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Five Youtube Videos to Brighten Your Week


If he was dead, Psy would be turning in his grave. As he's still alive, we'll just have to assume he's doing the same but in a bath full of $...

5 Youtube experiences to brighten your week...

This week’s edition hits you like a super-soaker of belly laughs. It’s so stupendous, like the simile in the previous sentence, it’ll take you an entire day to process.

I’ve masterfully assembled such gems as a highschool version of Gangam Style; a sales pitch of a revolutionary new iPad; a tutorial on how to communicate with just the eyes; a massive 90’s comedian mimicking a huge 90’s rapper; and the ultimate guide to stopping cats from urinating all over your property.


5. Spartan Highschool Style

This reimagining of Psy’s Gangam Syle has the best intentions; to broadcast the moral fibre of Spartan High School and its students. But, unfortunately, it also happens to be one of the most hilarious videos on the Internet.

There’s a lot of hate for this clip on the Internet, and I won’t contribute to that. What I will say is that it’s a brilliant attempt to jump on the ‘Gangam Style’ bandwagon to get some publicity and a few laughs.

If you can’t laugh at yourself you’re not likely to be a well-adjusted person. And if this school, its staff and students can do this then I’m pretty sure it’s an awesome place to work and learn.

4. A magician and his iPad

This is the first time I’ve seen a magician taking advantage of all the features of Apple’s iPad. Whilst it may be in German, you don’t have to understand a single word as all the hilarity is in the facial expressions of those witnessing the capabilities of the iPad.

Watch for yourself, you’ll probably end up buying one. But be warned, these features aren’t described in the user-guide!

3. Animals dubbed - the greatest hits

There's something about comedians dubbing animals that just works. Why? Well, who hasn't looked at their pet - or another similar such creature - and known, deep down, that they were trying to communicate on a far greater, intellectual level?

Of course you haven't. However, mimicking their actions and putting humour to each can only end well; and this clip offers the best dubbed marsupials and amphibians on the market.

2. Jim Carrey as Vanilla Ice

This is an old video; it’s a mere 240p, but an absolute gem. And believably, I can’t really describe it more than the title suggests. Well, I could expand on it a little: Jim Carrey sings a very unique version of ‘Ice Ice Baby’, and guess what…its hilarious.

1. A fine battle against felines

This video will certainly brighten your day. Craig Turner, the lovable rogue in this clip, is struggling to prevent neighbouring cats from urinating all over his house. How does he solve this problem? He builds a motion sensing water gun, with video and image capturing capabilities – genius!

So sit back and watch the eight-minute splendour that is Craig Turner constructing, then exacting his revenge on feline terrors.


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