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5 YouTube experiences to brighten your week #1


An apple a day may indeed keep the Doctor away, but only this YouTube five-a-fortnight will leave you feeling better about yourself...

Top 5 Youtube

With over two billion video views a day, YouTube is - and has been for some time - the leading video site on the web. Its accessibility and ease of use have made it the most visited website in the world, with users worldwide eager to upload videos of themselves or friends doing what they love to do. Unfortunately, like many before it, YouTube are beginning to exploit their position, with advertisements and promotional intros now standard amongst much of the most viewed videos.

However, we here at Shadowlocked still believe that Youtube should be a place of laughter, education and intrigue, and are keen to help people remember why they first fell in love with the online giant. So, in what is set to be a fortnightly event, we bring you five enjoyable segments which are sure to make you laugh, smile and - courtesy of this week's number one - generally make life more appealing.

5. Tourettes Karaoke

I could have chosen any of Guy Francis’ karaoke videos – they really are all hilarious. Mr Francis suffers from Tourettes and Asperger’s Syndrome, and in his own words “I deal with it in a number of of them being Karaoke”. His measured rendition of ‘Hey there Delilah’ - punctuated by expleitetive laden outbursts - is comedy gold. You have to appreciate his sense of humour here; he isn’t the victim or a clown, but a man thankful for the release Tourettes gives him. Visit his website to find more laughs, videos and information. But in the meantime, watch, smile and enjoy.

4. Stop Boring Hugh Laurie

What do Jay Leno, David Letterman, Ellen Degeneres, Craig Ferguson and Dennis Miller have in common? Well, besides being American talk show hosts, they all asked Hugh Laurie the same questions – and in some cases, multiple times. How does Laurie respond? Well, he answers the questions. But with each repeated answer comes a greater lack of enthusiasm; with each repeated question, unsurprisingly, you learn more from his body language and tone of voice than his words. Perhaps the only conclusion to be drawn from this clip, besides the inanity of US talk shows, is that Hugh Laurie has astonishing reserves of patience.

3. Worst Interviewer Ever

Bleached jeans, rucksack, microphone from yesteryear and a red polo shirt tucked in just-a-little-too-emphatically = the props for one of the greatest pieces of comedy acting to hit the computer screen. Here, we are taken on a tour of the ‘Showbiz Expo’ by Kyle, a TV presenter heavily crippled with anxiety and nerves. Consequently, his questions are reduced to ramblings, stutters and thought-splurts that baffle many of those expected to provide an answer. The result? Sheer brilliance.

2. It's Ray!

Allow me to introduce Ray: the greatest, most inebriated stunt man to grace Rodney, Canada. Curiosity, more than anything, drove me to watch this video, and the hilarity within kept me glued throughout its eight minute duration. Sitting on a machine that is hard to describe and armed with his trusty “confidence antler”, Ray attempts a jump made nearly entirely of snow. I must state at this point that I do not condone any of his actions, or words. However, the coverage of his jumps, landings and bails, aided by some stellar commentary and flagrant disregard for ‘health and safety’, guarantees laughs.

So, we have laughed, listened and Lol'ed at this week's choosing. However, as we come to the end of our fortnightly round up, we would like to end on more of a breathtaking note:

1. The Mountain

There are perhaps too many time-lapse videos on the internet, but if you are to view one, then I implore you to choose this above all. It’s impossible not to salivate as you watch; in all likelihood it will bring tears to your eyes and re-affirm your lust for life. The score is inspiring, and the sweeping, majestic vistas captured on El Teide – the tallest mountain in Spain – are nothing short of heavenly. Terje Sorgjerd spent a week atop the mountain, and apparently enjoyed less than 10 hours sleep during that period. But boy was it worth it!

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