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Supernatural S7E6 Review


"You thinking what I'm thinking Sam?" ...

Supernatural Season 7, Episode 6 review

"Slash Fiction"

Sometimes, I told you so just isn’t enough. So, as I sat and watched this week’s episode, I couldn’t help feel that it ran more like a check-list of my former predictions:

1. There was a possible love interest for everyone’s favourite grouch, Bobby Singer.

2. That Dean’s betrayal of his brothers trust would blow up big.

3. And finally, that we hadn’t seen the last of Crowley.

However, I’m not complaining. This week’s episode had it all – laughter, show-tunes and deceit… three qualities that only an episode of Supernatural could mould.

Straight from the go, we’re thrown yet another unique opener. As Dean distracts a clerk, Sam is seen locking the doors to their current location, which happens to be a local bank. Surely they were following a lead – tracking a monster outbreak to this bank before attempting to contain it – but something’s wrong. Both have an unnerving look about them – you know, other than the look of individuals who have both spent time in hell. Suddenly, our fears are confirmed, as an armed robbery is staged by the brothers before an effective massacre of all hostages…whoa.

Cue the intro, and upon our return we’re again confronted by the brothers, this time alongside Bobby, interrogating their Leviathan hostage (Sean Owen Roberts). Unfortunately, nothing’s working. Silver; acid; holy water – tools the trio have come to rely on are merely tickling his fancy.

While a fairly simplistic scene, the back and forth between hunter(s) and beast is enjoyable nevertheless. Dean promises to kill him; the Leviathan laughs in his face…you know, the usual. Problem is, ‘Levi’s’ right –their time is limited. Oh, and the news that Dean and Sam Winchester, “…previously presumed dead”, are amongst the most wanted felons in the country following their brutal bank slaying doesn’t sit too well either.

So, with the promise of around the clock Leviathan torturing updates, the Winchester’s set off to track, well, the Winchesters. Rendezvousing with a former ‘associate’ of Bobby’s, this guest star (played by Kevin McNally) sets about removing their identity. Any form of communication that could be used to track them, that is credit cards, cell phones, laptop, are destroyed, much to the annoyance of the brothers. Put simply, this guy seems to have a real problem with authority. It’s “the big brother state” here, “government conspiracy” there – an out and out loon. But then again, normality never was a trait of Supernatural’s, so why start now.

Already irritated, Dean loses his rag when informed that he will have to part with his beloved Impala. While Sam tries his utmost to calm the situation, Dean’s having none of it, expressing himself with a formidable degree of nostalgia:

Something's askew in the Supernatural world...Sam: “It’s only for a while Dean”

Dean: “No. They can steal our identity, but when they start messing with my baby… nobody puts baby in the corner”

Sam: “Erm, Dean? You do know that’s from a Swayze movie?

Dean: “Course I do! There’s always time for Swayze”

In my eyes, any reference to the King of cool, Patrick Swayze, is acceptable; heck, it’s downright beautiful. Though Patrick is no longer with us, the sentiment is still admirable, and fitting of Dean’s character.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s got company; a saucy little Sheriff who owes him her life. As soon as she arrives you can see there’s a spark, and ‘NAME’ wastes no time settling in. Now, call me stupid, but doesn’t Mr. Singer deserve some happiness? Furthermore, she’s perfect. Acquainted with his lifestyle, firsthand; an influential member of law enforcement; and accepting of his past. Unfortunately, Mr. Singer is to romance what Dean is to honesty, so he soon scurries back to his Leviathan distraction.

Back with the boys, Sam’s discovered a pattern – the imposters are hitting towns the boys have done ‘jobs’ in, in order of appearance – and yet just as they get close enough to do anything, they are arrested and imprisoned…brilliant.

Bobby, on the other hand, is having a whale of a time. After twice decapitating in anger, he gets too close and the Leviathan takes his form. Poetry is rendered; tempers are flared, and just as Bobby sets himself for strike three, he stumbles upon his answer…floor sanitizer. A shocked kiss (with the sheriff, not the Leviathan) and a third – and one would hope final – decapitation later, and Bobby’s informing Dean of his discovery. Mr. Muscle + decapitation + a sealed, cardboard box = halted Leviathan progress.


Just one problem though, Dean’s stuck in prison. But yet again, in true Winchester form, a coincidental human feast gives them the break they need and, along with the Sheriff, Dean reaches Sammy before any harm can be done…but did he? Anyhow, the sheriff promises to keep everything he saw quiet, and conceal the truth, but this ultimately gets him killed by Leviathan FBI (don’t they ever learn? Never get involved with the Winchester’s web of lies). And so we arrive at this episodes curveball.

Bobby's got some interesting company...First, Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) is back; devious as ever and attempting to form a partnership with the Leviathan leader (currently assuming the form of head of the FBI). Turns out though that Demons aren’t very popular, either with hunters or Leviathan’s, and his offer is forcibly refused.

Second, Bobby kisses his Sheriff goodbye. As awkward as he is young, Mr Singer does at least manage to show a hint of affection through a kiss on the cheek, and with that you can be sure that this is not over. It’s open to interpretation, but I’ve got my money on another kidnap, thus forcing her back in their lives.

And finally we have the brothers. Why is it that any secret they keep from each other is exposed via a supernatural intrusion/mind-hump of their psyche? While Dean’s all smiles, with a trunk full of Leviathan heads and an upcoming rendezvous with his ‘baby’ lifting his spirits, Sam brings him back to earth with a crushing revelation – he knows about Amy. Damn Leviathan’s and their gossip!

Anyhow, the episode ends with Sam storming off and Dean left alone, looking confused and upset by recent events. It’s unclear how, but trailers from next week’s episode shows both back together, hunting side by side as if nothing ever happened.

As the weeks go on, Gamble’s promise of a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid rendition continues to reveal itself. Although skeptical to start, I cannot fault her progress of late. Storylines remain strong; relationships continue to be tested; and, most importantly, she’s sticking to true, Supernatural fundamentals – continue to feed the long-term objective whilst featuring a number of side plots alongside.

At this point there is still no sign of Castiel, and, as time goes on, I can’t help but wonder how Gamble etal plan on writing him back in. However, rest assured he will return – Misha Collins’ following has grown to such a degree that a prolonged death would ultimately hurt the shows figures.

So there we have it. Another great episode, and more of a recap than a review this time around, but this should be back to normal next week…


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