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The walking dead s2e9 review


Let's mix up the zombie action with another pointless debate! Hurrah for splintering factions!


Previously: in a mad fit of bad decision-making, which I didn't know was actually contagious, Lori got into a car accident and Rick shot two guys in a bar. As a justification for Rick, though, I'm torn between 'self-defense' and 'quality bad-assery'.

Lori returns to consciousness in a crashed-out car, with a walker breaking in through the busted-out windshield. She narrowly escapes by putting a gearshift through its eye, and fends off another with a hubcap. She finally hears me screaming at the TV, "The gun! Get the gun!" and shoots the second one in the head. (As much as I get frustrated with the characters on this show, there is nothing else on TV that can have me yelling and claustrophobic and crazy like this before the credits even roll. I'm just sayin'.)

And further to the consequences of terrible decisions, Rick and Glenn and Hershel end up trapped in the saloon with the bodies of Dave and Tony, as members of their group come looking for them. Once Rick tells them that he shot Dave and Tony (but reiterates that they totally deserved it, which should make their friends happy, right?) the new guys start shooting at them through the windows. Trying to escape to the car, Glenn gets shot at and Hershel (!) retaliates, wounding the shooter. As the walkers advance, drawn by all the shooting and yelling (morons!!!) the guys have to decide if they should abandon the wounded guys who were just shooting at them, or if they should hang out, risk their lives, and try to save the people who, I repeat, were just shooting at them. Guess what they do?


They realize at dinner that Lori left several hours ago, and Insane Shane heads out to find her, which he does, as she is walking away from the car accident and into town - not back to the farm and safety and stuff, but town. Where she has never been before, to the point where she was just consulting a friggin' road map to even get there. Excellent. I hope they all get eaten. In-Shane takes her back to the farm and when they arrive, announces to everybody that she's pregnant! Classy.

The next morning, just as everybody is going to look for Rick and the gang, they pull up and hey, who's the injured guy in the back? That's Randall. (It's also Damien from Rescue Me. Hi, Damien!) This further splinters the group, as In-Shane's faction thinks this was a really bad idea, which could unleash hell on the farm when Dave and Tony's friends come looking for Randall. Rick defends himself by saying that Randall was blindfolded, so after they fix him up they can just let him go. In the end, Lori tries really hard to convince Rick that Shane's gone nutburgers, and that as possessive as he is toward Lori and the baby, Rick is in danger. And also now Lori thinks that Shane killed Otis, too. Dale must be super-convincing, since he just floated that idea a few hours ago.

I started off just really, really surprised at the total lack of security on the farm (they don't even latch the screen doors); but now I can't get over the exceptionally bad decisions made by the leaders of the groups here. How did they not get eaten that very first day, being this silly? Maybe they'll get eaten soon, and I can go back to sleep. On the other hand, the effects are getting ridiculously good. Disgusting, but amazing. And I am enjoying In-Shane's decline, as well as his new nickname. Let's hope it gets worse!  Hooray!



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#1 Disapointment Rachel 2012-02-22 03:16
I couldn't agree more! Overall, I've lost interest in The Walking Dead. I'd like to see Daryl leave the group and go off on his own. He's the only character I like. I don't understand why the heck he's still on the farm with those idiots!

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