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Resident Evil 6 ironically viral campaign..?


The writing's on the wall for the new ResEvil videogame...

Resident Evil 6 spreads...

It started last Wednesday, 11th January 2012, when a blog appeared on a website containing a 28 second clip that the blogger had found on YouTube that appeared to show a woman of Chinese origin speaking in what the blogger was guessing was Mandarin. The woman was clearly distressed, and the short clip ends with the camera being spun around what seems to be a small room, and then the screen goes dark.

The blogger points out that at the 27 second mark, there is a strange symbol that can be seen, a symbol that has also begun to appear around the world at various locations, the first apparently being in Hong Kong where it forms the O of a message reading NO HOPE LEFT.

Coincidentally the name of the site on which this blog appears is called [ Registered 10th Nov 2011 - ed ].

Three days later, on 14th January, a link to another video was posted, this time a short clip only ten seconds long that simply carried the words “14.00 PST  01.19.2012”. In addition, a picture of graffiti on a wall with the same No Hope Left message and the 19th January 2012 date was posted.

Resident Evil 6: Can you not read the signs of the times...?

Another two days later, on 16th  January, a revised version of the original clip was posted, with subtitles, and which appeared to point towards some kind of incident happening outside wherever the woman was speaking from. The transcript was is as follows:

Hi, Baby. How are you?
They say if we stay inside we are safe. So don’t worry.
The kids are safe.
I wish you could be home faster.
I wish someone could help me…..

Since then several more pictures of the hand scrawled No Hope Left logo have appeared, with the message having been sighted in places as diverse as Johannesburg, China, Serbia, Berlin, Japan and a video of the message on a wall shot from a moving car in Sao Paulo, Brazil. There were also a few shots of a billboard with the No Hope Left slogan which has appeared under a bridge in London's Vauxhall area.

London not immune to Resident Evil 6...

Very odd, no? Well, perhaps not, as the symbol that appeared on the original video is a very stylised version of the biohazard symbol, and coincidentally the date given, 19th January 2012, is the very same date that Capcom is holding a high profile launch for the latest two Resident Evil games, dubbed the Fright Club, so what better opportunity to drop a major reveal about the highly anticipated Resident Evil 6 than at such a showcase?

Tune in tomorrow, Shadowlockers, when all may, or may not, be revealed...

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