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Tintin, the movie: will it work? Mark Iveson
Let's go to Rio: Preview Event Marcus Pullen
A rationale for CGI luddites Martin Anderson
The phenomenology of revisiting movies Martin Anderson
20 Years of the Star Wars Expanded Universe Caleb Leland
The horror princess: Caroline Munro Mark Iveson
Lost in translation: the fallacy of dubbing and subtitling Martin Anderson
Oscars' 'In Memoriam' segment gets it wrong again Gabriel Ruzin
The Tempest - the road to a female Prospero Leo Owen
A stammerer's appreciation of The King's Speech Martin Anderson
Is The King’s Speech really that good? Graham Taylor
Academy Award predictions 2011 Dominic Ladden
10 things that Ghostbusters 3 would need to get right Gabriel Ruzin
The dismal future of 'R'-rated fantasy and sci-fi movies Martin Anderson
William Marshall: The black Christopher Lee Mark Iveson
YouTube and the major film studios Martin Anderson
Will 'True Grit' be the film to finally resurrect the Western? Chris Davies
Why Robin gives me hope for 'The Dark Knight Rises' Scott Nye
Why 'The Stand' should never be a movie Richard Cosgrove
Hammer’s greatest star: Michael Ripper Mark Iveson
A remake too far? Luke Connolly
The many enemies of Peter Cushing Mark Iveson
Predictions for the Oscars in 2011 Marcus Pullen
There can be only one: Why the first Highlander is the Best Caleb Leland
The Terminator's many plot holes... and why we love them Elliot Thorpe
Cities In Dust: Urban apocalypse at the movies Martin Anderson
Camp or crap? The Charlie's Angels effect Nicole Ugrin
The Carry On crew who carried on longest Mark Iveson
Daniel Plainview - greatest cinematic villain of the 2000s Gabriel Ruzin
The Man Who Was Count Yorga: A Tribute to Robert Quarry Mark Iveson
For Your Eyebrows Only: The 007 regulars Mark Iveson
The curse of the musical interlude Martin Anderson
Are fanboys fascist? Caleb Leland
The worst title sequence of any sci-fi movie, ever Martin Anderson
A purist's defense of Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings screenplay Gabriel Ruzin
The iron-fisted father of movie matte painting Martin Anderson
Could 'Mass Effect' be the first worthwhile videogame adaptation? Christopher Morgan
Spider-Man rebooted – lizard villainy and beyond! Richard Cosgrove
Running Low on Heroes? Gabriel Ruzin
Zemeckis's Wizard Of Oz - remake the movie or adapt the book? Martin Anderson
In search of ACCESS DENIED! Martin Anderson
Space misfits: Nostromo crew back-stories revealed Martin Anderson
Hollywood's determination to sell us Victorian 3D technology Martin Anderson
Meryl Streep's lost place in the 'Alien' franchise? Martin Anderson
When CGI couldn't fix it... Martin Anderson
Halloween Advent: Night Of The Demon Martin Anderson
The worst casualty of the 'Aliens' Blu-ray transfer Martin Anderson
Exclusive preview: Roger Christian's 'Cinema Alchemist' Roger Christian
Alien (1979): Possibly the scariest trailer ever made Martin Anderson
Halloween Advent: Frankenstein Caleb Leland
Halloween Advent: The Omen Elliot Thorpe
Why Woody Allen is the greatest US screenwriter Ben Lamy
The worrying rebirth of 3D Gabriel Ruzin
Halloween Advent: A Tale of Two Draculas Caleb Leland
Halloween Advent: Hellraiser Elliot Thorpe
Godzilla Roars Again! Caleb Leland
Halloween Advent: The Devil Rides Out Chris Davies
In Praise of...Norman Wisdom Luke Connolly
Tired indispensables: The 'throwback' film Tom Cunliffe-Whitford
‘Roma victor’: Rome’s cinematic dominance over ancient Greece Chris Davies
What Has Happened To The Spoof? Caleb Leland
The fall and rise of the Roman epic Chris Davies
In Praise of Perfect Blue Aaron Knier
The Praxis effect: Star Wars > Star Trek Martin Anderson
Inception: a cue for restraint Martin Anderson
A Darker Generation: Toy Story 3 And Beyond Tom Cunliffe-Whitford
Give Jeffrey Combs an Oscar Already! Caleb Leland
Where Have All The Actors Gone? Caleb Leland
Underrated classics: A.I. Artificial Intelligence [2001] Rob Smart
Harry Potter Comes To An End Caleb Leland
Gritty, realistic…fantasy? Caleb Leland
Twilight, and how we became the vampire lovers Leo Owen
The lost Jack Bauer/John McClane Die Hard movie? Martin Anderson
Auteur This: The Square (2008) Scott Nye
In Praise of Clint Eastwood Luke Connolly
The Sadomasochist Inside Leo Owen
Auteur This: Aggressive Mediocrity Scott Nye
In appreciation of The Young Girls of Rochefort Scott Nye
Wallowing in Bond Girls at Fanfest 2010 Philip Rackley
Mission: Impossible III – The Summer Blockbuster Hollywood Got Right Scott Nye
From Dreamscape to Christopher Nolan's Inception Martin Anderson
Is Superman dead? Caleb Leland
In Praise of Watching Movies Dubbed into Spanish Aaron Knier
The loneliness of the long-distance 'B'-movie fan Caleb Leland
In praise of Donnie Darko Dan Clay
In praise of Horton Hears A Who David Brake
In praise of Thelma And Louise (1991) Sam Chapman
Screenwriting: the 3-act structure, and how to break it Ben Lamy
Robert Pattinson and the Kurt Cobain casting issue Stephanie Davies
Secret immunity to 3D movies Leo Owen
5 worthier recasts for 'Lost In Translation' Aaron Knier
Is a classic film ever going to be left alone again? Martin Anderson
Bond girls assemble with Christopher Lee Martin Anderson
In search of the perfect movie dragon Martin Anderson
"It's 'Gandhi' but with tits!" Martin Anderson
Horror movie fans: Have you ever done this to a friend? Derek Sewell
The 3D game adaptation Hollywood forgot Martin Anderson
VIDEO: Sci-fi's lost 007 Martin Anderson
The worst DVD commentary of all time Derek Sewell
Shutter Island spoiling itself? Martin Anderson
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