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Equals: A Utopia in Dystopian Films? Beth Sasha
Exclusive: Director Patricia Riggen and actor Eugenio Derbez talk Miracles from Heaven Shadowlocked
A Bond By Any Other Name Beth Kelly
Before The Martian: A look at Matt Damon's previous trips to space Calvin Peat
Why stories should be celebrated Calvin Peat
Avengers: Age of Ultron ending analysis with spoilers Calvin Peat
Why Guardians of the Galaxy is like Firefly and Serenity Calvin Peat
Legacy of the Dead: George A Romeo's Contribution to the Zombie Canon Beth Kelly
Robin Williams: In Memoriam Luke Connolly
Hungry for success: Six reasons graduates need to watch and learn from Chef... Luke Connolly
Why The Amazing Spider-man 2 May Be The Best Comic Book Movie Ever Richard Cosgrove
The New Jedi Order : Thoughts on the cast of Star Wars VII Richard Cosgrove
Ten Tigon Tales of Terror Mark Iveson
7 Reasons Why Helen Mirren Is Awesome Eva Mackevic
Overload! The Dangers of Giving Fans Too Much of a Good Thing Richard Cosgrove
Ten Miscastings That Worked – or Nearly Worked! Mark Iveson
I Am Legend: The Greatest Vampire Movie NEVER Made Mark Iveson
Why 'Last Vegas' should be your first choice for 2014 Matthew Harris
What Hollywood can learn from 'A Hijacking' and Danish cinema Rob Watts
Auteur theory, fandom, and reboots: Why there can (and maybe should) be more than one take on a franchise Calvin Peat
Zac Snyder's Batman : Will Batffleck work? Steph Butcher
5 Actors who could play antman Steph Butcher
That Eastern Appeal: The Wolverine and the appeal of Orientalism Eva Mackevic
Star Wars Lightsaber inventor weds, stormtroopers attend Martin Anderson
Fassbender vs. Finch: The ides for the new Macbeth movie Martin Anderson
Has the Star Trek Franchise Lost Its Way? Caleb Leland
Why Joss Whedon should reboot Batman Calvin Peat
Iron Man 3 in-depth thematic analysis with spoilers – Part 2: Identity Calvin Peat
Iron Man 3 in-depth thematic analysis with spoilers: Part 1 – Meaning Calvin Peat
Peter Cushing: A centenary celebration Mark Iveson
Why Star Trek Into Darkness could be as successful as The Dark Knight Calvin Peat
Remembering Roger Ebert (1942-2013) Aaron Knier
Event review: MCM Birmingham Comic Con 2013 James Ridler
The film We Have a Pope and the importance of humility Calvin Peat
The Jedi return - I've got a bad feeling about this Richard Cosgrove
Wrecking it with Ralph: Opinions from the official press conference Hussain Manawer
Oscarpussy! Eight reasons Bond deserves BAFTA recognition Mark Iveson
For Your Ears Only - The 10 best Bond themes Richard Cosgrove
Christopher Nolan: A film-by-film career overview Daniel Elford
No room for Nolan: Why Oscar keeps snubbing Christopher Nolan's work Daniel Elford
The objectification and gender stereotyping of men and women in film and television Will Dermietzel
Craig, Connery and Co: but just who is the best James Bond? Mark Iveson
Spider-Man and the Desecration of Gwen Stacy Richard Cosgrove
Star Wars Episode VII: No Hope Richard Cosgrove
In-depth trailer analysis: Why Iron Man 3 could be Marvel's answer to The Dark Knight Rises Calvin Peat
More Star Wars, Less Lucas - thoughts on Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm Aaron Knier
Hello Quo! - premiere coverage Richard Stow
Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Caleb Leland
Richard Lynch - A tribute Mark Iveson
Why Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson is the world's biggest Avengers fan Calvin Peat
Could a Justice League movie succeed? Caleb Leland
Top 10 editor roles in movies Martin Anderson
Why Star Trek 2 and other Trek sequels need to pick up the pace Martin Anderson
The chronic problem of Too Much Information in movie trailers Richard Cosgrove
Star Wars turns 35! Caleb Leland
EXCELSIOR! Why the Future of Movies is Marvel Josh Pointing
The John Bensalhia Column: Scream of the crop John Bensalhia
Inside the Ministry Of Magic - 'The Making Of Harry Potter' studio tour Richard Cosgrove
A critical analysis of all things Prometheus Will Dermietzel
Robert Fuest - A tribute Mark Iveson
Autism and Hollywood: Superheroes and super-victims Caleb Leland
'Alien' (1979) - the movie 'Prometheus' must live up to Richard Cosgrove
The Russian heritage for Ridley Scott's Prometheus? Martin Anderson
An open letter to Hollywood Horror Daniel Elford
The other 'Titanic': The Nazi version you’ve never seen Richard Cosgrove
'Prometheus' HD trailer continues to look familiar... Martin Anderson
Movie critics and movie audiences at war Alice Booth
Some thoughts on the 'no-show' (?) xenomorphs in 'Prometheus' Martin Anderson
What happened to the Jenny Agutter 'Avengers' interview? Martin Anderson
Comic Book Movies of 2012 Caleb Leland
The Dark Knight Rises: Will incomprehensible mumbling prove its Bane? Calvin Peat
The Future of Horror Caleb Leland
3D or no 3D? That is the question ... Hasan Shah
Schrodinger's Spoilers: How the Cabin in the Woods trailer redefines spoilers, but spoils nothing Calvin Peat
The problem with Kevin Smith Gabriel Ruzin
An evening with Alice Cooper's movie nightmares at the BFI Richard Cosgrove
Halloween: A to Z Richard Cosgrove
Can Spielberg and Jackson do justice to the look of the Tintin comics? Calvin Peat
Dream casting: The Stand movie Christopher Morgan
All Good Things: a look back at Carpenter's masterpiece The Thing Richard Cosgrove
Death Defying: The Enduring Appeal of Final Destination Richard Cosgrove
The wasted potential of Cowboys & Aliens Calvin Peat
Green-Eyed Jedi, or why I envy Harry Potter fans Richard Cosgrove
The Super 8 secret: digital nostalgia Saqib Shah
Harry Potter and me: The aging effect of Witchcraft and Wizardry Rebecca Hogben
Evolution of the Planet Of The Apes franchise Mark Iveson
The Dark Knight Rises: trailer analysis Christopher Morgan
The Internet's 1000th open letter to George Lucas Gabriel Ruzin
The controversialist face of Transformers 3...but is it deserved? Chris Davies
Beyond Bond: The alternative world of 007 Mark Iveson
Cars Trouble: Pixar's latest may be studio's first flop Gabriel Ruzin
VIDEO: Speed dating with Superman Martin Anderson
Bullets and bats: When Hammer Films met 007 Mark Iveson
Why Tolkien should make room for Dickens Martin Anderson
Top 14 actors who could play Fletch in the remake Nicole Ugrin and Luke Connolly
Hollywood Tragedy: A tribute to Yvette Vickers Mark Iveson
Scream 4 another ill-omen for 2011 teen box-office? Graham Taylor
The last great frontier of CGI: The eye Martin Anderson and Calvin Peat (News ed.)
Where are the admirable women of TV and movies? Caleb Leland
Flogging a dead corpse: The continuing decline of the zombie movie Richard Cosgrove
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