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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #9


It's been a tough week, but help is at hand via YouTube and Shadowlocked...

5 Youtube experiences to brighten your week

It’s been a tough week; the riots have wrecked parts of my country, the News of the World hacking scandal is rumbling on and Syria continues to simmer. Ignorance may be bliss, but it doesn’t pay to be ignorant - so in a mere attempt to divert your attention away from the woes of the world, I bring you this edition of ‘5 Youtube Experiences to Brighten Your Week’.

PS. If you enjoy the Miles Fisher clip, check out his homage to American Psycho here - he really is a dead ringer for Christian Bale!

5. Strange goings on in Germany

This guy seriously needs his head looking at. Honestly, this is pure senselessness, recklessness and reveals a disregard for his life. But damn, is it funny!

Some young men in an RV, presumably on a road trip through Europe, stumble across a scantily clad fellow speeding along the road on a beer scooter. It’s an inexplicable sight that will remain with them - and us - for eternity.

4. Ducks crossing the street

I can describe this clip in two words: insufferably cute. But I enjoy writing these little blurbs, so out of self-infatuation I shall describe it further.

In this clip, 55 ducks cross the street. That alone - surely - would be cute enough, but witnessing the line maintain its integrity throughout, as duck after duck rules out breaking off on their own, brings a whole new dimension of comedy to the footage.

3. Miles Fisher – New Romance

In this music video – featuring actors from the forthcoming Final Destination movie – we see Youtube favourite Miles Fisher star in a series of hilarious but unfortunate events. So, it’s another funny music video: nothing new there right? Well, no actually. The one thing that lifts this above and beyond many other “funny” music videos is the song itself. It’s catchy...very, very catchy.

2. Copper Pipe and a Magnet

Entertainment and education, brought to you hand-in-hand this week with this little clip. I won’t try and explain the science behind this - because that’s what Wikipedia is for – but I will say this: wow!

So click play, lean back… and then forward again in amazement.

1. Apricot

A few editions ago I put the short film Validation as my number one pick, and I’m going down a similar avenue with this selection: Apricot. Written and directed by Ben Brand – a figure destined for great things – this 10 minute film explores the intimate memories of our first loves.

Apricot is a beautiful piece of film, edited to perfection and supported by a truly magical soundtrack that squeezes every drop of tenderness from the scenes; delightful.


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