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American Gods update: Gaiman talks books, TV


It actually was a dark and stormy night ...

Neil Gaiman talks 'American Gods' book and upcoming TV series

In a recent interview with MTV, Neil Gaiman opened up about American Gods, which was released 10 years ago and is due for re-release in a tenth anniversary edition. American Gods tells the story of Shadow, the nicest ex-con in America caught in the crossfire of a war between pantheons.

American Gods is one of Gaiman's best-received novels, as recipient of the 2002 Hugo and Nebula awards for Best Novel, the SFX Magazine and Bram Stoker awards for Best Novel, and the 2003 Geffen Award as well. As much as the critics and awards groups loved it, the fans have gone one better, with American Gods spawning hundreds of blogs, websites and discussion groups, as well as electing it to be the first winner of social media / online voting in the "One Book, One Twitter" competition (beating out Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, and George Orwell to win the title.)

The bestselling 'American Gods', by Neil GaimanThe tenth-anniversary edition of the book will include some additional 10,000 words of text, which will include extended chapters and materials eliminated from the first publication, as well as related essays and interviews. And the new audio version, rather than choosing a single voice to narrate (as George Guidall did for the 2001 release) will incorporate a full cast of voice talent to play different parts in the story.

Gaiman seems to view American Gods as a tribute to the weirdness of America itself. "I'd been writing stories set in America for seven to eight years, I'd been coming to America for visits, and more importantly, I grew up watching American television and reading American books. And then I moved to America and found it was really weird, in ways that nobody had told me."

American Gods has also been picked up by Tom Hanks' Play-Tone production company, to become a TV series on HBO. Due out in 2013, it is rumored to be scheduled for a six-season run, with 10 to 12 hour-long episodes per season. While the first season should follow the novel, Gaiman has stated that it won't be exactly the same. "The overall plan right now is that the first season would essentially be the first book, with a few interesting divergences. (Fans of the book) will know a lot more than anybody who's starting from here, but we will do things that will surprise (them) too." It's a method that's worked extremely well so far for series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones - bridging divergent storylines without alienating existing fans - and if anyone can do it, it's Neil Gaiman.

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