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24 Hours of... Love


Aaron's a little late, but you should see the size of his bunch of flowers...

24 hours of Love (Romeo And Juliet, Hiroshima Mon Amour)

Yay, love! If you’re not in it... well, that’s too bad for you! I realize Valentine’s Day isn’t really a movie marathon type of holiday, compounded by the fact that it’s not usually celebrated in groups, but let’s pretend that doesn’t matter and enjoy this article for what it is - an excuse for me to get some writing done!

Did I say that out loud?

On with the show!

8:00 AM - Romeo and Juliet (1968) 138 min

This is the definitive version, not that music video by Baz Luhrmann. It’s got more of the original text, young Michael York, it’s actually shot in Italy and let’s not forget boobs. That’ll wake up your loved one.

Franco Zeffirelli's 'Romeo and Juliet'

10:15 AM - Snow Falling on Cedars 127 min

Golly, do I hate Ethan Hawke. I really hate how he winds up in excellent movies, but that’s beside the point. Snow Falling on Cedars is not terribly good, but it’s far from bad. It’s here for the believable love story but more importantly because it’s gorgeous. That this movie does not exist on Blu-ray is a goddamn crime.

12:15 PM - Head-On (2004) 121 min

If I hadn’t already decided on the feature presentation months ahead of time, this would be in the 8:00 PM slot. This German/Turkish story of severely rocky romance is especially notable for its excellent performances, including a career-redefining turn by Game of Thrones’ Sibel Kekilli and her old nose.

2:15 PM - One Hour for Lunch

3:15 PM - Atonement 123 min

Combination love story and WWII epic, Atonement does not fuck around. From the multi-award winning score to its heartbreaking conclusion, it grabs hold of you tightly and if your attention starts to drift, it whispers softly in your ear, “Come back to me.” A career making film for James McAvoy and Saoirse Ronan (who scored an Academy Award nod), it also provided several more nominations for Keira Knightley, who continues to puzzle me as to why I don’t think she’s that great despite all evidence to the contrary.

5:30 PM - Before Sunrise 105 min

This is actually the thing that made me want to write in the first place. I mean in originally, in general, when I was eighteen and saw this for the first time, I decided to be a writer. I thought that if I could do something as simple as this story of two people talking all night and have it affect them even half as much as it did me, then I would have done something really worthwhile. Fourteen years and untold thousands of dollars in education later and I have to dredge up the old axiom: “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach; and those who won’t, criticize.”

7:15 PM - Hiroshima Mon Amour 90 min

Digging into the French New Wave for a little while, this second of our main block of programming (consisting, if you’ll notice, of two people talking to each other for six hours) was one of those things, like the previous film, that caught me completely off-guard. I couldn’t find a trailer, so below is embedded the full movie. Enjoy.

8:45 One Hour for Dinner

9:45 PM - Conversations with Other Women 84 min

This is one of those film school experiments that managed to net actual relatively big names into starring in it for a song. Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter each get a side of the screen to them self for most of the film’s run-time and you’d think the central gimmick of the film (it’s almost entirely in split-screen) would wear thin, but it’s done with enough skill that once it finds its groove, you wish other movies would borrow the technique, if only for a scene. There’s something totally fascinating about being able to see both sides of a conversation simultaneously instead of in shot-reverse-shot. Too bad most people don’t even know this movie exists.

11:15 PM Before Sunset 80 min

Did Jesse and Celine meet again in Vienna six months later? I had to wait nine god-damn years to find out, but you get to do it in about four hours, you lucky dogs.

12:45 AM - Down with Love 101 min

Yeah, it’s goofy and silly and kitschy, but you can’t beat Ewan MacGregor as a smarmy 50’s-era ladies man. The guy’s like if Don Draper knew how to have fun. Come to think of it, this movie’s kind of the anti-Mad Men... it’s Glad Men! That was awful, forget I said that. Anyway, David Hyde Pierce and Sarah Paulson kill as the Beta Couple and a dollop of sweet to follow up the bitter-such of the two previous films won’t kill you.

3:00 AM - Moulin Rouge (2001) 127 min

More goof! More kitsch! More Ewan! I love this damn movie, I don’t care what my girlfriend says! If you can stay up this late, even those who abhor musicals can get something from a punch-drunk viewing.

4:45 AM - Casablanca 102 min

Honestly, I’ve only seen this once and that was about twelve years ago. It didn’t leave a huge impression, but people seem to think it’s a spectacular romance, so here it is, in the falling-asleep timeslot.

6:30 AM - Californication 1x01-03 90 min

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations. Unfortunately, I’ve run out of movies, so it’ll have to be TV. Back in season one of Californication, a lot better use was made of Hank’s unfortunate love for his ex-common-law, and the first few episodes can lull you through the end of this marathon with some chuckles, a sprinkling of ennui and a goodly amount of boobs.

Alternates - Walk the Line, When Harry Met Sally, High Fidelity, Saving Face, Secretary (2002), George Lucas in Love, Love Actually, The Notebook, Wings of Desire

Stay tuned in the future* for more marathon programming, including:

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*dates subject to change


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#1 Love! Lyndsay 2012-02-22 04:46
I love that finally someone out there knows about Conversations with Other Women!! Helena Bonham Carter is my idol, which comes with the advantages of seeing films like this. Thank you for making my night!

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