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Mass Effect 3 and the future of videogame movies


In our latest podcast, Luke, Aaron, Chris and Rob talk ME3 and VG movies...

Mass Effect 3

Our review of Mass Effect 3 is up today. Just over a week ago, site editor Luke Connolly joined our resident Mass Effect expert Chris Morgan (see links at bottom) and fellow site contributors Aaron Knier and (ME3 reviewer) Rob Meiklejohn to talk about Mass Effect 3, the impact and evolution of the series, the future of videogame-to-movie adaptations, the possibilities for a Mass Effect movie...and the politics of playing Shepard 'FemShep'-style (as a female character when you are not a female player).

You can listen to the podcast at our podcasts page (opens as a page, not an MP3, but you can download the file if you want or use the links in the page to subscribe to the Shadowlocked Podcast via RSS or iTunes). Or...

Scroll down below the sample quotes to listen to the 55+ minute podcast. Underneath the player, you'll find an index of subjects discussed...

On playing 'as a woman'

"In any game where I have the option to play as a female Avatar, I do it"
- Aaron Knier (1.05)

The disappointment of Mass Effect 2

"Mass Effect 2 loses something that the first one had - the sense of 'epic'..."
- Chris Morgan (4.23)

On the gay-male relationship facility in Mass Effect

"The gay male-to-male romance was...some of the very worst writing I've ever seen in the felt [tacked on], just like multiplayer. 'Let's go there, let's do that..."
- Chris Morgan (17.27)

Sex and romance in videogames

"Videogames, as the art-form that people want it to be, is in its infancy. Think about it like had a really long time with film before romantic or sexual reality was shown on the screen at all, or in a way that is praiseworthy. Or - fuck it - just normal..."
Aaron Knier - 22.34

QuickTime events in Cut-Scenes

"Interrupting cut-scenes with QuickTime events is one of the reasons why I play significantly less videogames now than I used to."
Aaron Knier (25.18)

Does Mass Effect have enough mass to support a 'linear' film?

"As good as the Mass Effect story is, it's mainly about the way you shape it. If you take out your decisions, what you're left with is a good story. Is it a great one? I'm not entirely sure..."
Rob Meiklejohn (29.12)

"When we see people [making movies from] comic-books, the ones that work well take a few elements...they don't try to please the same way you shouldn't try and take everything that's in the game and put it on screen..."
Rob Meiklejohn (33.48)

"They will go into [a Mass Effect movie/franchise] eyeing a'll get the most basic version. You'll get the most basic version of an origin story that you can imagine, because you're trying to get money now from people who don't know what the hell Mass Effect is..."
Aaron Knier (31.08)

The desperation to splice video-game and film markets

"Film and games have both got their angles wrong. They're both weirdly eyeing up each-other's markets and thinking they can get a slice of that cash..."
Rob Meiklejohn (39.03)

"If that motherf***er [a Mass Effect movie] doesn't come out in the next three years, it's gone."
Aaron Knier (40.03)




Chris talks Mass Effect 3 and 'Too Human' - 00-45
The 'Fem-Shepard' (femshep) debate 1.05
Aaron loves playing games as female characters 1.20
Chris on how Mass Effect fulfilled the promise of Bioware games such as Baldur's Gate - 2.00
Luke is fickle and unwilling to commit to games - except for Halo and (maybe) Mass Effect - 2.51
Chris on the relative disappointment of Mass Effect 2 and why it isn't that 'epic'  - 4.23
Rob's best moment so far from the Mass Effect franchise - 6.30
Discussing early reviews of ME3 - 9.30
Chris discusses the effect of adding multiplayer to the Mass Effect franchise - 11.30
Chris discusses the gay male-to-male romance facility in Mass Effect - 17.27
Chris on Why God Of War has the only 'not-awful' sex in a videogame - 18.50
Luke on the Conker series and the bizarre sex within it - 19.00
Luke on the 'Dark Bedroom scene' in Heavy Rain - 19.45
Rob on why sex doesn't fit in videogames - 20.19
Luke on not paying for his prostitutes ('Hump and run') in GTA4 - 21.07
Chris isn't homophobic! - 22.07
Aaron on why we may have to wait years for credible sex or romance in videogames - 22.34
Chris on why Uncharted gave us the best relationship/sex in a videogame 23.00
Can video-games get any closer to films? - 24.00
Rob on Call Of Duty's linear approach - more 'filmic'..? - 25.00
Aaron's loathing of interrupting cut-scenes with QuickTime events - 25.18
Luke appeals to Mark Wahlberg - 27.55
Aaron on why the Shepard character must not hold back Mass Effect -28.05
Without interaction, Rob wonders if there's enough left in Mass Effect to justify a movie - 29.12
Chris argues that the ME universe is 'cinematic' enough - 29.55
Aaron: "You're going to get Green Lantern!"  - 31.08
Luke on the Star Trek syndrome of re-franchising - 31.40
Rob on the necessary reductionism of making a VG-movie - 33.48
Luke on why over-complicated games might be unsuitable for movie adaptation - 34.21
Regarding the Mortal Kombat VG>movies situation - 34.50
Aaron on the 'lost' Onimusha adaptation and why Heath Ledger's death scotched the movie - 37.38
Other VG>movie franchises that could work. Should we even try..? - 38.40
Rob on the desperation of both Hollywood and games publishers to cross-fertilise 39.03
Aaron on a possible Fatal Frame movie 39.37
Rob on a potential Half-Life movie - 40.08
Chris weighs in on a Half-Life movie - 41.00
Aaron gives the Gore Verbinski Pirates Of The Caribbean argument - 42.07
Dodgems, Monopoly and Battleship as movies - 42.36
Aaron loves the game (but not the movie) of Star Wars episode III: Revenge Of The Sith - 44.15
Rob praises Peter Jackson's King Kong videogame and the Lord Of The Rings videogames - 44.54
Luke, Rob and Aaron debates the merits of the classic Goldeneye video-game - 45.15
Rob's recipe for a good VG>movie adaptation - 46.00
Chris on the Mass Effect movie rumours - An 'origin story'. And Aaron's hatred of the word 'prequel' - 46.21
Aaron on Jaws: The Game for 8-bit Nintendo - 47.10
Rob on why movie blockbusters have slowed down with simultaneous movie/game releases lately - 47.32
Luke and Chris on the Tron: Legacy game - 47.40
Rob talking Daft Punk and the Star Wars Podracer game - 48.23
Where next for Bioware? Dragon Age 3..or a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins?- 49.03
Chris on the 'too close' relationship between Bioware and EA - 50.31
Rob presents Pixar/Disney as an example - 51.12
Luke on Sucker Punch - 51.30
Chris & Co on Mass Effect without Shepard and the 'Halo 4' syndrome - 52.22


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