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Jason Statham to star in Hong Kong action movie from Kurt Wimmer


Will it rock? Unquestionably...

Jason Statham to star in Hong Kong action movie written by Equilibrium's Kurt Wimmer

Jason Statham is one of the more consistent and prolific action stars working in Hollywood today, with many entries in the genre under his belt. As such, it makes sense that he's now been cast to play the lead in a Hong Kong action movie, written by Kurt Wimmer, which is as yet untitled.

Hong Kong action movies tend to be quite stunt-intensive, with a general inclination to do things practically (though to a lesser extent in recent years). Jason Statham is a very logical choice for this kind of filmmaking, since he has Mixed Martial Arts training, and a lot of action experience, preferring to do as many stunts as possible himself. Obviously, some are going to be too difficult or too dangerous for the star to do them all himself, so he's worked with numerous stuntmen over his career, who he has tremendous respect for.

The Wrap describes the story as follows: “Statham will play an ex-pat Brit living in Hong Kong who goes on the run with a high-level female Chinese agent to solve a kidnapping with global implications.”

(Who will play the female lead? Obviously, Ming-Na Wen (Mulan, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD) would be a great choice. Or even her Marvel's Agents of SHIELD co-star, Chloe Bennet. But only if it doesn't take them away from SHIELD too much.)

This sounds like a standard type of storyline for these kinds of films, leaving plenty of room for the story to play out through action. However, the phrase “global implications” hints at big twists, raising the stakes of the film.

Writer Kurt Wimmer has experience with writing great twists, notably in the likes of Equilibrium (which he directed) and Salt. He's also a brilliant writer of gripping action, from the dystopian sci-fi films Equilibrium, Ultraviolet (which he also directed), and the Total Recall remake (or re-adaptation), to the more real-world (but still dystopian-influenced) action-thrillers The Thomas Crown Affair (remake), The Recruit, Street Kings, and Salt.

Producer Steve Chasman says: “Jason and I have both been wanting to work with Kurt for a long time. He has such an incredible vision for this film that this collaboration is particularly exciting for us. The narrative Kurt creates is incredibly rich and while our story is rooted in adventure, it is also very much character driven...”

Jason Statham's career so far includes many action movies, from early supporting roles in the likes of The One and The Italian Job remake, to the (original) Transporter trilogy and the Expendables films. He's also shown his versatility in his starring role in Guy Ritchie's underrated psychological thriller Revolver, his terrifying villainous role in Cellular, and even a cameo at the beginning of the first Steve Martin The Pink Panther film.

Kurt Wimmer's next film is the remake of Point Break, directed by the awesomely-named Ericson Core, set for release on Christmas Day – 25 December 2015 – in the US, and on 12 February 2016 in the UK.


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