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Game of thrones s2e1 recap


The Clash of Kings has begun ... let's try and keep track of them now! That's the true Game here ...

"The North Remembers"

[Spoilers follow]

The North may remember, but it's been ages since Season 1, so let's recap before we get to the ... recap.

Previously: Lord Ned lost his head (figuratively, then literally) for threatening to reveal Queen Cersei and Ser Jaime's twincest. His offspring scatter: Robb, King of the North, wages war against the Crown for freedom, capturing Ser Jaime in the process. Sansa is held captive in King's Landing, betrothed to weaselly King Joffrey. Arya escaped and, disguised as a boy, is headed for the Wall and her bastard brother Jon; while Flying Bran is left to hold down the fort (hee!) in Winterfell.

Sansa saves Ser Dontos from the pitiful Wrath of Weasel by convincing Joff to make Dontos his Fool, instead of drowning him in wine. Tyrion takes his father's place as Hand, main adviser to the King, first confusing then brutally pissing off Queen Cersei.

Robb Stark has several important conversations: the first with Ser Jaime, where they spar with witty repartee and handsomeness; the second, where Theon Greyjoy offers Robb his father's naval power; the third, where Robb convinces Lady Cat to go to Renly Baratheon for treaty.

Also battling for the Throne, the Baratheon brothers - Stannis, the rightful heir (should you go in for pesky lines of succession) and the younger but way more charismatic Renly. Witchy woman Melissandre, the Lady in Red, is Stannis' advisor and is apparently advising him to alienate his teeny tiny power base by burning their gods down and setting himself up as the leader of a new religion. Well played?

Jon Snow and his brothers are exploring the lands north of the Wall, stopping by the Creepy House of Daughter-Wives for conversation, threats, and creepiness. Daenerys, still gorgeous (if dirty) is leading her small band through the desert, dragons intact.

Cersei and Lord Baelish (Littlefinger - Master of Coin, Owner of the Best Little Whorehouse in Westeros, Betrayer of Lord Ned) have a great conversation about the nature of power. It's beautifully done because it's quick and dramatic and infers Queen Cersei's fundamental misunderstanding of the transience of her kind of power. Joffrey finally hears rumors of the twincest and confronts Cersei, then orders the City Watch to kill all Robert Baratheon's bastard children. They missed a few though; one being Gendry, who is on the road to the Wall with Arya.

High point: Tyrion's comment to Cersei, "You love your children, it's your one redeeming quality. That and your cheekbones." (It's funny because it's true.)

Low point: the horrific CGI wolf actually distracted me from the exchange between Robb Stark and Ser Jaime, which otherwise would have been fantastic for heterosexual women everywhere. And also, the infanticide.

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