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Robot Chicken to release a third Star Wars spoof


One more robotic slap for the Star Wars franchise...

Robot Chicken is back...

We live in a dark, dark age. While not 'black-plague-oh-snap-everyone's-dead' sort of dark, it's certainly a sad time in certain aspects. On the whole, we are still trying to recover from one of the most crippling economic downfalls of all time - despite constant reassurance that all is now well; are dealing with the frequent and ever changing issues of privacy and the laws of it (super injunction anyone?); and remain obsessed with celebrity culture, concerning ourselves more with their idiotic behaviour than genuine areas of concern - such as the blood-thirsty leadership of Colonel Gaddafi, or North Korea's constant refusal to disregard any form of nuclear activity.

However, while it - and this opening paragraph - may leave you feeling a bit gloomy, there are things out there sure to put a smile back on your face. First of all, why not remind yourself of the honest and natural beauty of the world around you (if you're struggling, check this out). If that doesn't do it for you, why not use that wonderful creation - you know, the internet - to laugh yourself happy? Jack Dowling's piece should do nicely.

Still not happy? Only one thing for it then - regular prescriptions of Robot Chicken to be taken three times a week; and here's your first prescription, courtesy of those geniuses/madmen over at Adult Swim:

After two successful attempts, Seth Green and the gang are back to have another crack at the sci-fi giant that is Star Wars. Unlike the now painful spoofs produced by Family Guy, Robot Chicken offers you, the viewers, a unique take on George Lucas' record breaking franchise, helping you to identify the regular moments of hilarity that may have otherwise passed you by.

Why shouldn't you order calamari when dining with Admiral Ackbar? What was the Sith Lord's flight like? Does that band have a career in jingles - all questions you never thought ask, but Robot Chicken answers anyway; and there lies its appeal. Robot Chicken takes some of the best loved moments of television and cinematic history and gives it a ludicrous spin that's as funny as it is strange.

With over 45 minutes of new material - and a further three hours of added extras - the DVD promises to be an absolute bargain, and a must own for any self-respecting Robot Chicken fan. Furthermore, there is no need to wait, as the episode can be pre-ordered now at Amazon. Better still, why not go the full hog and treat yourself to the complete trilogy...they are certainly worth the money.

Empire Online has the latest trailer for Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, which will be released on DVD on July 4, 2011.

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