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The background to Matthew Gratzner's UFO movie Martin Anderson
Movies your friends told you to hate: Dune (1984) Martin Anderson
Books To Movies: Invasion Of The Body Snatchers Martin Anderson
The movies that save our lives Martin Anderson
Alice heralds the new legitimacy of 'straight to DVD'...? Martin Anderson
Why are women portrayed so negatively in film? Samantha Van Dalen
How to avoid getting a 3D headache while watching Avatar Martin Anderson
Why does no one ever eat in movies? Samantha Van Dalen
How Dan O'Bannon's Heavy Metal story influenced Blade Runner Martin Anderson
Is there a Witness Protection Program for Avatar haters? Martin Anderson
The lost film that accompanied The Empire Strikes Back Martin Anderson
Is one stinker enough to justify a Hollywood reboot? Martin Anderson
Dan O'Bannon - a reluctant goodbye to the Nerd That Roared Martin Anderson
Avatar: In space no-one can see you smoke Martin Anderson
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