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Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura will return for Heroes: Reborn Calvin Peat
Buffy meets Star Wars as Sarah Michelle Gellar joins Star Wars Rebels Calvin Peat
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD casts Amy Acker Calvin Peat
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD gets UK return date Calvin Peat
Will Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Episode 2 have an end-credits cameo? Calvin Peat
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD analysis: Fandom, ratings, and longevity Calvin Peat
The Firefly Shakespeare episode that never happened Calvin Peat
Matt Smith to quit Doctor Who Calvin Peat
Star Wars live-action TV series could happen at ABC; BSG's Ron Moore wrote some of the scripts Calvin Peat
Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D. will be "very Joss Whedon" Calvin Peat
Neil Gaiman brings Cybermen back to Doctor Who Caleb Leland
More guests for Destination Star Trek London Richard Cosgrove
Battlestar Galactica's Ron Moore to make A Knight's Tale TV series Calvin Peat
Peter Jackson wants to direct Doctor Who! Caleb Leland and Calvin Peat
Joss Whedon's new TV show will be S.H.I.E.L.D. Calvin Peat
Doctor Who to return on September 1 Caleb Leland
Joss Whedon to make Marvel TV series...oh, and The Avengers 2 Calvin Peat
New Doctor Who S7 trailer is here Calvin Peat
Operatic, possibly spoilery new Doctor Who S7 pic will make your mind explode Calvin Peat
New Red Dwarf trailer looks amazing Caleb Leland
How Tim Minear came aboard Joss Whedon’s Firefly: A story of betrayal, spaceships, and Marti Noxon Calvin Peat
Firefly reunion panel at Comic Con shows the best show ever is still flying Calvin Peat
Andy Griffith 1926-2012 Caleb Leland
British cartoonist Matt is a fan of Modern Family Calvin Peat
Joss Whedon's Buffy spin-off Ripper could still happen, under a different name Calvin Peat
Doctor Who: All Daleks to return for real, not CGI Calvin Peat
Sonar Entertainment proposes 'Hellraiser' TV series Richard Cosgrove
Wizards vs Aliens starts filming Calvin Peat
Doctor Who: Jenna-Louise Coleman replaces Karen Gillan as assistant Martin Anderson
Comic News: Smallville, Doctor Who/Star Trek Caleb Leland and Calvin Peat
BREAKING: House to call it quits in May Gabriel Ruzin
Half a million words: every Doctor Who story reviewed in depth Martin Anderson
Bernthal and Darabont reteaming on new show? Nicole Ugrin
Darabont's noir return to TV Nicole Ugrin
Farscape creator's new series Nicole Ugrin
Seth Green set to make animated Star Wars comedy within "next two years" Luke Connolly
Kim Harrison’s The Hollows Series coming to CW? Caleb Leland
Firefly and free speech: The Wisconsin U. controversy Nicole Ugrin
Walking Dead S2 Trailer: Here Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Walking Dead Web Series Nicole Ugrin
DC's The Specter going to Fox Caleb Leland
Hannibal Lecter coming to television Caleb Leland and Calvin Peat
Supernatural Season 7 details revealed Luke Connolly
Will Star Trek return to the small screen? Caleb Leland and Calvin Peat
Doctor Who: 'Let’s Kill Hitler' prequel and previews Caleb Leland and Calvin Peat
AMC fires Darabont: WTF? Nicole Ugrin
Terra Nova promo poster’s tagline intrigues Calvin Peat
Game of Thrones gets blank check renewal from HBO Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Peter Falk dead, 83 Martin Anderson and Calvin Peat
The Walking Dead S2: behind the scenes featurette, casting Nicole Ugrin
Robot Chicken to release a third Star Wars spoof Luke Connolly
Torchwood: Miracle Day trailer hits web Caleb Leland
Sarah Michelle Gellar's new show a Ringer? Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Jane Espenson: Once Upon a Torchwood Web Series Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Terra Nova Trailer: Here Nicole Ugrin
Shooting today on BBC's 'The Fades' Martin Anderson
Game of Thrones S2 Renewal Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Joss talks Dr. Horrible, Avengers Nicole Ugrin
American Gods to HBO, Gaiman Q&A Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Joss Whedon special editions to undo all character deaths Calvin Peat
Fan stakes self after taking quote out of context Calvin Peat
Smallville: first look at Booster Gold and Blue Beetle Caleb Leland
Stephen King in discussions for Walking Dead ep Nicole Ugrin
PIC: Sylvester McCoy playing The Doctor last week Martin Anderson
Doctor Who S5 credits Buffy style Calvin Peat
Cary Elwes cast in TV's Wonder Woman remake Nicole Ugrin
Kirkman dishes Walking Dead S2 Nicole Ugrin
Forget the Oscars, here are the Whedon Oscars! Calvin Peat
Smallville Finale - news, reviews, and interviews Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Dwayne McDuffie passes away Caleb Leland
Kirkman talks Walking Dead S2, videogame Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Len Lesser, Seinfeld's "Uncle Leo", passes away Gabriel Ruzin
Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman Nicole Ugrin
Smallville to feature...Superboy! Caleb Leland
Rosenbaum Returns to Smallville Caleb Leland
Regular writing staff recruited for The Walking Dead Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Teaser trailer for Doctor Who spin-off The Minister Of Chance Martin Anderson
Siega to direct 'Charlie's Angels' reboot Nicole Ugrin
Strange pilots at NBC - strangely awesome! Nicole Ugrin
MTV are looking for Miss Jersey Shore UK 2011 Luke Connolly
Colin Firth wants a Doctor Who role Calvin Peat
Smallville to feature Blue Beetle and Booster Gold Caleb Leland
Fringe’s ratings survive Friday night death slot Calvin Peat
'The Minister Of Chance' a new Doctor Who spin-off Martin Anderson
Fringe meets Firefly, but hopefully won’t meet the same fate Calvin Peat
'The Event' foregoes flashbacks for clarity Nicole Ugrin
New series of Red Dwarf confirmed Martin Anderson
Doctor Who: Karen Gillan BBC photoshoot Martin Anderson
Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to prime time? Nicole Ugrin
Details on new Torchwood Series Caleb Leland
First photos from Spielberg's Terra Nova Martin Anderson
Smallville: At last, the logo! Martin Anderson
Primeval webisodes online Calvin Peat
Doctor Who for simultaneous US/UK broadcast Martin Anderson
Fox assuages Fringe fans' fears with spoof video Roman Kowal
The Walking Dead: DVD and Blu-ray release date Caleb Leland
A stockingful of Doctor Who 'Christmas Carol' pics Martin Anderson
Dexter renewed for season six Nicole Ugrin
Craig Ferguson Doctor Who tribute released Nicole Ugrin
New images from Doctor Who Christmas special 'A Christmas Carol' Martin Anderson
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