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Doctor Who: All Daleks to return for real, not CGI


Producers aiming for nostalgia with total Dalek recall…

Campaign for real Daleks

The producers want to bring back the physical Daleks who’ve previously featured in Doctor Who, rather than using CGI. It’s like The Avengers of Daleks! Of course, Steven Moffat’s done a similar Doctor Who supervillain team-up before (and not just with Daleks), when the Doctor’s enemies converged on the Pandorica at the end of Season 5. That was epic, but what made those episodes even more brilliant was the startling plot twist at the end of the penultimate episode, which if you haven’t seen, I won’t spoil for you.

Maybe the Daleks see themselves as superheroes (though in Doctor Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog terms, they’re the Bad Horse Chorus). Maybe the Dalek equivalent of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury goes round recruiting them all for the Exterminators Initiative or something. In Doctor Who terms, they’d be like Martha Jones at the end of Season 3, going round the world and telling everyone heroic stories about the Doctor and thus enlisting their help. The Dalek version of that would probably the same (complete with heroic music), except portraying the Doctor as the villain and the Daleks as the heroes.

As hinted at in the first trailer for Season 7, the Doctor laments how much he’d prefer a Dalek to…whatever it is he’s facing, and then it seems he gets his wish… And now, it looks to be on a bigger scale than he might have expected. Though the Doctor does always relish a challenge.

Amusingly, there’s even a Dalek named after former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies.  Presumably he named it himself, rather than his underlings…

Executive producer Caroline Skinner says: “We’re collecting every Dalek known to man, it’s going to be great.” And showrunner Steven Moffat confirms this with: “We have every kind of Dalek coming back.  Just wait and see.” From the sound of it, and given that they're both fans, they're motivated by love for the show, choosing to do something with it that they find cool, rather than just a gimmick.

Hopefully this ultimate Dalek team-up will be more satisfying and less anti-climactic than the Season 1 finale. The episode was built up to fantastically by the previous episode, with a terrific cliffhanger revealing a vast army of Daleks arrayed against the Doctor, and the Doctor standing up to them to get Rose back. However, the execution of what should have been an epic season finale turned out to be rather disappointing, with strangely sluggish action sequences, and is arguably the weakest episode of new Who.

Steven Moffat had previously decided to give the Daleks a rest for a bit, not because he’s a Dalek sympathiser and cares about their wellbeing, but because many fans felt that they were becoming oversaturated, and Moffat wanted to concentrate on original monsters. Which he’s done brilliantly, such as The Silence.

A Dalek made a brief appearance in the Season 6 finale (a cameo which Steven Moffat says he thought of about 20 seconds before he wrote it), but now it’s time for a (welcome, imo) proper return of the Doctor’s greatest foes.

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