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Jason Statham to star in Hong Kong action movie from Kurt Wimmer Calvin Peat
Wes Craven 1939-2015 Caleb Leland
The Lego Movie's Phil Lord and Chris Miller to make a Han Solo spin-off Calvin Peat
Now you can see the lost Empire Strikes Back short for free Calvin Peat and Martin Anderson
Rumour: Shape-shifting Spider-Man could make future reboots easier Calvin Peat
Furious 7 Super Bowl spot's action takes crazy to a whole 'nother level Calvin Peat
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens official teaser trailer Calvin Peat
Christophe Beck wants to score another Marvel movie Calvin Peat
Second Star Wars stand-alone director announced Calvin Peat
Man of Steel Sequel Gets New Title, Hints at Justice League Caleb Leland
Final Hobbit film gets an epic new title Calvin Peat
Frozen makes $1bn; wins Best Animation and Best Original Song Calvin Peat
First look: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer revealed Luke Connolly
Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer breakdown Caleb Leland
Report: Rush screening event at Millbank Tower Robert Meiklejohn
Stop the presses! Burgundy's legend set to live on in print Luke Connolly and Calvin Peat
James Cameron brings writers aboard for Avatar 2, 3, and 4 Calvin Peat
John Williams confirmed to score Star Wars Episodes VII-IX Calvin Peat
Cobie Smulders to play Wonder Woman in Lego movie; Is Justice League next? Calvin Peat
Awesomeness round-up: Sharknado, Pacific Rim, Nerds vs. Aliens Calvin Peat
William Fichtner confirmed as Shredder in TMNT reboot Calvin Peat
Muppets director in talks for Alice in Wonderland 2 Calvin Peat
Joss Whedon endorses J.J. Abrams as director of Star Wars Episode VII Calvin Peat
The Wolfpack is back! First Hangover III trailer hits the web Luke Connolly
Joss Whedon not directing Star Wars Episode VII Calvin Peat
Chuck could star in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Calvin Peat
Star Trek Into Darkness Japanese trailer throws new scene at fans Caleb Leland
Joseph Gordon-Levitt could play Batman in Justice League Caleb Leland
The Dark Knight Rises cinematographer criticises The Avengers; teases sci-fi directorial debut Calvin Peat
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 casting news Richard Cosgrove
Scoop: Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing could be released early summer 2013 Calvin Peat
Catwoman could join Thor to fight robots for Steven Spielberg Calvin Peat
Captain America 2 and Guardians of the Galaxy News Caleb Leland
Joss Whedon talks Much Ado, Shakespeare, Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, and more Calvin Peat
The Hobbit's second film is now the third film; titles and release dates announced Calvin Peat
Nicolas Cage cast in The Expendables 3; could be joined by Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, and Wesley Snipes Calvin Peat
The Hobbit: Turning pages into gold, with an estimated page-to-screen ratio of over $9m per page Richard Cosgrove and Calvin Peat
Peter Jackson confirms third Hobbit film Marcus Pullen
Christopher Nolan would consider 3D, but "only if it would enhance the story" Calvin Peat
Cool concept art for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Calvin Peat
Ice Age meets Batman in The Dark Nut Rises Calvin Peat
Nathan Fillion not famous enough to be in The Avengers 2? Calvin Peat
The Hobbit has wrapped principal photography; still five months to wait for movie Calvin Peat
Extended Cut of MARGARET to be Released 7/10 Scott Nye
Andrew Garfield assumed to be in The Avengers 2 after reading Avengers comics Calvin Peat
Joss Whedon's second 90s Buffy movie that never was Calvin Peat
Christopher Nolan will never make any more Batman movies after The Dark Knight Rises Calvin Peat
Taken 2 trailer tempers the action with a hint of moral ambiguity Calvin Peat
New Dark Knight Rises trailer isn't good; it's stunning Calvin Peat
I Am Legend 2: Will Smith not involved, but could be Calvin Peat
Production of Iron Man 3 begins; first image released Luke Connolly
Leonardo DiCaprio could have played The Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises Calvin Peat
'Cumberbatch is not Khan' says Pegg; and Worf to return? Caleb Leland
Tom Hiddleston talks Loki, Thor, Avengers, Shakespeare, and more Calvin Peat
Awesome details for Dinosaurs vs Aliens Calvin Peat
The Dark Knight Rises poster online Calvin Peat
Andrew Garfield wants to play Spider-Man in The Avengers 2 Calvin Peat
Taylor Kitsch and Peter Berg contributed to the Battleship script Calvin Peat
James Cameron only wants to make more Avatar (and documentaries) Calvin Peat
Harry Lennix to play Henry IV Calvin Peat
The Amazing Spider-Man trailer online Calvin Peat and Luke Connolly
NYC Event: TropFest Short Film Festival Nicole Ugrin
First clip from Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing Calvin Peat
Galaxy Quest writer working on original animated film for Paramount Calvin Peat
Dollhouse's Enver Gjokaj “unable to confirm or deny” being in The Avengers Calvin Peat
NYC Events: NYC International Film Festival Nicole Ugrin
Lewis, Tolkien could be played by Jude Law, Tom Hardy, or Henry Cavill? Calvin Peat
ILM's 'Black Friday': the 'Return Of The Jedi' footage you'll never see Martin Anderson
Felicia Day hints at secret cameos in The Avengers Calvin Peat
Secrets of Joss Whedon's The Cabin in the Woods revealed! Sort of. [No spoilers] Calvin Peat
UK's biggest IMAX screen won't show The Avengers Calvin Peat
Cannonball! Anchorman 2 is on its way Gabriel Ruzin
Percy Jackson 2 casts Nathan Fillion and Anthony Stewart Head Calvin Peat
'Alien' visionary Jean Giraud ('Moebius') dead at 73 Martin Anderson
The Lone Ranger: First pic of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer Calvin Peat
Ralph McQuarrie, designer of 'Star Wars', dead at 82 Martin Anderson
Transformers 4 reinvents the franchise Martin Anderson and Calvin Peat
VIDEO: Sylvester McCoy fails to talk about 'The Hobbit' Martin Anderson
Ask Joss Whedon about The Cabin in the Woods and more! Calvin Peat
First offical shot of Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall Luke Connolly
Joss Whedon will be on Twitter today, with Avengers cast members Calvin Peat
The Hangover 3 to begin filming in the summer; trio set for big payoffs Luke Connolly and Calvin Peat
'Razzies' set for April Fools' Day Luke Connolly
Star Wars Uncut is the best video on the internet Gabriel Ruzin
Resident Evil: Retributon Trailer Ncole Ugrin
George Lucas is "retiring", would like you to stop picking on him Gabriel Ruzin
War Horse Press Conference Part Two: Authors and Actors Richard Cosgrove
Iron Man 3 filming to begin in May Luke Connolly and Calvin Peat
The Dark Knight sells out: of IMAX tickets Nicole Ugrin
War Horse Press Conference – Spielberg Speaks Richard Cosgrove
Star Trek 2 to begin filming Thursday, plus a run down of its talent Luke Connolly and Calvin Peat
Early pic from The Bourne Legacy Martin Anderson
Evil Dead: Ash Cast! Nicole Ugrin and Calvin Peat
Juan of the Dead: wide release in 2012 Nicole Ugrin
The Avengers will be post-converted to 3D (and why it could actually work) Calvin Peat
The Dark Knight Rises trailer hits the web Luke Connolly
The long awaited, Men In Black 3 trailer has landed! Luke Connolly
Light-hearted humour, courtesy of the Star Wars Doppelganger Luke Connolly
Cabin in the Woods poster taunts us with meta-textuality Calvin Peat
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