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Arnold Schwarzenegger agrees to another Terminator


Arnie has agreed to star in a fifth Terminator movie, but there is still a long way to go...

 Arnie, Terminator and Justin Lin...a winning combination?

So it's the news that many people have seen coming. For many, it is further justification that Hollywood have run out of ideas, but then again we do live in an age where remakes and/or sequels rule top. However, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet, as the rights package to the franchise is currently being presented to studios by entertainment agency CAA. Universal, Sony, Lionsgate and CBS Films are reportedly interested in the package. No doubt Arnie’s participation will give the proposed deal a significant boost as it will probably be his first real acting gig since ending his run as Governor for the State of Claifornia.

This is the first real activity on The Terminator project since February 2010, when the property emerged from a bankruptcy auction and into the possession of Pacificor, a Santa Barbara-based hedge fund. The previous owner of the rights was Halcyon, who produced the fourth film in the series, the McG directed Terminator Salvation. Salvation starred Christian Bale as John Connor and Sam Worthington as the cyborg, and its storyline chronicled the war between Skynet and the human survivors of the apocalypse.

Halcyon planned to release several follow-ups to Salvation but ran out of money, eventually declaring bankruptcy. As a result the rights to the franchise were auctioned off and the winning bid was made by Pacificor.

Justin Lin, director of Fast Five, is currently being touted as a possible director for the fifth Terminator film. Following the success of Fast Five at the box office, which itself is a sequel, studios will be hoping that Lin can resurrect the flailing sci-fi franchise too.

James Cameron’s The Terminator was released in 1984 and became an instant success with both critics and audiences alike. Meanwhile its star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, became a global phenomenon and one of the most lucrative box office sensations of the eighties and nineties. Since then the franchise has been engrained in popular culture, spawning four sequels and a television series entitled The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

However, the films have been on a steady commercial and critical decline since the Cameron-helmed sequel Terminator 2: Judgement Day; and the television series, which follows the lives of characters Sarah Connor and her son John Connor following the events of the first sequel, was cancelled after the second season came to an end in 2009.

Schwarzennegger has appeared, in one form or another, in all four Terminator films, most recently as a CGI version of himself in Terminator Salvation, so it is unsurprising that he would want to relaunch the role. However, at 63 years of age, the question has to be asked as to whether Schwarzenneger has either the fitness - or the image - with which to replicate his former success. Saying that, it's Arnie - the one-man pun machine - and after all, what can't that man do?

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