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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #12


Childish humour at its best, and that's before we even get to Ricky Gervais...

5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week

This edition is very childish; from the infantile comedy of the sneezing boy and Ikea’s ‘Nursery for Men’, to the facile humour of the David Blaine spoof and Ricky Gervais, and lastly the sheer joy of a little girl after her cleft lip operation.

Every clip will make you smile; perhaps some more than others, but hopefully my final selection will also make you think. Enjoy!

5. The Sneeze

This clip is so short you might miss it if you blinked. Okay, that was hyperbole but honestly, this clip is a mere 17 seconds long, so keep your eye on it.

The star of this clip is the little girl, who is stood between two socially unconscious – or normal - young boys. One of the boys sneezes and fails to wipe his nose, I’m sure you can imagine what happened, and the girl notices her classmates plight. To our delight she vents her disgust, without words, in the direction of the camera - priceless.

4. The Nursery for Men

I can probably imagine that all the males watching this are thinking the same thing, “what a novel idea”. Largely because anything that allows us to play video games and table-football, without fear of recriminations, is a wonderful thing.

This clip is an actual news report, 100% legitimate and in no way fake, publicising Ikea’s ‘Nursery for Men’. It apparently allows those of us without the shopping gene to happily waste away an afternoon whilst our significant others spend.

The sooner this spreads to the UK the better.

3. David Blaine’s Street Magic

I should probably start by telling you that this isn’t actually David Blaine, it’s a spoof – a damn funny one. It’s taken a whopping four years for me to discover this, and the clip has 11m views already, so there is a chance you’ve seen it before; my apologies.

The portrayal of Blaine is comedy gold, his recurring and incessant stare at the camera cracks me up every time… enjoy!

2. Ricky Gervais: Emmy Appearance

After his controversial performance at the Golden Globes, Ricky Gervais would have us believe that he is no longer welcome at American award ceremonies.

In this clip Gervais addresses the audience at the Emmy Awards with his now trademark arrogance and slick, sardonic humour. It is well worth a watch.

1. Operation Smile

“When we use what we have been given (whatever that might be) to make a positive change for our world, that’s when life makes sense.... In a time when the world seems to be imploding with greed, there are certain things that will always remain the smile on this girl's face when she realises her life will be changed forever.”

The man who uploaded this clip put it perfectly; I cannot write anything better than that.


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