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Resident Evil 6 Breaks Out In November


It's a blast from the past thanks to the recent Resident Evil 6 trailer...

Resident Evil 6 - trailer released and analysed...

It seems that despite the bleak messages of there being No Hope Left (for full details see Shadowlocked’s prescient news article here) there is very much hope indeed concerning Resident Evil 6, which was announced last night at Capcom’s ‘Fright Club’ event in San Francisco; where a lengthy trailer for the much anticipated instalment of the survival horror series was revealed.

Starting with a close up of returning hero Leon S Kennedy pointing a gun at a man who turns out to be none other than the President of the United States - well, to start with anyway - the trailer suggests that not only have Capcom listened to the fans concerns that RE5 was light on the horror and suspense that originally defined the series, but that the actual gameplay itself has undergone a significant mutation from the previous instalment’s somewhat simplistic and outdated mechanics.

Leon's back, and just in time it would seem...Leon, who is making a habit of turning up in all the even numbered entries in the series, is shown walking down dark, shadowy corridors, bringing back memories of the Spencer Mansion from the earlier games, and suggesting that tension and short soiling scares are very much back on the menu (I still haven’t fully recovered from those blasted dogs jumping through the windows in the first ResEvil).

Better still, we’re treated to scenes of a city in flames, with wrecked cars and smashed up buildings conjuring up very welcome memories of RE2 and RE3, something Capcom themselves seem keen to push with Leon himself declaring “Yeah, this is Raccoon City all over again.”

Whereas the earlier biohazard incidents all took place in seemingly isolated places like Raccoon City or the various Umbrella institutions and facilities around the world, RE6 appears to have taken the outbreak global as we cut from scenes of this latest American city to be overrun by traditional RE zombies (rather than the ‘infected’ Las Plagas of RE4 and RE5, though later trailer footage suggests that these may also be crashing the party) to what appears to be China, and another familiar face, Chris Redfield, who is back in charge of a heavily tooled up bunch of soldiers; mercenaries if I had to guess. As ever, Chris seems pissed off at somebody of the female persuasion (the rumoured return of Ada Wong, maybe?) as evidenced when he spits “After what she's done to us... how many of our men are dead because of that bitch?”

It might be the back of him, but it's good to see Chris Redfield back in the mix...

A quick scene of Chris pushing a cameraman out of the way suggests that, given known the known locations of Tall Oaks, USA, a sprawling city in China (possibly Shanghai, judging by the skyline), and an unknown snowy location that looks decidedly European - not to mention the infection of the President of the United States of America as well as the inference that most of the world’s major cities are being overrun by the locations - this latest PR disaster for the Umbrella Corporation isn’t one that can be discretely brushed under the carpet (or nuked out of existence in the case of poor old Raccoon City).

Also returning to the fray appears to be Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter and Leon’s babysitting charge from RE4, but this time in the company of an as yet unidentified man (though speculation is rife that this could be Albert Wesker’s brother Alex, referred to in various documents in RE5) who seems to hold the cure to the latest incarnation of the T-virus, or rather his blood does, but who is unwilling to save the world unless he gets paid for it.

The Zombie infection of Resident Evil 6...

Intriguing stuff, indeed, but while the plot seems to be up to the usual complex, if occasionally nonsensical standards of previous Resident Evil fare, the actual gameplay itself is looking very interesting, what with Chris sprinting through a crowd a la Marcus Fenix, and both Chris and Leon being shown taking cover (sliding into cover in Chris’s case) that strongly echoes the Gears mechanic and also the superior Deus Ex: Human Revolution cover system.

Co-op play seems to be a very strong element as well, with each of our three main protagonists being shown to have partners – Leon and a new partner rumoured to be called Helena Harper, who intriguingly blurts out “It’s all my fault. I…I did this.”; Chris and another solider (rumoured to be Beards Nevence, a member of the BSAA North America force) who gets a speaking part in the trailer; and Ashley and the man who may or may not be Alex Wesker – and is one of the few things that Capcom have confirmed.

So, the infected cat is finally out of the lab, and those among us who love Resident Evil have placed a big biohazard symbol on Tuesday 20th November (not to mention booked the day off work) in preparation for what looks to be the biggest and baddest ResEvil yet. It seems Capcom has opted to include elements of all of the glorious gory RE history in this new game, from the claustrophobic survival horror of the early instalments to the action packed mayhem of recent titles; the classic T-virus flesh eating zombies and the newer - but no less lethal - Las Plagas victims. I only hope that, as happened with Spider-Man 3 (2007), Capcom haven’t overegged the pudding and in trying to please everybody will end up pleasing nobody, but from what I’ve seen so far, I’m quietly confident that this coming outbreak is going to be the most intense and devastating to date.

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