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Gaming on a budget: 5 weekly deals that won't break the bank


Next Gen gaming for pixelated prices...

Gaming on a budget: 5 weekly deals that won't break the bank...

If you think about it, we've become a victim of our (well, the industry's) success. We couldn't just be happy with our barrel-rolling apes or pixelated plumbers. No, we demanded more - sharper graphics, intense story-lines, constantly redefining multiplayer - and, with the birth of the Xbox 360 and PS3, we got just that.

However, next generation gaming often comes with a next generation price tag, and for those of us with limited disposable income this can be a real problem. But fear not, you gaming connoisseurs you...Shadowlocked is here to help.

In this, the first of our weekly intended posts, we present you with the five best gaming deals guessed it...this week! Ranging from pre-order to pre-owned, we've scoured the web to bring you these deals at the best price, so be sure to thank us with a simple share or like on Facebook. If not, you'll make this guy cry:

What do you mean there's no copies of Halo 4 left?

Anyhow, check the deals out while you can, they won't last long! Oh, and enjoy a bargain(s)...

5. Nintendo Wii double charging dock - Game; 1p!

Nintendo Wii double charging dock...1p?!?

There are less than 50 days left until Christmas (a scary thought!), and I'm sure more than a few people are starting to get things ready. Buying food, pre-wrapping presents, readying the Christmas cards...but what about the entertainment? Sure, there's the typical board game - or the ever cliched game of 'family charades' - but come on people...we live in the 21st Century. Everyone knows The Nintendo Wii will be out and about on the day.

So, with this in mind, why not make sure you've got everything you'll need for the festive gameplay? This deal will make sure you're large, charged and in charge - and prevent any premature ending to that Wii boxing pummeling you're dishing out to 'Auntie Nora'. Game, the highstreet gaming giant, have apparently reduced all Wii double-docking stations to just 1p...a saving of of £19.98!!!

We can't confirm that this deal is nationwide, but a number of stores, across a number of cities (Glasgow, Birmingham, Manchester) have been confirmed. Either way, why not nip down and have a quick look?

4. Street Fighter X Tekken, Xbox 360 - Zavvi; £9.95

Street Fighter X Tekken - Zavvi; £9.95...

The best of both OTT brawlers, Street Fighter X Tekken finally lets you pit the best of both worlds against each other in manic combat. Birdie vs Panda? Ryu vs Jin? M. Bison vs Yoshimitsu? The choice is yours...and for under a tenner, how can you resist?

Street Fighter X Tekken, £9.95

All offers (online, of course) come with free postage too!

3. PC Mass Effect 2 - Game (online); £3.99 new

Mass Effect 2 - Game; £3.99...

Does this game need an introduction? Furthermore, does it need any recommendation? If so, please feel free to contact our resident Mass Effect expert, Christopher Morgan.

For everyone else, here's a corker of a deal. are offering the critically acclaimed sequel to Mass Effect, on PC, for just £3.99 - a full £5 off! Copies are limited and stock seems to be getting low, but see if you can't grab one before they're all gone:

Mass Effect 2 (PC) for £3.99

2. Max Payne 3, Xbox 360 and PS3 - Blockbuster (online and in-store); £5 for VIP Gamers (it's free!) or £10 regardless

Max Payne 3 (pre-owned), Xbox 360 + PS3 - £5

Ok, so it's not brand new...but at this price, who cares? Even better, if you've never used Blockbuster Online - and, with the likes of Amazon, Play and Shopto out there, that's a strong possibility - you can pick this up for just £5 with their VIP Gamer deal!

To claim, simply run through the following steps:

1. Sign up to the VIP Club, setting up a Blockbuster account in the process.
2. In VIP Gamer, "redeem" and then "activate" the £5 off £10 spend in Blockbuster Marketplace.
3. Go to this Max Payne 3 pre-owned link and select Xbox 360 or PS3.
4. £5 will automatically be taken off at checkout, bringing the final price to just £5.

What's more, this £5 off deal can be used over and over again. Simply make another account, and enjoy (you will require a separate credit card, though).

1. Halo 4 (limited edition DLC copy) and £3 DVD (great, modern range) - Tesco Direct; £30.87

Halo 4 + £3 DVD...£30.87 delivered at Tesco Direct...

As a huge Halo fanboy, I'm very excited by this game. I've watched all the trailers, all the behind the scenes footage, and now am simply waiting to try the reboot for myself. The problem is, however, that I'm notoriously tight.'ve more chance of getting blood from a rock than a £5 note from my pocket.

So, I've been caught in a delicate place. I must own this title, but don't want to pay through the roof prices, especially when i know that, by Christmas, it will be at least £15 cheaper than its current RRP. Conversely, thanks to Tesco Direct - and a crafty bit of voucher use - I've come up with a solution...

By using said vouchers, the customer (you) will be able to pick up the DLC inclusive copy of Halo 4 and a fantastic £3 DVD (titles include Due Date, Rio, From Paris With Love) for just £30.87...and with free delivery! To put this in perspective, are priced at £39.99, and £37.99.

To claim the deal, simply follow the below:

1. Add Halo 4 to basket
2. Add a £3 DVD to basket
3. Proceed to checkout and enter the following voucher codes, one at a time: (3a) TD-PXTM
(3b) TD-KMPW
4. Pay as normal, and expect to see your new arrivals asap!

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