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More Star Wars, Less Lucas - thoughts on Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm


He may have created the series, but Aaron Knier couldn't be happier to see the back of George Lucas (as much as he respects him)...

More Star Wars, Less Lucas - thoughts on Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm

It’s like a dream came true today, friends: I get more Star Wars movies without the toxic interference of the be-waddled one, Emperor Lucas. In a stunning development, Lucas has sold Lucasfilm to Disney for an estimated $4.05 billion, including all rights and privileges to the intellectual property of Star Wars.  Also thrown in with the deal were legendary effects, sound and gaming houses Industrial Light and Magic, Skywalker Sound and LucasArts. It’s not a total surprise, since Mickey has always had a hand cupping Lucas’ old, dangly balls, but it was the last thing I was expecting to hear today.

And I am so f**king stoked!

Seriously though? This could be so much worse. The announcement could have been George, sitting there with my money filling a pouch beneath his chin, declaring that we can all kiss his ass, cause he was going to personally make some more Star Wars movies and he doesn't care what we think! Instead, we get a company with a track record of matching up interesting directors with vague, difficult projects and sometimes good things happen.

At this point, though, I’d be on board for a new movie every three years or so, forever, as long as Lucas kept away. He’s being kept on as some kind of “creative consultant,” but it feels a little like when Paramount said to Roddenberry, “Hey, why don’t you let someone else take a crack at it, Gene?” Now maybe we can get that Steven Spielberg Star Wars flick we all deserved. Or how about Guillermo del Toro? Gore Verbinski...the list is endless.

Right this moment is the most exciting time, friends - before anything is decided or announced, when we can project and imagine any kind of future for the series we want. Post-Jedi stuff? Sure, why not? Old Republic? Tales of the Old Republic? We’re gonna have to accept more of that Ewok bullshit, cause it is Disney, but that’s a small price to pay for the possibility of greatness. See, now that other directors have a shot at Star Wars, perhaps Disney won’t decide to use the same one for the next three movies. This could go on into perpetuity, much like the James Bond series; with different actors playing roles and the occasional reboot.

Think about that! A new Millennium Falcon, new designs for Darth Vader, lightsabers, the menagerie of aliens! This really is the best thing that could have happened to Star Wars, but it sure is gonna be depressing listening to the forever irritable fanbase have a nerd rage fiesta, bleating for the next three years or so about a soulless corporate entity, the Disney zaibatsu, buying up their childhood dreams only to give Michael Bay license to savagely sodomise them on the editing room floor.

Sorry, what was I talking about again?

Oh Star Wars can basically only be a good thing, since it’d be hard to get much worse. Actually, that’s probably not true: Brett Ratner’s Episode VIII: The Search for More Money (Chris Tucker’s comeback vehicle) would probably make me stop watching movies; and I could finally let go of all ego and self, freeing me from this corporeal prison and clearing my path to join the perpetual continuum of energy of which we are all a part.

As a side note: what does this mean for Indiana Jones?


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#1 RE: More Star Wars, Less Lucas - thoughts on Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm Scott MacDonald 2012-11-02 16:38
As soon as the news hit my inner nerd squeeeed with joy and did a little dance. Disney proved that it can respect source material and create great films with the last 3 years of Marvel flicks. The branding machine that is Disney will have Star Wars everywhere. The franchise will live on for eternity based on this move. There are bound to be some bad choices along the way and some fans will get all poopy-pants about it but I expect that there will be far more great ones.

This is a win for Lucas, a win for Disney and a win for fans. Everybody wins!

Other winners on this deal include IMAX theaters, whose screens and other technologes are particularly well suited to sci-fi and already has a relationship with Disney and Hasbro, which has the action figure rights to Star Wars.

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