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Firefly reunion panel at Comic Con shows the best show ever is still flying


And Joss Whedon calls the actors "the best cast I will ever work with"...

Firefly reunion panel at Comic Con shows the best show ever is still flying; and Joss Whedon calls the actors "the best cast I will ever work with"...

Today, Joss Whedon and most of the cast of Firefly reunited for a 10th anniversary panel at San Diego Comic Con. Those of us who couldn't be at SDCC had to follow the event on Twitter, where "#Firefly" was trending worldwide.

But much like discovering the showed after it had been aired (and cancelled), it was almost as good as actually being there. One would imagine.

Twitter is like Mr. Universe: "You can't stop the signal..." Just think: without DVDs and the internet, most of us Browncoats would never have heard of Firefly. And then normal people would think we were sane.

While some were hoping for some kind of special announcement (the familiar refrain of "It's not too late to bring the show back, right...?"), in actual fact, there were:

“No #Firefly announcements on the panel, just lots of love. And that was more than enough.”

Yes, the best show ever gets what sounds like the best panel ever. In any case, as with the show, the panel was bursting with brilliant quotes, so most of the rest of the article will consist of quotes. But again, as with the show itself, it's far more than a collection of witty dialogue. It's about love, and that comes through very strongly here. For the writers, the actors, and the fans alike, being with Firefly touches them more than they can say. But that doesn't mean that they can't try. Enjoy:

Joss Whedon:

“These are the best meat puppets I’ve ever controlled.”

This is reminiscent of something he said about The Avengers, that the easier part of directing the movie was “controlling the meat puppets…I mean, actors.”

(Thematically speaking, Dollhouse and The Cabin in the Woods are more about controlling meat puppets, but hey, inter-textuality FTW!)

“Firefly animated series? “I get it, but for some reason I would be more interested in doing it as a radio show,” Joss says, which is followed by some improv by Fillion and Tudyk.”

“Joss said there will be future Firefly comics.”

“Based on the context of the question about the comics, we could get some Inara stories.”

"[Panel moderator] Jensen asks Whedon what it means for him to be here on the 10th anniversary of "Firefly". "Means I'm running on fumes, let's face it," Whedon cracks, before saying they always knew "everything we were doing was for the right reasons, with the right people, that we were making something that was more than the sum of its parts, that I had the best cast I will ever work with," then quickly adds, "We also had Alan." Says this isn't about vindication, but about transcendence."

Well, that answers this question...


“Tim Minear: “Do you remember the time when we were off the air for 10 years and thousands of people showed up to see us anyway?”


“Whedon ends: The way u inhabited this world made you part of it. When I see you, I don’t think it’s a show, I think that’s how the world IS.”

“And Nathan and Joss and probably half the audience are in tears.”


In the words of Captain Malcolm Reynolds from the beginning of Firefly, "We have done the impossible, and that makes us mighty."

And also in the words of Captain Malcolm Reynolds, this time from the end of Serenity: "Love. You can learn all the math in the 'Verse, but you take a boat in the air that you don't love, she'll shake you off just as sure as a turn in the worlds. Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down, tells you she's hurtin' before she keels. Makes her a home."

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