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Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura will return for Heroes: Reborn



Masi Oka's Hiro Nakamura will return for 'Heroes: Reborn' (2015)

The AV Club reports that Masi Oka will reprise his fan-favourite role of Hiro Nakamura for this year's Heroes: Reborn. The time-travelling, teleporting geek Hiro played a key role throughout all four seasons of Heroes' original run from 2006 to 2010, so it's only fitting that he should return for the show's upcoming 13-episode limited-run series revival.

The dynamic between Hiro and his (mostly non-superpowered) best friend Ando Masahashi (James Kyson Lee) was hilarious, lending the show a much-needed humorous side to balance out the gripping arc-based storytelling drama. Not only that, but their friendship also provided some added emotional resonance. So hopefully James Kyson Lee will also return to complete the double act.

Hiro's relationships with some of the other characters also made for some brilliant storylines. For instance, there's his awkward, doomed romance with the adorable waitress Charlene 'Charlie' Andrews (Jayma Mays), continued in the amazing spin-off novel Saving Charlie by Aury Wallington (who later wrote an episode of the show, wrapping the story in a bittersweet way). There's also the love triangle between Hiro, Adam Munroe / 'Takezo Kensei' (David Anders), and the Princess Yaeko (Eriko Tamura) in feudal Japan, accompanied by beautiful cinematography.

In any case, Hiro Nakamura is an amazing character; arguably one of the best characters ever. A geek who daydreams of being a hero, only to become one himself, finding a new purpose. He naturally geeks out about the ability to travel in time and space, refreshingly making him one of the few Heroes characters actually to enjoy having superpowers, as opposed to being overwhelmed by angst (dramatic though that can sometimes be). Nonetheless, he takes seriously his destiny to become a hero and save the world, drawing on his superheroic and time-travelling heroes (among others) to inspire him. In essence, he's the quintessential geek superhero.

Masi Oka is also the perfect actor to play Hiro Nakamura. Being a massive geek himself (even having worked for ILM as a digital effects artist on the likes of the Star Wars prequels), the role seems to come naturally to him. Hiro's geeky enthusiasm shines through, aiding the comedy; and his sincerity similarly helps the emotional investment in the character.

With Heroes having featured so many great characters over its four seasons so far, the question remains, who else will rejoin the cast? Readers, who would you like to see?

In any case, now that it's been confirmed that Hiro Nakamura will be back, it feels like the key piece has fallen into place. Hiro is an integral, joyous part of Heroes.

Also, creator / executive producer Tim Kring is returning. Acting-wise, Jack Coleman is reprising his role of Mr. Bennett, aka the man with the Horn-Rimmed Glasses (HRG). Plus there's a notable and awesome addition to the cast in the form of Zachary Levi, who played the title character in Chuck, as well as Flynn Rider in Tangled and Fandral (the moustache-twirling Musketeer Asgardian) in Thor: The Dark World. Like Hiro, Chuck is a hilarious, empathetic geek-turned-superhero, so if Zachary Levi's Heroes: Reborn character is anything like Chuck, it would be a joy to see the two of them share the screen. Going by the very brief teaser trailer, though, it looks like his Heroes character could be more serious.

Heroes: Reborn is set to hit our screens sometime later in 2015.

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