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Doctor Who parody makes Ke$ha’s Tik Tok actually tolerable


The Doctor has done the impossible, and that makes him mighty...wait, wrong show...

Yet again, the Doctor has saved humanity, but this time from Keisha...

The aptly named Tick Tock Goes the Clock is a Trock (or Timelord Rock) parody of the annoying, and infuriatingly catchy, song Tik Tok by Ke$ha (or Ke-dollar sign-ha, as Principal Figgins from Glee would say).

If an idea is like a virus, as Inception tells us, then so are some songs, such as this one. Admittedly, there’s some skill in creating something catchy, even if it’s as annoying as this, but if you can do that, then why not apply the same ability to something actually, you know, good?

It’s the kind of song that you should only ever listen to when looking at the Silence (and not wearing an eye drive), so that you’ll forget it as soon as you look away. Of course, you’ll forget the Silence as well, which could be a problem. Especially if you don’t happen to have a pen handy for counting the Silents…

However, the parody is much less grating, and works in some great Doctor Who Season 6 references (particularly to arc-heavy episodes such as 'The Impossible Astronaut', 'A Good Man Goes to War', 'Closing Time’, and ‘The Wedding of River Song’). Essentially, it's the kind of casual feat of genius that the Doctor pulls off on a regular basis; pretty much every episode, in fact.

Watch the video, which contains spoilers up to and including the Season 6 finale ‘The Wedding of River Song’, below:

Of course, it’s not as brilliant as it could have been given better source material, but works nonetheless. It seems that simply adding Doctor Who (albeit in a fittingly clever way) improves pretty much everything. (Of course, if someone went around stabbing people, going “Geronimo!” or “Allons-y!”, that would still be bad. And make no sense.)

The same person has done a similar Doctor Who parody of Lady Gaga’s Telephone, entitled Sonic Screwdriver. Not that a sonic screwdriver performs the same function as a telephone (the former’s much cooler), and the Doctor already has a telephone in the TARDIS, but anyway.

Of course, music is subjective, and if you’ve found that not even the Doctor Who version of Tik Tok can make the song bearable, then rather than going insane like the Master, this Doctor Who music video set to the original nursery rhyme from the show, Tick Tock Goes the Clock, is a great alternative:

And if you're looking for more Doctor Who related music that’s untainted by association with irksome pop songs, check out the work of YouTuber charlieissocoollike, aka Charlie McDonnell, and his Trock band Chameleon Circuit (link below).

However, given Rory's seeming indestructability, we’re still waiting for a Captain Williams music video set to the Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons theme tune. Now that’s an awesome song. (Captain Jack Harkness gets several, but Rory is a much better character.)

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