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5 Actors who could play antman


Steph Butcher ponders the huge decision Edgar Wright has to make over his tiny superhero...

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You may have heard the rumour mill churning away at the thought of Simon Pegg taking the lead role in Edgar Wright's upcoming film Ant-Man. Of course this isn't a rumour that's come from thin air. If you're on Twitter and following Simon Pegg (if you're not, go follow him now!) you probably saw his tweet the other night of him stood in front of an Ant-Man poster.

This meant the Internet exploded with speculation and assumed this meant he was taking on the role. Later, Pegg tweeted again “Sorry if I caused a lot of speculation yesterday re: Ant Man. If I get a film role, I'll tell you, not drop hints.” So if Pegg isn't going to be playing the size-shifting superhero who is? I'm going to join in with the speculation and give you my list of actors who could potentially play Ant-Man! Read on...

5. Chris Pine

Hank Pym is a cocky, super-genius with the ability to be a complete ass. Sounds somewhat like a certain Captain Kirk, well aside from the super-genius part! Chris Pine already has the brawn and looks to be a superhero, and of course, we all know that he's got cockiness down.

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4. Daniel Craig

This seems like a bit of an odd suggestion for an American scientist-come-superhero, to be played by an actor famous for playing a suave super-spy, but I think it could work. Tony Stark described Hank Pym  as the type of person, that if you tell him something can't be done, he'll go out of his way to do it to prove you wrong, sounds awfully similar to Bond, no? Of course, Craig will have to do something about his accent, but he's definitely got the look and the attitude that would suit Pym down to the ground.

3. Simon Pegg

He may have joked about taking on the role, but it would actually be a really good fit. We already know he's a Marvel fan so will probably know a lot about the character, but he also looks relatively similar to the comic-book character. He's played the intelligent joker before as Scotty, so could he take on the role of a super-genius, superhero? I think so! Plus, a Pegg/Wright pair up is always good in my book.

2. Charlie Hunnam

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After taking the lead role in Pacific Rim, and saving the world from the Kaiju, Hunnam has the superhero thing down! Not only that, but he looks exactly like Pym – the hair, the build, everything. Being fairly new to the big screen, we know less about him which means he can easily be moulded into the shape of the super-genius. He's the only person in this list that doesn't have a previous, high profile role to shape the way they're expected to appear – he definitely seems to be a very good option.

1. Alan Tudyk

Tudyk seems to be the actor of choice to play Hank Pym. He's already got extra points from the nerd world for being Wash in Firefly, and not only that, he looks just like Pym! With the blonde hair, geeky history, ability to be a bit of an ass, along with a dollop of wit and charm, Tudyk seems to fill Pym's shoes absolutely perfectly. However, will his previous role in Firefly mean he'd be expected to appear more like Wash than Pym? He does seem to be the best option, but ultimately it's not down to me!

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#1 RE: 5 Actors who could play antman Kevin 2013-09-10 17:30
Charlie Hunnam doesn't have a previous high-profile role? Sons of Anarchy? Hello?

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