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Iron Man 3 filming to begin in May


Tony Stark is back - bigger, badder and more action-packed than before...

Shane Black is set to direct 'Iron Man 3' (2013); due to begin filming in May...

Since Christopher Nolan's wonderful reworking of the Batman series - starting with 2005's Batman Begins - the pressure has been on other directors, and the studios involved with said projects, to produce comic book adaptations worthy of Nolan's valour. For some this has proved too difficult - with the likes of Superman Returns (2006) and Green Lantern (2011) springing to mind - but for others, the delicate balance of fanboy approval and global acceptance has been mastered.

So, when actor turned director Jon Favreau decided to turn his hand to Marvel's very own Iron Man, the comic world held its breath - after all, Tony Stark is considered to be one of the coolest CEOs in fictional history, so portraying him as such was never going to be easy. Fortunately, Favreau cast the ever versatile Robert Downey Jr. as the lead and the rest, as they say, is history.

Such was the fans' enjoyment, Don Cheadle has been regularly quizzed in regards to a spinoff...On a $140 million budget, Iron Man grossed over $585 million, reaping praise and adoration wherever it was shown and turning Favreau into a fan favourite as a result. Although Iron Man 2 failed to capture its audience with the same level of intensity as its predecessor, it was nevertheless successful, grossing $623 million on a $200 million budget. And so, as is the way of success, all attention turned to the third in the series.

With a new director, courtesy of critically acclaimed writer Shane Black (Lethal Weapon; Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) and a jaw-dropping budget, believed to be around the $250 million mark, it's safe to say that Iron Man 3 will be one to watch out for. Furthermore, in an interview with Omelete (via SFX), Downey Jr. was quoted as saying that, should the film stick to the same formula of the first instalment and optimise the script as co-written by Black, that IM3 had the potential to be "maybe one of the better superhero movies that's ever been made" - praise indeed from for an actor as talented as Downey Jr.

However, in a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Don Cheadle told us that, judging from the script, IM3 is going to be "...a lot more action-packed" and has far greater interaction between Downey Jr. (Tony Stark) and Cheadle's own character (Rhodey), which can only bode well for the film. Continuing, Cheadle added that his character seems "... a lot more dynamic, as opposed to in other instalments", so fans of the franchise can be sure of some witty dialogue between the two stars.

Cheadle also confirmed that filming would be beginning in May and was being prepped for a May 2013 release, meaning that - should IM3 stick to its schedule - comic book fans will have this and Zack Snyder's Superman rebirth, Man of Steel, to look forward to - talk about geek euphoria!

The full Access Hollywood interview can be seen here...

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