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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #6


"He's dead Jim" - oh Star Trek, how dangerous you are...

5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week

There is a slight culinary twist to this editions list, with a clip on the creation of croissants and another entitled ‘Masterchef Synesthesia’. Alongside that we have a Star Trek compilation, the early work of Zach Galifianakis and a strange superhero – not to mention a one-time-only bonus clip. But the less said about that the better…

Here are the videos that made it into the sixth edition:

5. He’s Dead, Jim!

Here we have, for the delight of Trekkie’s (is that politically correct?) and those unfamiliar with the cultural behemoth that is the original series of Star Trek, a compilation of the best “He’s dead, Jim!” moments.

Standing at a mere 42 seconds long this has to be the shortest clip I have ever included, and some might argue pointlessly so, but I couldn’t stop laughing throughout the duration. Yes, 42 seconds of pure laughter. Now that’s real bang for your Youtube-buck wouldn’t you agree?

4. Late World with Zach

If you’ve ever watched ‘Between two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis’ on you will perhaps be pleased to see this clip, taken from VH1’s ‘Late World with Zach’ from way back in 2002. Arguably this represents the – rather unsuccessful – embryo of his aforementioned hit internet series. But now I’ve finished with the pleasantries, I can get to the real reason this clip has been included: it shows Zach Galifianakis in his pre-beard days. I couldn’t possibly imagine Mr. Galigianakis without a beard before I saw this and, I must admit, he was/is (I'm not sure) quite dashing.

3. Colonel Earth

The advice for saving the earth dispensed in this clip is so gratuitously hilarious it should come with a health warning; although to be fair, it is prefixed with a disclaimer. Within, Colnel Earth advises us humans to think outside the box whilst using the shower, to multitask (that’s putting it delicately) in order to cut down on our water usage. The faux-90s fashion, incredibly cheesy accents and randomly placed monkey support the disgustingly realistic shower scenes to great comedic effect.

All that’s left for me to say is please use water sparingly and “go out and change our planet!”

2. Masterchef Synethesia

My sister, although not averse to trawling the internet for funny videos, surprised me by suggesting this clip for inclusion. I had my doubts, but they were quickly dispelled – within two seconds, literally. Admittedly, I’m not a fan of the BBC’s flagship cooking program, but thankfully you don’t have to be to find this funny.

‘Swedemason’ has cut quite a niche for themselves, by mashing together words from well known British TV shows and films into chuckle provoking musical pieces. And this clip probably has the best beat of them all, not to mention the facial expressions of the two culinary protagonists - which could make you laugh all on their own.

Bonus! - The Passion of the Christ in 5 Seconds

I’ve broken all the rules by putting this in; I haven’t even the humility to hide it in the introduction – but I think this clip is worth it. By far the shortest clip I’ve ever included - beating ‘He’s Dead, Jim!’ into a distant second – standing at a mere nine seconds long, it will obviously have to be pretty hilarious to get included. Luckily, it is more than “pretty hilarious”.

I cannot possibly begin to describe a clip as short as this one. Besides, it is only funny because it is so unexpected. I call it a short, sharp jab of side-splitting hilarity, enjoy.

1. Croissants (and other delightful creations)

I eat a croissant almost every day, they are divine. I recommend them highly if you haven’t tried one – but lets be serious, who hasn’t! It’s because my love of the French, buttery, morning snack is so strong that I have put this clip at number one.

Before watching this clip I never truly understood the amount of engineering – yes engineering – required to make a delicious croissant. It takes hours, seemingly hundreds of folds and cuts, dabs of flour and slabs of butter to create the perfect croissant.

Of course this clip, standing at 10 minutes long, could have been a little tedious, but the classy, understated soundtrack really helps you forget the minutes as they glide by. It is mesmerising viewing, and will make you appreciate the fine art of pâtissiers, bakers and the perfect croissant.

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