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Seth Green set to make animated Star Wars comedy within "next two years"


Seth Green promises more Star Wars inspired high jinx, and his muse is sure to please UK comedy traditionalists...

Seth Green, a sci-fi nut with more than a hint of comedy...

As a Robot Chicken enthusiast - made obvious via this review - I've long since heralded the mad genius of Seth Green. As unconventional as they come, Green has given us some of the best animated Sci-fi comedies (what a mouthful!) of all time, taking his genuine passion for the genre and highlighting the obvious comedy within; much of which we had missed.

While Robot Chicken gave Seth Green and Matthew Seinreich - the show's co-creator - an outlet with which to express their...let's say was unable to appease this sci-fi lust. So, after two incredibly successful seasons - gaining much public attention and the number one spot at Adult Swim - the boys pitched a 40 minute long episode, to be shown in its own right and revolving entirely around the Star Wars franchise, to their producers; and the rest, as they say, is history.

Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing...Following the success of the Robot Chicken: Star Wars special, Adult Swim commissioned another two seasons of the series and a further two Star Wars spin offs. If that wasn't enough, the show soon received an ideal endorsement - from George Lucas himself! In fact, Lucas was said to have 'overseen' the latest release, and has spoke openly of his admiration towards both the shows nature and the creators passion towards his multi-billion dollar franchise.

At this point, I can almost feel the seething anger of the [Seth] Macfarlane fan boys and girls, but hang on - I love Macfarlane too. Well, I did, until he sold his soul for $500,000 an episode. Now I don't know what's worse - a new episode of Family Guy or yet another humourless F.G Star Wars spin off...and that's the key difference.

The spin-off works for Robot Chicken; its lack of a continuous storyline allows it to delve in and out of various scenes and plots, which ultimately benefits the shows slapstick nature. So imagine my excitement upon hearing that, not only were Lucas Licensing - an extension of Lucasfilm -  working on a Star Wars™ animated TV comedy series, but Seth himself had been chosen to create it!

Speaking recently at the Brand Licensing Europe 2011 exhibition, Howard Roffman, president of Lucas Licensing, said: " Yes, rumours are true, we are working on a Star Wars animated comedy series; and yes, Seth Green has been chosen to front the upcoming series. For a while we've been keen to bring the Star Wars franchise to a third generation of fans, and the use of animation and 3D will allow us to do this whilst keeping the brand fresh".  When pushed for a release date, Roffman said an exact date "remained uncertain", but fans should expect to see the series premiere "within the next two years" - words lost; excitement too much; coherent sentences...failing.

Yet again, two of my favourite genres look set to collide; and with Seth Green leading the way, I thought it couldn't get any better...until I saw the inspiration for said series. Hoffman had continued, admitting that Lucas had "has always found Star Wars parodies extremely funny" but the series had evolved from a "brutally frank" sketch from English comediennes French and Saunders; one that had made George laugh harder "than I'd ever remembered" In case you can't remember - or have never seen - the 1999 Christmas special, why not check it out below:

So, a recap. Within the next two years we can look forward to a Lucas endorsed Star Wars animated comedy...produced by Seth Green...and moulded around Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders' wonderful skit. Anything else? Oh yeah, Roffman also hinted that a totally new Star Wars live action TV series was under consideration...

Jar-Jar Binks be praised...

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