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Chuck could star in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy


Chuck's Zachary Levi is on Marvel's shortlist, along with Jim Sturgess and "an unnamed actor"...

Chuck's Zachary Levi, or Jim Sturgess, or "an unnamed actor", could play Star-Lord in Marvel's 'Guardians of the Galaxy' (2014)

After testing several actors for the lead role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel has released a casting shortlist, with Zachary Levi (Chuck), Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe, Cloud Atlas), and "an unnamed actor" on it.

Obviously, the right answer is: Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Because he's awesome.

Presumably Jim Sturgess is on the list at least partly for the headlines like, "Jim Sturgess: From Across the Universe to Guardians of the Galaxy? After all, he does have a Cloud Atlas..."

Does "an unnamed actor" mean "The Man With No Name", i.e. Clint Eastwood...?

Obviously the third actor's name is being kept secret because it's Nathan Fillion, and they don't want people's minds to explode yet. Actually, it does kind of make sense. Fans have campaigned for him to play the role (well, to be fair, along with every other role ever), he's worked with director James Gunn before, and he's a staple of Joss Whedon, who's consulting on all of the Marvel movies, as well as writing and directing The Avengers 2 and being involved with S.H.I.E.L.D. And the fact that Marvel are impressed by Zachary Levi means that they know what awesome is, which means Nathan Fillion is obviously also on their radar.

In fact, they probably even measure awesomeness in Fillions. Of course, if it comes down to Zachary Levi and Nathan Fillion, who do they choose? Chuck or Mal? They're both adored by fans for playing the indispensable main character in a beloved, cancelled genre-hopping sci-fi show, and both overflowing with charisma and geekiness/geek cred. Either choice is bound to both delight and enrage fans. But which fanbase is more passionate; Chuck or Firefly?

Well, they're both up there, but it's gotta be Firefly. Cancelled for ten years (and it only lasted 14 episodes, and fewer on TV), but it's still flying. Chuck had five seasons; Firefly only got one. Okay, Nathan Fillion now has a hit show with Castle, but great as it is (occasional Firefly references and all), it's just not the same. There are no superpowers! (Though it does arguably feature two superheroes as the leads, with Nathan Fillion being Captain Hammer from Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog and Stana Katic being Hana Gitelman from Heroes.) In light of this hypothetical geekish dilemma, it's probably a smart move on Marvel's part not to announce that the unnamed actor is Nathan Fillion (if indeed it is). If Zachary Levi ends up getting the role, they don't need to announce that Nathan Fillion was even in contention; and if Nathan Fillion ends up getting the role, they can suddenly announce the surprise casting of Nathan Fillion out of nowhere, something that needs to happen far more often. (Yes, you heard me, Uncharted movie. Also, Star Wars Episode VII. There's no reason Nathan Fillion and Harrison Ford can't both play Han Solo in the same movie; just ask Star Trek. It's only logical.)

So, either way, fans will be delighted, rather than their enraged disappointment mitigating their geeky delight into ambivalence. (Of course, this is assuming that fans of one will also be fans of the other, which is a reasonable assumption considering that they're both awesome. And they're friends in real life. "You're awesome? What a coincidence; I'm awesome too! Let's be buddies!" (In this context, I'm using the words 'awesome' and 'geeky' interchangeably. Duh.)) That's a better tactic than simply pitting them against each other. Though maybe that could happen in a movie, and it would be the best movie ever. Whoever wins, we win.

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy is released on August 1, 2014.

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