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The Walking Dead S2E4 review


If you're running toward Hershel's farm, with the 'swimmer', what you're running from must be very bad indeed!

'The Walking Dead' S2 E4 review

"Cherokee Rose"


Previously on The Walking Dead: Shane's decision to sacrifice Otis saves Carl, but effed me up, possibly for life.

Shane's not looking too healthy, either. His new shaved head suits him better than the bouffant of yesterday, but he's looking like a crazy-eyed bad guy. At Otis' memorial service, he tells his version of the last few minutes of Otis' life (where Otis is a willing hero to save the boy) all the while flashing back to his betrayal and leaving Otis to die.

The search for Sophia is back on! The gang meets up at Hershel's farm, and the farm group decides to help with the search. (Except the only one that actually searches is Darryl.) Hershel also makes a rule that nobody is allowed to carry a gun on his property. Surely, that won't be difficult to enforce. I mean, nobody's shown signs of gun-craziness...except for everybody, that is. Maggie offers to run to the pharmacy for supplies; Sheriff Rick offers Glenn's assistance. (He's going to make a love connection! Sheriff Rick is like the Chuck Woolery of the apocalypse.) Lori asks Glenn to pick up a personal item, discreetly ... pregnancy test?

Dale and T-Dog are pulling water from the well when they realize 'they got a swimmer'. A disgusting swimming walker that looks a lot like Balthazar from Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 3. Check it out:

The 'swimmer' from The Walking Dead S2 E4 looks a lot like Balthazar from Buffy Season 3...

After the swimmer completely fails to respond to canned ham as bait, they decide to send down Glenn - who, when Maggie asks how he's doing, responds hilariously with a big smile: "doing great! living the dream." They lose grip on the rope, and Glenn hovers just over the freaky zombieness, screaming and flailing. They pull him out, and oh my god, the swimmer breaks in HALF and the bottom half falls back in the well, while the top half tries to reach a person. I cannot tell you how revolting this is. And just when you reach maximum gross saturation point, T-Dog smashes its face in with a sledgehammer.

Darryl finds an abandoned farmhouse with a pantry. And in the pantry, a bed. And in the garden, a flower. (Don't wipe your butt with it, it may be poison oak!) Darryl heads to the RV back at the highway - they left a sign on a car that tells Sophia to stay there, they'll come back every day. Darryl finds Sophia's mom in the RV and gives her the Cherokee Rose, along with a very sweet story about the origination of the flower. Andrea and Shane walk in the woods and bond. Shane is going to teach Andrea how to shoot. And they talk some more about Andrea's possibly non-existent will to live. Hooray; nobody's tired of that conversation.

Glenn and Maggie are riding horses to the pharmacy. Glenn hits the feminine hygiene aisle and yep, Lori needs a pregnancy test. You'd think that with the apocalypse and everything he wouldn't be embarrassed to be in the hygiene aisle - but when Maggie comes up, he flails and grabs a pack of condoms. This starts a weird conversation, hilariousness ensues, followed shortly by nakedness and happy, happy people.

Rick asks Hershel to reconsider letting everyone stay at the farm; Hershel says if they follow the rules, he'll think about it. Someone's going after someone with a gun in about a minute, since Hershel's only rule so far is no guns. And to nobody's surprise, Lori's pregnancy test is positive.

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