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Five Youtube Videos to Brighten Your Week


Animals do the funniest things. Oh, and David Mitchell...

5 Youtube Experiences to Brighten your week...

Welcome to the first Youtube installment of November, oh how time flies. Soon I’ll be awaiting my tsunami of Christmas fan-mail, and I cannot wait!

This week I’ve assembled videos which show off the hiding abilities of spiders; the comedic genius of David Mitchell; the incredibly stupid police AI in GTA:IV; the ability of a whole host of animals to play dead; and a superb short film based on a video-game viral hit.

Click away!

5. Hiding Spider

This video is short and sweet. Oh, and hilarious.

It’s shows a spider, in a glass box, attempting to hide in the sand which presumably replicates its natural habitat. Watching this in mute, or from afar, you’d be forgiven for thinking it an educational tool – and perhaps it was, originally.

But this particular clip is narrated wonderfully, from the point of view of the spider, as it attempts to conceal itself from view. Its brilliant, watch it!

4. David Mitchell Rant

If you’re familiar with British sitcom you’ve probably come across David Mitchell before. He’s the star of Peep Show, That Mitchell and Webb Look and countless panel shows. In this video, one of a series for The Guardian newspaper, he goes off on a rant about social signals.

Signals we all emit when we’ve lost our keys, been late for a train or are awkwardly killing time on our mobile phones. Mitchell’s observations are cruelly accurate, and superbly delivered.

3. GTA IV Cop Failures NSFW

I thought the artificial intelligence of computer games had advanced beyond the halcyon days of the 1990s, where enemies would gather in corners on Goldeneye, or invisible walls would impede your progress on Crash Bandicoot.

Well, there’s been an obvious improvement but wherever there are errors, they’re glairing – and in this instance, hilarious.

In this instance, our protagonist crouches on an advertising billboard as tens of police officers attempt to arrest him. The key word here being ‘attempt’ because each and every officer that steps forward to clap our criminal in handcuffs falls to an untimely death. If that isn’t funny enough, the one-liners which they spout seconds before their demise make for comedy gold. Enjoy.

2. Animals Playing Dead

I love this video. It’s little more than a collection of clips, where people pretend to shoot their pets and they play dead. The premise couldn’t be any simpler. But as they say, the simplest things are often the best and that’s certainly true in this case.

1. LEEEROOOOY: A Short Film

This Youtube clip is a reimagining of the famous “Leeerooooy” World of Warcraft viral hit.

Four criminals are attempting to rob a bank, they have their positions and disguises and everything resembles the beginning of The Dark Knight. They look primed and professional, well all except Leroy who accidentally deep-fries his walkie-talkie.

You can imagine what happens next.


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