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Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen


What's the superlative of Superman?

Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen

On June 14, 2013, audiences around the world will get to see if the wait for Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel was worth it. While many fans seem torn about whether or not the film holds any promise (it has to be better than Superman Returns), actor Henry Cavill seems to at least look the part. But there’s more to playing The Last Son of Krypton than just appearances, and not every actor gets it right. There are the subtle nuances that go with selling the character, not only as Superman himself, but also as his alter ego, reporter Clark Kent. In preparation for the upcoming film, I want to take a look at the actors who have played this iconic character over the years, and see how well each one has done in the role. For ease, we’ll stick with just the live-action versions.

Kirk Alyn – Superman (1948) and Atom Man vs. Superman (1950)

Kirk Alyn as Superman

Alyn was cast as Superman for the first of Columbia Pictures’ serials (for the young kids, think a television program, but shown at the movie theatre), and he certainly looked like the comic hero come to life. In fact, he was credited as Superman in the credits (but in promotional posters, as Kirk Alyn). He also knew he had to sell the character, and played both Supes and Kent as two very different people, from speech patterns, pitch of voice and the manner in which he held himself. He did well in making Clark Kent look like the mild-mannered reporter, and giving Superman the heroic appearance he deserved. The serials are well done, although the special effects team couldn’t convincingly make Superman fly, so an animated hero was used in flying sequences. Alyn was also one of the first to pull double duty on comic book films, as he also went on to portray Blackhawk in the serial Blackhawk, based on the DC Comics title about a squadron in World War II (the first was Tom Tyler, who played Captain Marvel and The Phantom in Republic’s serials).

Rating: A-

George Reeves – Adventures of Superman (1952-8)

George Reeves as Superman

Alyn was offered the part, but turned it down for fear of being typecast. Iowa native and boxer-turned-actor George Reeves portrayed the Man of Steel in the first television series based on the comic book. Reeves initially didn’t want the role, seeing television as insignificant, but eventually donned the cape and tights, and eventually enjoyed the role and stuck up for his co-workers, even though the pay was terrible and he had trouble getting other work.

Reeves didn’t differentiate too much between his portrayal of Superman and Clark Kent, which sort of hurt his ability to sell the two characters as individuals. However, we did at least get to see this Superman fly, and for that, we are glad. Though not quite as effectual as Alyn was in the role, he was, for millions of children, Superman.

Rating: B

Christopher Reeve – The Superman films (1978-1987)

Christopher Reeve as Superman

Reeve was incredible in the role, portraying Clark as a wimpy, fainting small town everyman, every bit mild-mannered. But then he would change that completely, and with such simple effects as deepening his voice, standing straight, and showing some backbone (as well as parting his hair on the other side), he became Superman. He was also the first actor to honestly convey the idea that this man isn’t human, but an alien who, while having grown up on Earth, isn’t truly one of us. While the film series became a little sillier with every entry, Reeve always played the role as though it were Hamlet or King Richard, selling his lines and never seeming condescending of the material. He had an honest respect for the property, and could have gone on longer with it had it not been for shoddy scripts and a back injury in 1995 that left him paralyzed. Reeve made the role his own, and became Superman for a whole new generation.

Rating: A+

Dean Cain – Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993-7)

Dean Cain as Superman in 'Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman'

When an injury ended his professional football career before it even began, Cain took to acting, getting small parts before landing the role of Superman. While he had the physique to pull off the role, he never quite managed to separate Superman from Clark, almost seeming awkward when trying to play the bumbling reporter, and adding too much bravado to the character. As Superman he was passable, but he didn’t seem to contain the same passion for the role as Reeve had. He should be applauded for not trying to duplicate anyone else’s portrayal, but he might have wanted to take some notes on how to breathe life into the character.

Rating: C

Brandon Routh – Superman Returns (2006)

Brandon Routh as Superman in 'Superman Returns' (2006)

Another Iowa native, and a comic book fan, Brandon Routh was given the task of bringing the character to life on the big screen. Director Bryan Singer left his popular X-Men franchise in the less-than-capable hands of Brett Ratner to make his love letter to the Superman films of the seventies and eighties, and it was a giant misstep. Ignoring the third and fourth installments of the original film series (oh, if only it were possible), Superman Returns begins with Kal-El returning to Earth after journeying to find remnants of Krypton, leaving directly after the events of Superman II. Even though the script was terrible – turning Superman into a stalker and obsessive ex-boyfriend sort – Routh gave a very good performance, hampered only by the fact that he seemed to be trying too hard to copy Reeve’s excellent turn in the role. The magic of that is that he seems to understand how to separate Clark and Superman, and make them two separate entities, even though they’re the same guy. Had the film been different, I think Routh could have gone on and made a franchise out of the film, instead of being rebooted a few years later.

Rating: B+

Tom Welling – Smallville (2001-11)

Tom Welling as Superman in 'Smallville'

While I didn’t add the program Superboy to the list, Smallville should be added because Welling portrayed a young, inexperienced Superman (and after John Byrne’s rebooting of the comic title in the eighties, Superboy didn’t exist in this universe – just go Google the DC Crisis storylines, it’s too lengthy to go into here). While many liberties were taken with the property, the heart of the comics is here, with young Clark Kent learning how to use his abilities to help those who need it. The program took many a cue from Jeph Loeb’s wonderful graphic novel Superman for All Seasons (in fact, Loeb would eventually become an advisor for the show, until his son’s illness forced him to leave), portraying a Superman for a modern time. Gone was the iconic hero standing with his hands on his hips, ready to face evil in all its incarnations. Instead, Welling gave a wonderful performance as a young man not only trying to discover who he really is, but learning to use those abilities for good, and to use the moral compass provided by his human family, even when others would exploit his power for their own greedy purposes. Welling also learns to separate the two characters, becoming the hero when in costume, and holding himself differently when he’s just Martha Kent’s little boy.

Rating: A


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#1 Superboy Superboy 2012-10-16 11:11
You should include the two actors who portrayed Superboy on this list. That live action program kept the Superman mythos alive on television in the late-1980's.
#2 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Video Beagle 2012-10-17 14:03
You mention Dean Cain's Clark Kent had too much "bravado" and wasn't wimpy, but that was the point, and the portrayal of Clark Kent at the time. He wasn't a wimpy pair of glasses that Superman pretended to be when he wasn't wearing the cape. He was an actual person with a life and accomplishments that had nothing to do with flying, who would wear a cape when saving a plane,
#3 Brandon Routh was terrible! Jumper 2012-10-24 23:29
Routh was so bad as Superman. He doesn't deserve a B+. He deserves an F for failure. He failed to deliver a great performance. If he had gone on to make to do a sequel or a whole franchise I would have gone stir crazy. Superman Returns was a waste of money for everyone.
#4 Cain and Routh Caleb Leland 2012-10-26 13:18
I do remember the Superman comics of the early ninties, an yes, Clark Kent was a different character, but I never felt as though Cain really captured the character as written. There's little to distinguish the two, which causes many to continually ask why a pair of glasses fools so many people. There should be subtle differences in the two characters to distract from the fact that Clark Kent isn't Superman.

And I won't argue that Superman Returns was terrible, but it wasn't entirely on Routh. His only crime in that film was attempting to copy Reeve's excellent performance. I still believe that with a better script, Routh could have truly shone as Superman. Alas, we'll never know thanks to Singer's terrible movie.
#5 Superman Returns Jim Burgan 2012-11-06 05:31
Having seen Superman I & II (and unfortunately III and IV-Quest for Peace) in theaters, I found Singer’s “Superman Returns” to a good movie and Brandon Routh's performance, while not up to Reeve's standard-setting perfection, was not bad. The script was not up to the standard set by Tom Mankiewicz set on I & II but I found the many homages to I & II (and even the Perry White's "Great Caesar's Ghost", an homage to the George Reeve’s series) delightful. The addition of much of John Williams score, combined with John Ottman’s new material mage it a worthy return. I would loves to have seen Bryan Singer’s next vision (getting all “Wrath of Kahn” on us) as opposed to the reboot, which I fear will destroy the Superman universe known to the non-comic readers. Just from the trailers I can tell that many changes are in store for us on “Steel”. The Superman outfit looks like a rubber modification of Batman’s garb. The projected darkness has no place in a Superman movie. I loved the Nolan Batman movies but I have set my sights low for “Man Of Steel”.
#6 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Hossam 2012-11-06 21:32
Tom Welling (Smallville)
#7 Best Superman R1Spiderman 2012-11-14 02:19
There is only one choice, and that's Tom Welling. No one else played the role for 10 years and 217 episodes. He is Superman to us all :-)
#8 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Manda B Word 2012-12-15 01:38
While Tom Welling will forever be the "Superman" I grew up with, Christopher Reeve is still the best man to wear the tights. Welling was only Superman for one episode. For the other 216 he was simply Clark Kent. Plus, until Smallville, I always assumed it was the man in tights that was the disguise the character would put on for the world to see and that he felt more at home being CK. Smallville taught me that its Clark Kent who is the act that he must put on day to day.
#9 the besT!!! cexRA 2013-03-09 18:37
Tom Welling best superman
#10 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Ronald Hendrixon 2013-03-10 01:47
Christopher Reeve without a doubt !
#11 best superman will always be me 2013-04-02 10:18
Christopher superman..superman i and ii are the best superman movies
#12 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Angie 2013-04-18 23:47
Tom Welling will always be superman to me, and I hope he decides to play superman on the big screen someday.
#13 Honest Jack 2013-06-11 02:20
The very best SUPERMAN of all time is with out a doubt Christopher Reeve.
I don't know if there will ever be a better or comparable Superman.
#14 Ultimatebrandon routh fan! John Simon 2013-06-12 08:00
For me.....ITS BRandon routh ..the best superman of all time he is handsome,smart, good actor better than Tom welling,George reeves,Henry cavill,and christopher reeves.superman returns is the best!!!
#15 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen THE PHENOM 2013-06-17 14:53
what happened to henry cavill did you not include his awesome performance in Man OF Steel
#16 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Jewel Rys 2013-06-19 16:23
the best is christopher reeves, no doubt, ppl love him as superman

the second one is brandon routh, he is perfect to be superman just like christopher reeves, handsome, smart guy, simple & w/ no arrogance
#17 Ms. Bettie 2013-06-25 16:57
Tom Welling was the PERFECT Superman for me! Henry Cavill is Great Superman as well!
#18 tk Mrs 2013-06-29 23:03
funny, i loved Dean Cain as superman. I loved his chemistry with his own Lois Lane. I Loved the fact that he looked so sincere. Superman is a good person and that's how he portrayed it. I felt his pain and insecurities. I think he deserved much better than a C
Christopher reeves to me is Superman..because that's who i grew up knowing as superman.
i didn't enjoy Brandon routh's performance at all it was flat to me.
#19 Reeve Best WKing61 2013-08-23 23:34
Chris Reeve was the best Superman. Tom Welling was never Superman since he never used the suit or name.
#20 superman punisher3622 2014-02-02 11:41
i would just like to say to you all Chris Reeve is the only one to ever play both roles of clark kent and superman perfect.
Thanks to all that remember the legend that is Chris Reeve keep up the classics never let them die
#21 Reeves & Reeve MOPARMAN 2014-02-20 19:55
Reeves & Reeve
#22 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Chuck Sandstorm 2014-02-25 11:21
Christopher Reeve will always be Superman to my generation, but I guess Henry Cavil will be the same for the current youngsters.
They are running a poll to find the best Superman here.
#23 George Reeves Mark Iveson 2014-02-25 15:11
I remember watching George Reeves' Superman on TV as a kid (boy was it corny) and to be honest, I thought he looked a little too old!
#24 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen JC Smith 2014-08-11 16:04
I truly believe that George Reeves put forward the best portrayal of Superman. Strong and wise without any self doubt, the personification of the comic book character at the time.

And, as opposed to Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent, I felt that George's was much better. He would duck out when there was a crisis, of course, but then explain his absence later on, again, just like the comics. And his sense of humor, and wink to the camera were the best. He made the most out of the scripts.
#25 retired Steve Sanchez 2014-12-25 20:25
As a kid, I always felt that superman would save the world when the world needed it. That role belonged to Christopher Reeve. He was Superman. He took the title with him. God bless you Mr. Reeve.
#26 RE: Who played the best Superman?: Ranking the Supermen Joe 2015-03-02 13:57
This was printed in 2012 so it misses the most recent Superman actor Henry Cavill. Interesting about his portrayal, is that he never refers to himself as Superman in the entire movie. And nobody refers to him as Superman except for maybe Lois Lane. I think its one of the better interpretations of the character, a lot of people were thinking a British guy who was not that tall was going to a good Superman, but Cavill is the best actor alive to portray the role, he certainly is not as good as Reeve. I would say Tom Welling would be a better on screen Superman, but Welling is nearly 40 and too old already to become an on screen Superman.
If I had to grade Cavill, I would give in a A- not a solid A, but if Superman v Batman comes out great, maybe he might get a better grade.
Henry Cavill A-.
#27 Dean cain rahul 2015-06-16 22:04
Dean cain is the best superman till date..
#28 Once and for all Christopher Reeve 2015-12-21 22:25
Christopher Reeve is no dought the best out of them all he showed everyone what Superman should be Loved him in superman 1 and 2 and even though 3 and 4 sucked he still gave his all and brought superman to life as he always did before so for all thoughs who think other wise truly don't know what Superman should be like and that's sad so I say this with all my heart and respect to you Christopher Reeve I thank you for all the fond memories you brought to the screen and now you are in God's hands keep fighting the never-ending battle for truth justice and the American way :)

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