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Five Youtube Experiences to Brighten Your Week


It's another memorable weekend here at Shadowlocked, all thanks to Youtube...

5 Youtube Experiences to brighten your week...

I seemed to be plagued by the disease of the unbuffering Youtube clip this week. Oh how it drove me mad! But nevertheless, I ploughed on to victory and found five funny, interesting and memorable clips for your delectation.

Ducks, controlled explosions, innocent japes, advanced video technology and a marvellous short film all await you in this week’s edition.


5. 2000 Ducks

This clip is pretty self explanatory. It literally (well maybe not, I didn’t count) shows 2000 ducks crossing a road in Pankhaton Thailand. Now I’m not saying that this is a common event, it could well be, but it is certainly amazing.

You no longer have to imagine what an endless tide of ducks would look like - thanks to us here at Shadowlocked, your nightmares can be that little bit more realistic.

4. Collapsing Cooling Towers

Now, unlike the previous clip, number four on this week’s list isn’t quite as self explanatory. Well, it is, but there is a super funny addition to the simple conceit of falling cooling towers.

The towers have been animated: eyes, hands and classical music have been added to transform simple demolition into a funny and interesting Youtube clip. There is also a political slant to this clip, as it promotes the uptake of renewable energy.

But I’m not here to promote renewable energy, just the ingenuity and hilarity of the clip.

3. See You Tonight

I love this idea. It features a man driving around a car-park informing people that he will “see you tonight” or “meet you at your place” in the casual manner usually reserved for friends.

Those (un)lucky few that he approaches are left startled, confused and in some instances rather defensive. Not only do you laugh at the reactions of those spoken to, some of which are memorable, but also those of the prankster.

All in all, it’s an innocent and original jape which makes for brilliant watching.

2. Zoom in right here on this spot

The plot of nearly every thriller or spy caper I’ve ever seen, hell even a few dramas, lead to a point where someone reviews footage from a grainy CCTV camera. Inexplicably, they are able to enhance or sharpen the footage to beyond-HD levels just by pointing at the screen. It drives me bananas.

If, like me, you hate this all too frequent occurrence then you’ll find this Youtube clip divine. It has assembled many of the most inane examples of video enhancement, which will only leave you laughing.

1. Black Button

I can’t get enough of short films at the moment, and this one is a classic. Black Button has been on Youtube for five years now, but having only amassed 1.7m views, is clearly undervalued.

Mr Roberts somehow arrives in a room, sitting opposite a stern, nameless man and is given a choice. He can press a button, thereby earning ten million dollars, or walk out of the room.  However, if he presses the button someone dies. What to do…


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