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Wrecking it with Ralph: Opinions from the official press conference


Shadowlocked gets up and personal with the Wreck-It Ralph cast...

Wrecking it with Ralph: Opinions from the official press conference...

Wreck-It Ralph, the latest film to depart Disney’s vast collection of legendary movies, tells the story of a videogame rapscallion of the same name who has grown tired of his 'bad boy' image. Now, he longs for social acceptance in the virtual world in which he lives, and sets his sights on achieving this at all costs...

This latest release from The Walt Disney Company has already taken critics by storm, gaining comparisons to some of animation's most coveted releases, including Monsters Inc., Toy Story and Up to name but a few. And so, when Shadowlocked was invited to the official press conference for the upcoming release, we readily accepted...

The A-listers

Taking a seat at the official Wreck-It Ralph press conference at the Soho Hotel, Central London, was nothing but an honour for a movie lover such as myself. As if an exclusive, pre-release screening of said film wasn't enough, we then all settled in for a Q & A with a number of the on-screen talent and director Richard Moore. With a cast list featuring John C. Riley, Sarah Silverman and Jane Lynch (whose previous credits include Step Brothers, There's Something About Mary and Glee respectively), the film ran the risk of overshadowing the wonderful cameo roles by a number of videogame favourites throughout, but thankfully the likes of Sonic can hold their own against these Hollywood big dogs...

To give a quick summary of the tale, Ralph is a veteran bad guy in the arcade world; a glitch is something that has no place in the land of Sugar Rush; and Fix-It Felix is the man for the job (well, unless you need something broken). The movie encompasses great aspects of one's morals and/or goals, along with relevant humour and a major plot twist as it all comes to a head. Ralph departs his mini-rail train and leaves his game to embark on a journey to gain a medal, which all seems too easy. Fortunately for us, the audience, it is...and the story heads from there.

“The script was perfectly written and Rich was amazing to work with. We could improvise it, take left turns, and channel it back to the core concept"

Back to the conference

'Wreck-It Ralph', starring John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman and Sonic the Hedgehog...Unfortunately, John C. Reilly was too ill to attend the press conference, leaving director Richard Moore and actress Sarah Silverman to sit against the audience of eager journalists. And I mean eager.

When the questions started, Rich Moore was asked about *his* first medal, a unique tie-in to Ralph's own pursuit. "Haha...that's a good question. Well, from memory, it came from baking a disastrous cake during a Boy Scout event from my youth. Perhaps not quite as commendable as Ralph's trek, but a proud moment nevertheless."

Onto Sarah Silverman, who informed us that her first medal was for being the “most unpopular person on her soccer van”, as she never allowed her teammates to sleep! In the absence of John (C. Reilly), Richard and Sarah were asked about his input and experience within the film. “It was a new process for John. Traditionally, his appeal has come from a physical sort of comedy, so to pitch a voiceover role to him was interesting. However, he jumped in with a lot of enthusiasm and did a great job. Being involved in the storyboard process also allowed him to integrate himself more within the film,” said Richard.

When asked about the script, Sarah went on to say: “The script was perfectly written and Rich was amazing to work with. We could improvise it, take left turns, and channel it back to the core concept. That sort of freedom really allows you to become one with the project, and I think it's very noticeable in the end product.”

Returning to Richard, a question was sent across regarding his choices of cameo performances, and if it was difficult to narrow these choices down. He said: "I didn't want to be the only one who chose characters from my past, so we put up a big board in our common area and asked everyone who their favorite characters were. We had a big pool of ideas and just sat within a group and chose; it was studio-wise." And yet, one has to commend the choices within. Some of the greatest videogame characters are present, all of which add their own element of's just a shame Pac-Man wasn't available at the time of filming!

From there, conversation flowed freely and journalists across the board lapped up what the cast and crew had to say. In regards to the film, my review will follow shortly...but rest assured, it's one you'll want to catch!

PS: Watch out for Turbo!


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