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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #5


Canadian rage; elderly simplicity; racial field trips - it's all part of your YouTube bevvy...

5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week

So I have quickly learnt how to secretly squeeze more than five videos into my list. Yep, you got it; I put them in my introduction. Now if you can spin your brain cells back to the first ‘5 YouTube Experiences to Brighten Your Week' you might recall The Mountain, which was my number one clip. Well, there has been another video made by Terje Sorgjerd entitled The Arctic Light, which is no less awe-inspiring than its predecessor. I’m making a conscious effort not to put clips in the list which are related to any that I have included previously, so with that in mind I have decided to hide it in my introduction – I wouldn’t call that cheating.

Anyhow, without further ado, here are my latest offerings:

5. Racist Field Trip

This guy should do stand-up, as he tells his story impeccably, but I’d doubt any material created would match his experience on a share-cropping field trip. The embroilment of our storyteller – Kendall – is a typical “you could not write that” tale. But if it was, it would be for stand-up, and it would have been penned and delivered with the style and panache commonly associated with Louis CK or Chris Rock.

To summarise: this story is so perfectly hilarious you’d expect it to be crafted by a world class comedian – but it isn’t – and that serves to make it even funnier.

4. Do you hear clicking?

Posing for photos are painfully vulnerable moments, at least in my opinion. As holding a smile or funny face for seconds on end often leads me to question whether I’m actually experiencing the emotion I’m trying so hard to project. This clip exemplifies this perfectly.

Here we have two new recruits to the internet masses, a couple which spent most of their lives understanding that a camera only takes the picture when it clicks. This clip is short and sweet, and should raise a chuckle as Frank groans “no” every time his wife Rita poses the now immortal question “did you hear a click?”

3. Mugger Surprise

If I wrote anything about this sketch it would spoil the surprise; but let me at least say it is a wonderfully original surprise – you will laugh. The victim in this comedic crime is Jazzie, the comedian and writer who has been posting videos on YouTube since 2009, each one satirising the youth culture of London.

Arguably, you have to have some knowledge of the culture, you have to be able to grasp the slang, but not in this instance. This sketch should have the broadest appeal, and with the backing of the BBC, Jazzie should get the widespread success his undoubted talent deserves.

2. The great Bill Dance

The key to success is being prepared, but presumably in most cases, Bill Dance is not. My second favourite clip is similar in tone to the famous ‘Winnebago Man’ video; with the exception being that Mr Dance’s bloopers occur as he advertises fishing equipment, not RVs.

It would be harsh to label Bill Dance as incompetent, as I haven’t followed his career, but he certainly seems prone to the odd hilarious embarrassment. I have to hand it to him; at least he has the humility to laugh at his own misfortune.

1. Vancouver Riots

I know I’m supposed to “brighten your week” with this list, but a taste of reality never hurt anyone; and why not, the four previous clips were pretty funny – right?

Context: a game of ice hockey was played in Vancouver (Canada) and a team lost. What ensued has been widely reported and I’m sure you’re aware of it – a riot. It was an ugly, heaving mass of violence and unfettered rage; a greater outpouring of anger than I expected – and I’m from England, where hazardous football rivalries have existed for generations. Vancouver – in fact Canada as a whole – is renowned as a peaceful, tolerant community, which makes this surge of aggression more perplexing.

So here is an insight into the maelstrom, into the darkest corner of human psychology. Let us hope that this footage can be used to catch those guilty of such inane vandalism.

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