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Equals: A Utopia in Dystopian Films?
Exclusive: Director Patricia Riggen and actor Eugenio Derbez talk Miracles from Heaven
A Bond By Any Other Name
Before The Martian: A look at Matt Damon's previous trips to space
Why stories should be celebrated
Avengers: Age of Ultron ending analysis with spoilers
Why Guardians of the Galaxy is like Firefly and Serenity
Legacy of the Dead: George A Romeo's Contribution to the Zombie Canon
Robin Williams: In Memoriam
Hungry for success: Six reasons graduates need to watch and learn from Chef...
Why The Amazing Spider-man 2 May Be The Best Comic Book Movie Ever
The New Jedi Order : Thoughts on the cast of Star Wars VII
Ten Tigon Tales of Terror
7 Reasons Why Helen Mirren Is Awesome
Overload! The Dangers of Giving Fans Too Much of a Good Thing
Ten Miscastings That Worked – or Nearly Worked!
I Am Legend: The Greatest Vampire Movie NEVER Made
Why 'Last Vegas' should be your first choice for 2014
What Hollywood can learn from 'A Hijacking' and Danish cinema
Auteur theory, fandom, and reboots: Why there can (and maybe should) be more than one take on a franchise
Zac Snyder's Batman : Will Batffleck work?
5 Actors who could play antman
That Eastern Appeal: The Wolverine and the appeal of Orientalism
Star Wars Lightsaber inventor weds, stormtroopers attend
Fassbender vs. Finch: The ides for the new Macbeth movie
Has the Star Trek Franchise Lost Its Way?
Why Joss Whedon should reboot Batman
Iron Man 3 in-depth thematic analysis with spoilers – Part 2: Identity
Iron Man 3 in-depth thematic analysis with spoilers: Part 1 – Meaning
Peter Cushing: A centenary celebration
Why Star Trek Into Darkness could be as successful as The Dark Knight
Remembering Roger Ebert (1942-2013)
Event review: MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2013
The film We Have a Pope and the importance of humility
The Jedi return - I've got a bad feeling about this
Wrecking it with Ralph: Opinions from the official press conference
Oscarpussy! Eight reasons Bond deserves BAFTA recognition
For Your Ears Only - The 10 best Bond themes
Christopher Nolan: A film-by-film career overview
No room for Nolan: Why Oscar keeps snubbing Christopher Nolan's work
The objectification and gender stereotyping of men and women in film and television
Craig, Connery and Co: but just who is the best James Bond?
Spider-Man and the Desecration of Gwen Stacy
Star Wars Episode VII: No Hope
In-depth trailer analysis: Why Iron Man 3 could be Marvel's answer to The Dark Knight Rises
More Star Wars, Less Lucas - thoughts on Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm
Hello Quo! - premiere coverage
Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen
Richard Lynch - A tribute
Why Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson is the world's biggest Avengers fan
Could a Justice League movie succeed?
Top 10 editor roles in movies
Why Star Trek 2 and other Trek sequels need to pick up the pace
The chronic problem of Too Much Information in movie trailers
Star Wars turns 35!
EXCELSIOR! Why the Future of Movies is Marvel
The John Bensalhia Column: Scream of the crop
Inside the Ministry Of Magic - 'The Making Of Harry Potter' studio tour
A critical analysis of all things Prometheus
Robert Fuest - A tribute
Autism and Hollywood: Superheroes and super-victims
'Alien' (1979) - the movie 'Prometheus' must live up to
The Russian heritage for Ridley Scott's Prometheus?
An open letter to Hollywood Horror
The other 'Titanic': The Nazi version you’ve never seen
'Prometheus' HD trailer continues to look familiar...
Movie critics and movie audiences at war
Some thoughts on the 'no-show' (?) xenomorphs in 'Prometheus'
What happened to the Jenny Agutter 'Avengers' interview?
Comic Book Movies of 2012
The Dark Knight Rises: Will incomprehensible mumbling prove its Bane?
The Future of Horror
3D or no 3D? That is the question ...
Schrodinger's Spoilers: How the Cabin in the Woods trailer redefines spoilers, but spoils nothing
The problem with Kevin Smith
An evening with Alice Cooper's movie nightmares at the BFI
Halloween: A to Z
Can Spielberg and Jackson do justice to the look of the Tintin comics?
Dream casting: The Stand movie
All Good Things: a look back at Carpenter's masterpiece The Thing
Death Defying: The Enduring Appeal of Final Destination
The wasted potential of Cowboys & Aliens
Green-Eyed Jedi, or why I envy Harry Potter fans
The Super 8 secret: digital nostalgia
Harry Potter and me: The aging effect of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Evolution of the Planet Of The Apes franchise
The Dark Knight Rises: trailer analysis
The Internet's 1000th open letter to George Lucas
The controversialist face of Transformers 3...but is it deserved?
Beyond Bond: The alternative world of 007
Cars Trouble: Pixar's latest may be studio's first flop
VIDEO: Speed dating with Superman
Bullets and bats: When Hammer Films met 007
Why Tolkien should make room for Dickens
Top 14 actors who could play Fletch in the remake
Hollywood Tragedy: A tribute to Yvette Vickers
Scream 4 another ill-omen for 2011 teen box-office?
The last great frontier of CGI: The eye
Where are the admirable women of TV and movies?
Flogging a dead corpse: The continuing decline of the zombie movie
Tintin, the movie: will it work?
Let's go to Rio: Preview Event
A rationale for CGI luddites
The phenomenology of revisiting movies
20 Years of the Star Wars Expanded Universe
The horror princess: Caroline Munro
Lost in translation: the fallacy of dubbing and subtitling
Oscars' 'In Memoriam' segment gets it wrong again
The Tempest - the road to a female Prospero
A stammerer's appreciation of The King's Speech
Is The King’s Speech really that good?
Academy Award predictions 2011
10 things that Ghostbusters 3 would need to get right
The dismal future of 'R'-rated fantasy and sci-fi movies
William Marshall: The black Christopher Lee
YouTube and the major film studios
Will 'True Grit' be the film to finally resurrect the Western?
Why Robin gives me hope for 'The Dark Knight Rises'
Why 'The Stand' should never be a movie
Hammer’s greatest star: Michael Ripper
A remake too far?
The many enemies of Peter Cushing
Predictions for the Oscars in 2011
There can be only one: Why the first Highlander is the Best
The Terminator's many plot holes... and why we love them
Cities In Dust: Urban apocalypse at the movies
Camp or crap? The Charlie's Angels effect
The Carry On crew who carried on longest
Daniel Plainview - greatest cinematic villain of the 2000s
The Man Who Was Count Yorga: A Tribute to Robert Quarry
For Your Eyebrows Only: The 007 regulars
The curse of the musical interlude
Are fanboys fascist?
The worst title sequence of any sci-fi movie, ever
A purist's defense of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings screenplay
The iron-fisted father of movie matte painting
Could 'Mass Effect' be the first worthwhile videogame adaptation?
Spider-Man rebooted – lizard villainy and beyond!
Running Low on Heroes?
Zemeckis's Wizard Of Oz - remake the movie or adapt the book?
In search of ACCESS DENIED!
Space misfits: Nostromo crew back-stories revealed
Hollywood's determination to sell us Victorian 3D technology
Meryl Streep's lost place in the 'Alien' franchise?
When CGI couldn't fix it...
Halloween Advent: Night Of The Demon
The worst casualty of the 'Aliens' Blu-ray transfer
Exclusive preview: Roger Christian's 'Cinema Alchemist'
Alien (1979): Possibly the scariest trailer ever made
Halloween Advent: Frankenstein
Halloween Advent: The Omen
Why Woody Allen is the greatest US screenwriter
The worrying rebirth of 3D
Halloween Advent: A Tale of Two Draculas
Halloween Advent: Hellraiser
Godzilla Roars Again!
Halloween Advent: The Devil Rides Out
In Praise of...Norman Wisdom
Tired indispensables: The 'throwback' film
‘Roma victor’: Rome’s cinematic dominance over ancient Greece
What Has Happened To The Spoof?
The fall and rise of the Roman epic
In Praise of Perfect Blue
The Praxis effect: Star Wars > Star Trek
Inception: a cue for restraint
A Darker Generation: Toy Story 3 And Beyond
Give Jeffrey Combs an Oscar Already!
Where Have All The Actors Gone?
Underrated classics: A.I. Artificial Intelligence [2001]
Harry Potter Comes To An End
Gritty, realistic…fantasy?
Twilight, and how we became the vampire lovers
The lost Jack Bauer/John McClane Die Hard movie?
Auteur This: The Square (2008)
In Praise of Clint Eastwood
The Sadomasochist Inside
Auteur This: Aggressive Mediocrity
In appreciation of The Young Girls of Rochefort
Wallowing in Bond Girls at Fanfest 2010
Mission: Impossible III – The Summer Blockbuster Hollywood Got Right
From Dreamscape to Christopher Nolan's Inception
Is Superman dead?
In Praise of Watching Movies Dubbed into Spanish
The loneliness of the long-distance 'B'-movie fan
In praise of Donnie Darko
In praise of Horton Hears A Who
In praise of Thelma And Louise (1991)
Screenwriting: the 3-act structure, and how to break it
Robert Pattinson and the Kurt Cobain casting issue
Secret immunity to 3D movies
5 worthier recasts for 'Lost In Translation'
Is a classic film ever going to be left alone again?
Bond girls assemble with Christopher Lee
In search of the perfect movie dragon
"It's 'Gandhi' but with tits!"
Horror movie fans: Have you ever done this to a friend?
The 3D game adaptation Hollywood forgot
VIDEO: Sci-fi's lost 007
The worst DVD commentary of all time
Shutter Island spoiling itself?
The background to Matthew Gratzner's UFO movie
Movies your friends told you to hate: Dune (1984)
Books To Movies: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers
The movies that save our lives
Alice heralds the new legitimacy of 'straight to DVD'...?
Why are women portrayed so negatively in film?
How to avoid getting a 3D headache while watching Avatar
Why does no one ever eat in movies?
How Dan O'Bannon's Heavy Metal story influenced Blade Runner
Is there a Witness Protection Program for Avatar haters?
The lost film that accompanied The Empire Strikes Back
Is one stinker enough to justify a Hollywood reboot?
Dan O'Bannon - a reluctant goodbye to the Nerd That Roared
Avatar: In space no-one can see you smoke
Bridging the gap between "real geeks" and new fans
Marvel vs. 007: Why Coulson is more of a hero than Bond
Clive Barker: Demon To Some, Angel To Others
The Psychic of Hollywood – Arthur C. Clarke’s Remarkable Predictions
75 Years of Batman
Review: Jungle Speed (Card Game)
Review: The Chortle Comedy Awards
Why Marvel Phase 2 is like the Buffy musical
Pinfall - A WWE Column #004
Pinfall - A WWE Column #003
How the web series Caper comments on the superhero genre
Pinfall - A WWE Column #002
Pinfall - A WWE Column #001
Review: Tom Stade Totally Rocks Tour 2013
WWE: Wrestling Thespians
RIP Paul Bearer - the WWE's greatest undersung superstar
Review: Take me Out (board game)
Review: Star Trek Catan (Board Game)
Hyper Japan report: the UK goes oriental once more
Jedi vs Aliens - A War of the Worlds insight
Frank Miller & OWS: When politics infiltrate entertainment
A thought about your next movie recommendation
The (slightly hypocritical) adventures of the YouTube squirrel
I'm not wearing my bio-med sensors, Houston
Will the real geek please stand up?
Worst for procrastination: Facebook or Dave?
Can we change time?
The Zen of Withnail And I
Are Americans afraid of everything foreign?
Pull the plug on Spider-Man's Broadway musical
Why the web mustn't become the new TV
The golden rule of cultural references in film and TV
Does canon even matter?
Great Movie Books: Joe Eszterhas: Hollywood Animal
I Was A Teenage Doctor Who Fan In America
Top 10 Cancelled TV Shows That Should Have A Comic Book
Podcast: Star Wars VII casting and the future of the franchise
Exclusive: J.W. Rinzler on 'The Making Of Return Of The Jedi' and more
RAPID REACTION: Anchorman 2 podcast
Rapid Reaction: Doctor Who S7 preview discussion
Roger Christian talks zombies, Prometheus & Battlefield Earth
Discussion: Sex and nudity in American cinema
Mass Effect 3 and the future of videogame movies
The bad luck that made Empire Strikes Back the best Star Wars sequel..?
Why you need to read Joss Whedon: Geek King of the Universe
An Interview With Ray Cluley
James Herbert OBE: A Tribute
The development of Ray Bradbury - science fiction legend
Superman: Truth, justice and…something else?
The literary TARDIS: The Target Doctor Who novelisations
Fangoria: three hundred tomes of terror
To Hell With Spandex: The supernatural catfight that Marvel Comics lost
TV top
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S3 E18, 'The Singularity' - thematic analysis
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S3 E2 is the Whedonverse in microcosm
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S2 character speculation Part 3
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S2 character speculation Part 2
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S2 character speculation Part 1
5 Characters That Sucked But Grew On Me
Why Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is like Shakespeare
The genius of Sherlock Season 3 - Part 1: Unresolved mysteries
The Travesty of Sherlock Season 3
If Marvel's Agents of SHIELD were Sherlock
Why Sheldon is like Sherlock
Why Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is like Dollhouse
Peter Capaldi New Who: Bring it On!
Doctor Who: Why Paul Bettany should play The Doctor
Doctor Who:Blue Police Box, White-Point Star; so why not Red-headed Doctor?
Doctor Who in 2012: A year in review
The Doctor Who Column: The Regeneration Game
The new series of Doctor Who: Fleeing from format?
Destination Star Trek London: Post-Show Diary
Destination Star Trek London report
Captain's Log: Destination Star Trek London
Elementary: Entertaining, but slightly flat
The Firefly legacy - Ten years later
The Doctor Who Column: Repeat when necessary
The Doctor Who Column: Child's Play?
The Doctor Who column: Missing with confidence
Star Trek: The Next Interrogation - challenging SL's trekkie knowledge
The Doctor Who Column: The Shaw Thing
The John Bensalhia column: Come back, Jonathan Creek!
The John Bensalhia Column: Long live Hooky Street
The Doctor Who Column: Cliffhanger classics!
The Doctor Who Column: The (occasionally excessive?) music of Doctor Who
The Doctor Who Column: Five ways to fix the Daleks
The Doctor Who Column: The Doc's greatest foes - soaps and talent shows
The Doctor Who Column: A 'companion piece' for Jenna-Louise Coleman
The Doctor Who Column: How to celebrate the 50th anniversary..?
The Doctor Who Column: Rules for guest actors
The Doctor Who Column: The Master a challenge for Cumberbatch?
The Doctor Who Column: Did Harry Potter save 'Doctor Who'?
The Doctor Who Column: Wealth In Our Time Lord
The Doctor Who Column: Five reasons to forget 'Who' lists
The slow and sad demise of The Office
Why I won't be watching the Hannibal TV Series
9 ways to keep us watching The Walking Dead
8 classic British shows America couldn't do
Doctor Who S6 Part 2 trailer analysis
A fan's analysis of the Game of Thrones season two casting
Doctor Who: What made Christopher Eccleston unique
Is the UK trying too hard for America’s love?
Liz Sladen: "Don't forget me"
Elisabeth Sladen: 1948-2011
An appraisal of Matt Smith on the eve of Doctor Who season 6
Why no Wonder Woman outfit can really 'work'
Star Trek Remastered and the subtle art of CGI
Doctor Who: A tribute to Nicholas Courtney, aka 'The Brig'
Bank of Doctor Who
Game of Thrones: Winter is coming
The lost charm of 'The Elvira Show'
Doctor Who And The Electrans
Picking apart the Doctor Who season six trailer
Don't leave me this way: Tears in TV's cancellation graveyard
My First Time Watching The Star Wars Holiday Special
Sherlock Makes Television Worth Watching Again
What would be the ultimate Whedonverse cast?
Why no 'Night Gallery' remake?
Paranormal Television: Searching For the Great Beyond
In Praise of... The Best. Fanvid. Ever.
In Praise of “Slings & Arrows”: Fortunately Outrageous
The Strain - a vampire series with real bite
In praise of Friday Night Lights
Doctor Who: Matt Smith - the best 'Doctor' since Tom Baker?
Doctor Who: The creeping horrors before The Time Of Angels
Lost Boys: What next for the cryptic islanders?
EXCLUSIVE: Lost retro spaceships from the 'Dan Dare' TV project
How Doctor Who missed his true decade of glory
Dan Dare retro spaceships Part 2
Doctor Who - a curmudgeon once more?
Bedlam - A Report From The Launch Event
Gamescom 2013: Hands on with Fifa '14
Gamescom 2013: Hands on with WWE 2K14
Wunderbar - what we want from Gamescom 2013!
Live: Coverage of the Xbox Reveal
Gadget Show Live Preview: Star Trek - The Video Game
Preview: Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (PS3)
Preview: Paper Mario Sticker Star
Gamescom 2012: Hands On with Fifa '13
Gamescom 2012: Hands On with CoD: Black Ops 2 Multiplayer
Gamescom 2012: Hands On with Sim City
Gamescom 2012: Hands On with Company of Heroes 2
Gamescom 2012: Hands On with Assassin's Creed 3
Preview: Borderlands 2
Metro: Last Light – preview
Namco Bandai press day; early previews of Tekken Tag 2, Ni No Kuni and Tales of Grace F
8 Reasons why The Elder Scrolls Online will bury a great games franchise
Motion-based gaming - a breath of fresh air or a plague to be stopped?
Why the decline of Game Group won't save gamers' money
Just let Platinum Games take over everything...
A Long Time Falling: Why Final Fantasy Is Dead To Me
Eurogamer Exclusive: Skyrim
How can Fifa 2012 improve on its predecessor?
My inner search for Sonic The Hedgehog
Wii-U! It's the sound of Nintendo shares falling
Exclusive: Red Faction: Armageddon preview event
Ten reasons to buy the Nintendo 3DS
An exclusive preview of THQ's WWE: All Stars
FPS Superiority - but which console rules supreme?
The Sims: How long can it last?
Did Blake's 7 predict the modern FPS?
Minecraft's custom worlds continue to beguile jaded gamers
Report: The Nintendo 3DS at Tokyo
Tomb Raider reboots abound
The quandaries and possibilities of Mass Effect 3
Movies, Comics and Media expo (London) report
Killzone 3 joins the other Special Editions ruining my financial viability
Ultramarines preview
Why game developers need to look beyond Metacritic
Games the Console Generation Missed: Colonization
Games the Console Generation Missed: SimCity 3000
Games the Console Generation Missed: Football Manager 2006
Games the Console Generation missed: Crysis
Looking Forward to the Summer Gaming Drought
Titchmarsh Vs. The Video Games Industry (and Common F****** Sense)
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