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NYC Event: Star Wars uncut


The galactic premiere of the crowd-funded work of genius ....

NYC: Star Wars Uncut at the Lincoln Center

The Lincoln Center, long known as the high-culture vanguard of New York City, has a film society. The Film Society of Lincoln Center (FSLC) host the New Directors / New Films festival. They tend to show a lot of documentaries, a lot of subtitled films - if you're lucky, you might catch a subtitled documentary! But some kind of genius behind the scenes has started a midnight summer film series; and this lineup rocks. The old lady at Lincoln Center is loosening her stays, in a big way. Kicking it off, this Friday, is a big-screen showing of Casey Pugh's Star Wars Uncut.

For those of you unfamiliar with Star Wars Uncut, it's a genuine labor of love created by hundreds of Star Wars fans. In 2009, Casey Pugh assigned a different fan (or group) fifteen seconds of the film Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope to remake in whatever fashion they chose. The submissions were then posted on a website, where fans could vote for their favorites, which were then assembled into a complete film. The result? A mind-blowingly incredible remake of the entire Star Wars film; a mash up of hand-drawn and computer animation, Lego and stop-motion, live-action fans in homemade costumes, and more.

Shadowlocked's Gabriel Ruzin, our resident Star Wars and George Lucas expert, named Star Wars Uncut the best video on the internet, and with good reason - it's awesome. And being able to watch such a community-produced masterpiece is what inspires us about crowd-funding films. I'm not a come-together, kumbayah kind of a person in general, but Star Wars Uncut goes beyond my belief in a single creative vision. Because it is a single vision - just reinterpreted in a hundred different ways, with lots of humor and genuine love for the source material. Instead of detracting from the original films that we loved as kids, and what they meant to us, it illustrates that love. The backyard reenactment segments are by far my favorite - impressive though the animated segments are - because they bring to mind some lost summers in the 1980's spent in much the same way.

In 2010, Star Wars Uncut won a prime-time Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Interactive Media. This Friday, it will be the first film of the Summer Midnight Movie series at the Beale Theater at the Lincoln Center.

In the FSLC press release announcing the series, Midnight Movie co-Programmer Gavin Smith said, “Sometimes I sit in my office and wonder why Béla Tarr couldn’t have filmed a live-action version of the game Sodoku. Because if he had, we would program it in a second. But since he hasn't (at least so far, anything's possible), we might as well throw Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Fritz the Cat on the screen and see what happens."

Star Wars Uncut will be shown at midnight, Friday, June 1. Tickets are $13 each and may be purchased  in advance here.


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