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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #13


From the implausible to the downright insane, this week's list has got it all...

5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week

So since we last convened the world has lost two important and greatly influential people: Steve Jobs and Ralph Steinman. The former was responsible for the iPod, iPad and the renaissance of Apple; the latter broke new ground with his research into the immune system. The clips below don’t have anything to do with either of them, but regardless, they deserve to be mentioned and remembered.

Anyhow, here are the five clips…

5. Chicken Police

This clip may have been knocking around for four years but, to draw inspiration from William Shakespeare, age cannot wither its ability to induce laughter.

I don’t believe the rabbits are actually fighting; they appear to be chasing each other with gay abandon. But the chickens hasten to disagree. So, like two flightless vigilantes, they break up the party and continue to eyeball the rabbits till the clip expires.

What sets this clip apart is a lack of human reaction, the person holding the camera doesn’t mutter a word, there isn’t any dramatic music playing in the background. It's unadulterated animal drama!

4. Implausible and insane

Continuing the animal theme pervading this edition thus far is this clip featuring a three way battle of the beasts. Yes, that’s right; it’s Cat V Cat V Bird and Bird.

All the evidence points to collusion between the black cat and the birds, as all three individuals mercilessly gang up on the white feline – who looks absolutely petrified by the way. Furthermore, the soundtrack is wonderfully suitable, with crescendos exploding perfectly to match the cut and thrust of the battle.

We can only hope that Mother Nature catches these criminals.

3. Japan’s Longest Slide

At first I thought this clip was merely a useful tourist guide to the longest slide in Japan. I underestimated. Our guide’s experience looks equally enticing and off-putting. His girly screams as he slowly migrates down the slide are priceless. As are his outbursts, “oh my god, part two! Part two!” and “I can’t feel my butt anymore” are my personal favourites.

Take a ride, if you dare!

2. Don’t Hug me I’m Scared

This starts out as an innocuous and educational piece for children, highlighting the importance of creativity. But occasionally dark undertones arise, and eventually it takes a horribly sadistic turn.

If you’re a fan of dark humour, this is perfect for you, it’s wonderfully funny. If not, watch it anyway; it’s weird.

1. Zach Wahls speaks about family

This is one of the most eloquent and moving arguments in favour of civil partnerships ever made.

It was made by 19 year old Zach Wahls, who has two mothers, in the Iowa Joint House of Representatives. Wahls disproves everything declared by those who slander civil partnerships.


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