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Batman meets Taylor Swift in Batman v Superman Bad Blood parody


This Batman v Superman themed parody of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood music video is as brilliant as it has every right to be...

Batman meets Taylor Swift in this 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice' (2016) themed parody of Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' (2015) music video

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, the animated movie parody makers How It Should Have Ended have put together their own cameo-packed parody music video of Taylor Swift's Bad Blood, this time about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, sung from Batman's perspective. It's essentially a shot-for-shot remake, but with Batman. Many films could benefit from this approach. It's so far racked up over 1.4 million views in under 2 days.

When you think about it, Batman and Taylor Swift aren't that different. One of them is an iconic figure known for their voice who fights for justice and is beloved by millions. The other is Batman.

Whereas Batman punches bad guys in the face with his fists, Taylor Swift punches your emotions in the face with beautiful, lyrical song.

As Brooklyn Nine-Nine puts it: “She makes me feel things, okay?!”; “She makes us *all* feel things!”

In The Lego Movie, Batman is also a recording artist. As Wildstyle says, “Batman is a true artist; dark and brooding.”

Highlights of the video include the scene from 2:01 to 2:11. “Oh, this is not the sequel / This is not the reboot / This is just the dawn...” There are multiple homages to Tim Burton (who directed Batman and Batman Returns), balanced precariously on top of each other at quirky angles.

The nickname “Barber Shop” is seemingly a reference to the musical Sweeney Todd, plus we see Edward Scissorhands carving an ice sculpture of Nicolas Cage as Superman, in reference to Burton's ill-fated Superman Lives film. The best thing about this shot is that Nicolas Cage's facial expression is one of wide-eyed wonder, much akin to the Doge meme, as if he's thinking, “Very wow. Much meta. So reference. Wow.”

There's another great scene from 2:20 to 2:30, and the music playing in the background is epic. Props to composer Bryan English. We get to see Batman zooming off on his Batbike, complete with cape swoosh, then Chris Pratt riding a motorbike, wearing a dinosaur helmet (2:25), and finally, Velociraptor, Batman, and Star-Lord, all in the same shot (2:31). This is awesome.

Of course, it's technically Chris Pratt's character Owen from Jurassic World, but hey, since the terrific Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt is Star-Lord in everything. Emmett in The Lego Movie is Lego Star-Lord. Jurassic World is Star-Lord and dinosaurs. The upcoming Magnificent Seven remake is going to be Star-Lord in the wild west. (On that note, can we have Firefly back now please?)

There are a few more nice little moments, including Taylor Swift's lyrical line “Band-aids don't fix bullet-holes” becoming Batman's hilariously prosaic “Band-aids don't fix building holes” (2:35).

Then there's the obligatory Chuck Norris cameo (as the title character from Walker, Texas Ranger, aka Grand Master Beardfist) at 2:53.

Following that, we see Batman's team line-up (2:58) of Doc Brown, The Bride, Han Solo, Harry Potter, Furiosa, and suited-up Baymax, and Superman's team line-up (3:18) of Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter (which is basically just the Justice League, minus Batman—he will come around eventually).

At 3:10, we see the feet of Superman's team line-up moving in slow-motion, with Superman's going before them, just a little above the ground. Because he can fly.

We also get to witness a velociraptor singing “Hey!” (3:31)

And for Marvel fans, there's a final dual cameo, of Captain America v Iron Man (3:42), obviously prefiguring next year's Captain America: Civil War. and paralleling the DC conflict between Superman and Batman.

The video was written, performed, and part animated by Daniel Baxter. Obviously, he's made many of these HISHE videos before, but this serves a nice reminder that he's one of the actors who's played Batman, along with such thespians as Kevin Conroy, Seth Green, Christian Bale, and Will Forte. (Bale and Forte's performances in the role mean that *Batman is John Preston is MacGruber*. Because he's Batman.)

Overall, Bat Blood is a clever, well animated parody, featuring a ton of fun fictional character cameos. It's a great combination of Batman and Taylor Swift.

They should learn from the best movie of all time (The Lego Movie, obviously—which also features a song by Batman over its end credits) and look into using HISHE's song Bat Blood (and maybe even the music video) on the end credits of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Here's the second trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which will be released on 25 March 2016.

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