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The Walking Dead S2E2 review


More cliffhangers than you thought possible ...

'The Walking Dead' S2E2 review



Sheriff Rick runs Carl to Hershel's farm for some ad hoc medical attention; a surprisingly intact and sheltered family at the farm pitches in to help. Rick gives too much blood for transfusions. Lori is upset to find out that the doctor operating on Carl isn't in fact a combat vet, but instead a vet...erinarian. Shane and Otis, who feels guilty for accidentally shooting Carl, head out to find a respirator at the most zombie-infested high school since ... well, actually, that's kind of how I remember high school too. That massive cut on his arm may just bring T-Dog down yet - he's got a rockin' infection which may possibly lead to the boogie woogie blues, or a slow and painful death. Oh yeah, Sophie who? Still lost in the woods. We hope.

'The Walking Dead' S2E2Sheriff Rick runs Carl, unconscious, shot, to Hershel's farm. Otis, the accidental shooter, directs him there for medical help and follows with Shane. Hershel needs to operate on Carl to get all the bullet fragments out - so Carl needs lots of blood from Sheriff Rick - meaning that Rick is too spent to either a) go get Lori and tell her Carl's shot or b) go get needed medical supplies for the operation. Shane and Otis volunteer to go to the high school and get meds; and Hershel's daughter Maggie (the awesome Lauren Cohen) goes to find Lori and bring her back.

Speaking of meds, T-Dog has a wicked infection from his arm cut, and no medication in sight. He and Dale, still on the highway, continue scavenging in the cars as T-Dog gets a tiny bit delirious.

'The Walking Dead' S2E2In one of the creepiest moments of the show, as the group tries to make its way back to the highway Andrea gets separated, just by a few feet and thinking the guy walking next to her is well, alive, gets surprised by a walker - but just as it's about to bite, Maggie rides up on a horse and smacks the it in the head with a bat. Maggie gets Lori on her horse and takes her away; giving others directions to meet them at the farm. Glenn's elected to go to the farm (his 'why me?' is the hilarious comic high point of the episode) and as soon as Darryl realizes that T-Dog is sick, pulls a pharmacy's worth of medications out of his Harley, thereby saving T-Dog's life twice in two episodes. Go Darryl!

Hershel and Rick have a heart to heart - Rick tries to give the doc some hard truths about the state of the world, as in, 'the CDC is destroyed and the world as you knew it is gone'; but Hershel still believes there will be a cure, eventually. It's not an apocalypse, son, it's 'nature correcting herself.' This can't end well.

Shane and Otis cleverly use car flares to get across a field of walkers to the medical supplies; but are spotted and chased into the high school, trapped by the walkers who are held only by a metal gate, which is held only by a bolt.

Good in this episode: you get a real idea of Shane's relationship to Sheriff Rick's family. As a best friend to Rick, surrogate uncle to Carl, secretly in love with Lori ... he watches all the drama from the periphery, as an outsider. Maggie saving Andrea from horseback was frickin' awesome. Honestly, how many more torturous close calls can Andrea go through? And there was just excellent acting from Rick and Lori and Carl, even. Their family drama was compelling, and felt true. Bad in this episode? Why didn't Shane and Otis, who were so clever about getting into the medical supplies trailer, even spare a thought for getting *out* of the trailer? Carl's still in crisis, Shane and Otis are trapped, the group is split into three now. Also, can they please find Sophie already?

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