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Review: Pokedex 3D Pro


It's Pokelicious, if you have the necessary kit...

Review: Pokedex 3D Pro

If you're a Pokemon fan and you've wondered at what level your monster learns an attack - or have had the urge to read its Pokedex entry on the move -  then it's no doubt that The Pokedex 3D Pro was made just for you. This 3DS app is an upgraded version of the 3D Pokedex that was released last year to coincide with the release of Pokemon Black and White.

Instead of linking to the internet and exchanging codes with friends to find the little critters, the new Pokedex 3D Pro has every single Pocket Monster available to view in fully rendered, stereoscopic 3D. Whether its the latest creatures you want to know more about, and their abilities, to the old school, original 151 monsters that started it's at your fingertips.

Truly this is a paradise for anyone who really wants to be a true Pokeprophet. Countless hours can be spent simply browsing through the sheer amount of cute Japanese monsters on display; the quality of which is second to none, and shows that the 3DS can produce impressive graphics. Also, whenever you press the A button whilst on the Pokemon's page, it makes the monster show off its moves in a short animation. What's great about some of these short actions is that they make full use of the 3D screen, making the moves they make come out of the screen with impressive effect. For example the classic water turtle Pokemon, Blastoise, fires its twin water cannons at the viewer. Also, if you never knew how to pronounce names like Kyorge and Suicune, then the annoyingly cheerful voice-over will clue you in (By the way, it's Kai-Oh-ger and Swee-coon).

Of course just having a digital encyclopedia on one of the biggest game crazes in the last 15 years can get a little dull and boring after a while. Sure, you'll probably come back when you want to know when Samurot learns Hydro Pump, or remind yourself just how useless Magikarp is, but after those couple of minutes of information digging you'll simply turn it off and go back to what you're doing...surely? Well, no...actually.

Using their full ingenuity, Nintendo have cleverly added everyone's favourite part of the old animé series: Who's that Pokemon? As such, Pokedex 3D Pro offers a neat quiz feature that questions your knowledge on Pokemon and the like. Questions range from simple naming the Pokemon presented to you, to more difficult tasks such as recognising a monster from its silhouette, or guessing a Pokemon from just it's Pokedex entry. Of course some are a dead give away, like Zoroark's entry, but to keep things fresh, there's a rating system, giving you gold, silver or bronze depending on how well you did. Oh, and there's even survival quizzes, where one wrong question means game over.

Although this app is a great tool for anyone playing through the latest installments in the series, Pokemon Black and White 2, there isn't much appeal for those of us not caught up in the Pokemon storm. Apart from setting a few high scores in the quizzes, which really require a working knowledge of the Pokemon world, there's nothing to bring you back...this app has a very niche market.

Whereas the games in the main series are always easy to pick up and play, and the spin-offs try to grab new gamers with simpler ways into the series, Pokedex 3D pro has nothing like that. Much like the Dream Radar augmented reality shooter that Nintendo released to allow access to new Pokemon forms in Black and White 2, this app feels nothing more than DLC, requiring you to have both a Pokemon game, or at least a love for Pokemon, to make use of.

The real question, ultimately, is what's the future for Pokemon on the 3DS. So far there have been no main series Pokemon games on the 3DS, and the only 3DS Pokemon titles have been either apps like Pokedex and Dream Radar, or forgettable spin offs like Pokemon Typing. I mean come've proven that you can make a full blooded portable 3D Pokemon game - and you even have all the models for the Pokemon available - so what's standing in your way? Releasing the Pokedex 3D Pro is all well and good to keep the existing fans happy, but it's not the killer 3DS title that will get people to buy your games in droves like the once did.

The final verdict?

Yes... if you have an undying love for Game Freaks' creation.

No... if you can't tell you Pikachus from you Ambipoms.

3 stars


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