to Doctor Who
More guests for Destination Star Trek London
Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore to make A Knight's Tale TV series
Peter Jackson wants to direct Doctor Who!
Joss Whedon's new TV show will be S.H.I.E.L.D.
Doctor Who to return on September 1
Joss Whedon to make Marvel TV series...oh, and The Avengers 2
New Doctor Who S7 trailer is here
Operatic, possibly spoilery new Doctor Who S7 pic will make your mind explode
New Red Dwarf trailer looks amazing
How Tim Minear came aboard Joss Whedon’s Firefly: A story of betrayal, spaceships, and Marti Noxon
Firefly reunion panel at Comic Con shows the best show ever is still flying
Andy Griffith 1926-2012
British cartoonist Matt is a fan of Modern Family
Joss Whedon's Buffy spin-off Ripper could still happen, under a different name
Doctor Who: All Daleks to return for real, not CGI
Sonar Entertainment proposes 'Hellraiser' TV series
Wizards vs Aliens starts filming
Doctor Who: Jenna-Louise Coleman replaces Karen Gillan as assistant
Comic News: Smallville, Doctor Who/Star Trek
BREAKING: House to call it quits in May
Half a million words: every Doctor Who story reviewed in depth
Bernthal and Darabont reteaming on new show?
Darabont's noir return to TV
Farscape creator's new series
Seth Green set to make animated Star Wars comedy within "next two years"
Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Series coming to CW?
Firefly and free speech: The Wisconsin U. controversy
Walking Dead S2 Trailer: Here
Walking Dead Web Series
DC's The Specter going to Fox
Hannibal Lecter coming to television
Supernatural Season 7 details revealed
Will Star Trek return to the small screen?
Doctor Who: 'Let’s Kill Hitler' prequel and previews
AMC fires Darabont: WTF?
Terra Nova promo poster’s tagline intrigues
Game of Thrones gets blank check renewal from HBO
Peter Falk dead, 83
The Walking Dead S2: behind the scenes featurette, casting
Robot Chicken to release a third Star Wars spoof
Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer hits web
Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show a Ringer?
Jane Espenson: Once Upon a Torchwood Web Series
Terra Nova Trailer: Here
Shooting today on BBC's 'The Fades'
Game of Thrones S2 Renewal
Joss talks Dr. Horrible, Avengers
American Gods to HBO, Gaiman Q&A
Joss Whedon special editions to undo all character deaths
Fan stakes self after taking quote out of context
Smallville: first look at Booster Gold and Blue Beetle
Stephen King in discussions for Walking Dead ep
PIC: Sylvester McCoy playing The Doctor last week
Doctor Who S5 credits Buffy style
Cary Elwes cast in TV's Wonder Woman remake
Kirkman dishes Walking Dead S2
Forget the Oscars, here are the Whedon Oscars!
Smallville Finale - news, reviews, and interviews
Dwayne McDuffie passes away
Kirkman talks Walking Dead S2, videogame
Len Lesser, Seinfeld's "Uncle Leo", passes away
Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman
Smallville to feature...Superboy!
Rosenbaum Returns to Smallville
Regular writing staff recruited for The Walking Dead
Teaser trailer for Doctor Who spin-off The Minister Of Chance
Siega to direct 'Charlie's Angels' reboot
Strange pilots at NBC - strangely awesome!
MTV are looking for Miss Jersey Shore UK 2011
Colin Firth wants a Doctor Who role
Smallville to feature Blue Beetle and Booster Gold
Fringe’s ratings survive Friday night death slot
'The Minister Of Chance' a new Doctor Who spin-off
Fringe meets Firefly, but hopefully won’t meet the same fate
'The Event' foregoes flashbacks for clarity
New series of Red Dwarf confirmed
Doctor Who: Karen Gillan BBC photoshoot
Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to prime time?
Details on new Torchwood Series
First photos from Spielberg's Terra Nova
Smallville: At last, the logo!
Primeval webisodes online
Doctor Who for simultaneous US/UK broadcast
Fox assuages Fringe fans' fears with spoof video
The Walking Dead: DVD and Blu-ray release date
A stockingful of Doctor Who 'Christmas Carol' pics
Dexter renewed for season six
Craig Ferguson Doctor Who tribute released
New images from Doctor Who Christmas special 'A Christmas Carol'
Walking Dead writers fired?
Babylon 5 getting a new lease of life?
Doctor Who Christmas Special pics from the BBC
Doctor Who Christmas special trailer!
Dalek gunning for Matt Smith before Late Late Show
Mayim Bialik now a fixture at The Big Bang Theory
Del Toro bringing The Hulk back to TV
Galactica: new pilot ordered for 'Young Adama'
Glee's Dianna Agron apologises for sexy shoot
Eliza Dushku pic from Big Bang Theory
The Walking Dead: There Will Be Blood
Footage of filming Doctor Who new season in Cardiff
NY Comic Con: AMC's Walking Dead panel report
Emmy Results 2010
RIP Frank Sidebottom
The Visitors from 'V' descend on the Apple store in London
Torchwood to return for new series!
Third season for Glee
True Blood season 2 DVD trailer
Doctor Who: Vampires Of Venice synopsis released
US version of Torchwood scrapped
New Spielberg series envisions future Earth
Writing is Officially Underway on Doctor Horrible 2
The Visitors land in the UK on unlucky 13th April
Doctor Who: Behind the scenes video from Eleventh Hour
Doctor Who: TARDIS making an appearance at Brent Cross at Easter
Doctor Who going gothic in Vampires in Venice clip
Doctor Who: series five trailer
Former Nintendo President Hiroshi Yamauchi Dies, Age 85
GTAV Makes $800 Million In 24 Hours
Gamescom 2013: Conference Highlights
Nintendo Announce 2DS For Fall Release
5 Things You Need To Know About The Xbox One
Exclusive: Infernum showcases latest MMORPG, Dragon's Prophet
InGames: This Week's Videogame News
InGames: This Week's Videogame News
InGames: This Week's Videogame News
New Tomb Raider Reboot Details Revealed
InGames: This Week's Videogame News
WWE: Weddings, wrestling and engagements
New Bioshock Infinite Trailer Released
Skyrim Update 1.8 Hints At Upcoming Morrowind DLC
Team Meat Announces New Title: Mew-Genics
BIT.TRIP CORE Released on Steam
EA Claims Oddworld Developer "Mentally Ill"
Morrowind Overhaul 3.0 Released
Sony Plans 10-Year Life Span For Vita Despite Poor Sales
Hideo Kojima Asked To Take Over Silent Hill Series
Capcom Considering Resident Evil 2 Remake
McPixel Becomes The First Greenlight Launch Title
Castle Crashers Coming to PC and Mac on Steam
Halo 4 Spartan Ops: "A TV Show You Play"
Metal Gear and one and the same
Borderlands 2 Bungee Event, Launch Trailer & Regional Restriction Petition
Bayonetta Developer Addresses Wii U Exclusivity As Fan Outburst Hits Twitter
Could Tekken Tag Tournament 2 be the key to Hatton's comeback?
5 Things You Need To Know About The Wii U
Metal Gear Rising Xbox 360 Version Cancelled in Japan
Terraria To Be Released On Xbox Live And PSN
Steam's Big Picture Announced
Black Mesa Source Release Date And Steam Greenlight Project Announced
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced For 2013
Steam Begins Greenlight Approval System
Metal Gear Solid movie and Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes announced by Konami
New Skyrim DLC "Hearthfire" Announced
Shin Megami Tensei IV Trailer Leaked Online
Namco Bandai Sets Up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Events And Tournaments
Rockstar Showcases New GTAV Screens
Diablo 3 Game Director Lashes Out Against David Brevik Interview
Highlights of Gamescom 2012
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer Released
Half Life 3 appears on Gamescom Press Product List
New Borderlands 2 trailer released
Survarium First In-Game Screenshots
Ubisoft's "Watch_Dogs" E3 Global Reveal
Max Payne guns down Diablo 3
Russian Developers Give STALKER a 2012 Makeover
Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition sells 1,000,000 in the first week
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer hits the web
New Dark Souls game details
Pikmin 3 and Super Mario Bros coming to new Wii-U console
New Pokémon Game Details Leaked
MW3 players plan “blackout” movement to protest lack of support.
Wii-U release set for November; PS4 to arrive before next Xbox
Minecraft creator scores April Fool with 'Mars Effect'
The GAME group bidding war hits the 'cheat-sheet'
GAME goes into administration
First details of Elder Scrolls MMO leaked
OnLive Announce 16 free games for current owners
Is this the beginning of the end for Nintendo?
Resident Evil 6 Breaks Out In November
Resident Evil 6 ironically viral campaign..?
London 2012, The Official Game of the Olympics
Sony says no PS4 at E3
Full details on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's multiplayer
Diablo 3 still not confirmed for consoles
South Park: The game - first screen-shots
Pay whatever you want for the Humble Bundle 4
Old Republic has enough players to make a profit; even before it's released
Skyrim welcomes Kinect capabilities
Jagex unveils new website and identity for RuneScape
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, new live action trailer
Next generation Xbox in 2013?
The Darkness 2: The Brotherhood Trailer
Transformers universe to give fans the chance to name Autobots and Decepticons
Square Enix trying to save Final Fantasy XIV from certain death
Saints Row: The Third - bigger, badder and more insane
Dead Island film confirmed by Lionsgate
Star Wars: The Old Republic coming this year
Walking Dead Video Game
Tokyo Game Show Report
Crytek are working with THQ for Homefront 2
Gears of War 3 NY Launch and campaign info
20 minutes of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim footage released
The Wii-U having serious development troubles
Minecraft 1.8 has gone live!
Minecraft: New trailer for the upcoming 1.8 update
More and more games developers leaving the US for Canada
Nintendo rewards the faithful with 10 free games
Gearbox working on new, better Duke Nukem
Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary
Halo Fest starts today
Deus Ex: Human Revolution clothing line announced
Gears of War 3: Opening Sequence Revealed.
Arkham City pics, trailer, 3D news
New trailer for Street Fighter Vs Tekken
Final Black Ops map pack trailer, 'Rezurrection', revealed
Reduced Nintendo 3DS goes on sale in Japan
Freddy Krueger is the next character set for Mortal Kombat
Avengers Videogame Cancelled?
Assassin's Creed wins big in Germany
New trailer for Driver: San Francisco
Far Cry titles we didn't know existed...because technically, they didn't
Sony buys Infamous developers, Sucker Punch
Brink DLC due August 3rd...and it's free!
Bioware chases the X chromosome for Mass Effect 3
Star Wars: The Old Republic finally available for pre-order
Assassin's Creed joins the growing list of cancelled 3DS games
Meet Mass Effect 3's new character, James Vega
The true price of Sony's hacking debacle
A Game of Thrones: Genesis site goes live
Black Ops "Annihilation" map pack finally set for PS3
Uncharted 3 Beta extended
Will Battlefield 3 be the latest title to ignore Steam?
New 'Andoran' mod revolutionises Oblivion
PlayStation Store finally back online in Japan
F.3.A.R. releases today, but Alma's been here for ages
Microsoft set to reveal 360-successor at 2012 E3?
Lara Croft is back
Shadowlocked parties at Duke Nukem Forever Launch Party
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Trailer goes live
Red Faction Armageddon: Official Breaking the Seal Trailer
Namco set to release straight to DVD CGI Tekken movie
Crysis becomes the latest victim of Zumba-epidemic
Angry Birds go tropical...but still top the charts
New Street Fighter 3DS pictures and video
Live Blog: 2011 Videogame BAFTAs
Batman: Arkham City Official VG Trailer
New F.E.A.R. 3 video hits the web
New Homefront Trailer is unveiled
MK PS3 demo released on 8th March...and more
Homefront set to debut tonight on Sky
Dead Island trailer awash with originality
Activision set to unveil the latest in reality gaming
Guitar Hero franchise unplugged
Aliens vs. Predator survives the transition
Treyarch's 'gratitude' backfires
Dead Space 2 rewards EA's belief
Call of Duty: Black Ops First Strike trailer
Crysis 2 continues to amaze
Duke's back - and this time it's 3D
Modern Warfare 3 is a three-team job
'Neo Geo Station' set for PSP
Nintendo unfazed by 3DS health warnings
EA Games brings us more Dead Space delight
Worth the wait? Apparently not.
BBC releases 'Shadows Of The Vashta Nerada' early
Activision look to cash in (again) on zombie additions
Bear McCreary teams up with the Angry Video Game Nerd
Back to the Future is back. Again.
Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, and Frogger: rockstars?
Homefront: Too close to home for North Korea?
Michael "Shagg" Washington lawsuit targets GTA coffers
Mortal Kombat Kollector's Edition coming
BBC unveils images from 'Shadows of the Vashta Nerada'
Batman: Arkham City teaser wows the crowd
EA caught browsing at Google’s success
Kinect gets home-brewed 'Predator'-style stealth mode
New currency revealed at GAME: bananas
Pac-Man Championship Edition heading for PSP
Kinect? Sorry, I couldn’t hear you over iRacing.
Crysis lovers lament the Asian firewall for Warface
Steam gets the Christmas spirit
Call Of Duty online to stay free. Well, kind of.
Metallica to head Call of Duty: Black Ops launch event
Goldeneye: Tanks for the memories
Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare early review online
Italian plumbers invade (and conquer) Japan
The stunts that should only be possible in videogames
That’s an awful lot of Wii-ing!
What do Kratos and Wayne Rooney have in common?
VIDEO: DirectX11 demo in advance of BlizzCon 2010
You’re not a cowboy if you haven’t killed a Zombie
Call Of Duty drives out into the real car market
LeChuck is back - and cheaper than ever!
A look at the battlefield of the future
EA scale big titles down for the Apple generation
Nintendo 3DS to launch October 2010
Splinter Cell: Conviction freezes out 360
There is a red panda samurai warrior comic book on Kickstarter
Autumn: Horror in the East is almost upon us
Stephen King's Doctor Sleep gets a release date
Autumn: Horror in the East preview
It's Free Comic Book Day!
Danny Torrance returns as Dr. Sleep
American Gods update: Gaiman talks books, TV
New Dark Tower novel out in 2012
Brenda Starr is yesterday's news
Event report: Killjoys S1 E1; plus clumsy attempts at drone racing
Batman meets Taylor Swift in Batman v Superman Bad Blood parody
Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's new project passes crowd-funding goal in a day
Colchester Invasion 2014
When Firefly meets Disney
Space Janitors sci-fi comedy web series Season 3 Kickstarter
Colchester invaded for charity event
Richard Matheson: 1926-2013
Can you survive the UK's first zombie weekend?
The Walking Dead come to Colchester Castle
Awesome trailer for Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome, which premieres online Friday
Sushi Chefs and Sea Monsters
Star Trek Destination London preview
Olympics spoof features Star Trek actors, cliched Britishness
Wil Wheaton mistaken for Wil Wheaton cosplayer
The Guild Season 6, plus more music videos, confirmed
Another man dubbed "real-life Spider-Man", for running down a tower really fast
The untold story between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises
MCM Comic Con May 2012 report
Trailer for post-apocalyptic Simpsons musical 'Mr. Burns, A Post-Electric Play'
NYC Event: Star Wars uncut
"C-3P0" Anthony Daniels to appear at London Comic Con, plus full details
NYC Event: Spring Fling - tell your friends!
NYC Event: Muppet vault
NYC Event: D20 Burlesque honors Joss Whedon
Dollhouse's Enver Gjokaj joins Twitter, calls Gene Hackman best actor ever
Joss Whedon almost became a theatre director
NYC Event: Doctor Who - how it all began
VIDEO: Stephen Fry on playing a Time Lord
New: The best of Shadowlocked!
Interview: McCoy talks 'Hobbit', Sophie Aldred talks David Tennant
Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America, dies at 98
Shadowlocked at the WWE Raw World Tour
Joss Whedon will follow The Avengers with Wastelanders, "a dark piece" with no singing
Awesome low-budget The Avengers trailer spoof
Doctor Who parody makes Ke$ha’s Tik Tok actually tolerable
Tucker & Dale, The Tunnel lead Telluride Horror Show selections
Gritty Casey Jones fan film: Taking the TMNT mythos too dark?
Doctor Who fan Charlie McDonnell gets 1m regular YouTube viewers
The Guild gets a fantastically geeky guest cast
Stylish trailer for Bryan Singer’s dystopian sci-fi H+ The Digital Series
'Office Space' debacle: stunned hypnotist leaves audience entranced
Star Trek’s George Takei swings for Spider-Man musical lead role
Fanboy war prompts closing of DC Comics' blog comments
Julie Taymor leaving Spider-Man musical
Early critics lambast Spider-Man musical
Harry Potter parody chart-bound?
New images from I Am Number Four
Spider-Man musical preview full of bugs
Scientology might just have a point
NASA makes '100-year starship' for just over a million bucks
Star Wars robots film TV ad
Batman takes the secrecy obsession down a few notches
Comic Con New York 2010
Stephen Hawking warns of hostile alien races
Apple to launch 3D/infra-red glasses
Artwork revealed for Alien anthology
Why Alden Ehrenreich could be great casting as Han Solo
Captain America: Civil War in-depth trailer analysis
DC Adds to its Television Universe, and it Looks Great
Why the Star Wars: VII trailer fills me with sadness, contempt and excitement in equal measure
Avengers: Age of Ultron official trailer will make you weep with its sheer beauty
Why Robert Downey Jr. should guest star on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S2 teaser trailer analysis
The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies teaser trailer analysis
Guardians of the Galaxy international trailer analysis
Transformers: Age of Extinction poster analysis
Fox Orders 13 Episodes for Gotham, Releases Two Trailers
Why Heroes: Reborn should be like the Star Trek reboots
Flash and Gotham casting news
Muppets 2 TV spot is about critics and fandom
Why the Fast and the Furious franchise is like Marvel
Captain America: The Winter Soldier poster analysis
Serenity flies still in new comics story
10 alternative titles for Man of Steel sequel with Batman vs Superman
Star Trek Into Darkness poster analysis
Doctor Who: Analysis of 'Pond Life' online mini-series
An analysis of Joss Whedon's new three-year deal with Marvel Studios
The Moffat-Yates Saga: Will there be Two Doctors?
Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch to voice a role in The Simpsons
Are Primeval's time-travelling dinosaurs to blame for EP Jeff Pinkner leaving Fringe?
An analysis of the new posters for The Dark Knight Rises
The Saatchi Gallery hosts 50 years of The Sunday Times Magazine
Glee 3D concert movie on the way
SyFy Films: Is the world ready?
How a 'PeasantGate' mindset comes to exist
Howard Shore to score The Hobbit
Meet the new Dredd, same as the old Dredd
The Event gets a full season order
The problem with superhero masks in Hollywood movies
Cars 2 concept art and teaser trailer
Mark Sheppard cast in Doctor Who
Peter Jackson talks Hobbit status
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