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Game of Thrones S2 Renewal


Winter is coming ... and apparently it's sticking around for a bit ...

Winter is coming (and a second season, too) in 'Game of Thrones'

In what may have been the fastest decision made by a television network ever, Game of Thrones, which premiered two days ago, has already been renewed for a second season. The ratings were solid (4.2 million viewers) and that, combined with the enormous initial investment by HBO in sets, costumes, marketing, etc. made a Season Two renewal a pretty sure bet. There was the concern, on the other hand, that Game of Thrones could be overturned by expensive production in the manner of Rome, another HBO show where high production costs led in the other direction, to premature cancellation. George R.R. Martin, writer of the series of books the show is based on, addressed that question in an exclusive interview with Empire.

"We're not as expensive as Rome. We found a less expensive place to shoot. We're shooting primarily in Belfast and Northern Ireland, and we got a great deal there. We shot some scenes in Malta and Morocco. Rome shot in Italy, and Italy is one of the most expensive places in the world to shoot." He went on to say that while he loved Rome, high production costs aren't always necessary to tell a compelling story. "I also love I, Claudius, which, to me, feels very much like Rome, even though I, Claudius was made for $1.95. You can see that the backgrounds are painted canvas, 'cause occasionally the marble columns will blow a little in the wind as an actor walks by! It's no less interesting for all of that."

Game of ThronesMr. Martin also confesses that he did feel nervous about a TV adaptation of his work; but that his decade working in the TV business helped him to taper his expectations to the reality of television production. George R.R. Martin spent ten years as a writer and story editor for shows such as The Twilight Zone, Beauty and the Beast, and The Outer Limits before embarking on his next career, as a high fantasy novelist. He also expressed concerns about the expectation that future seasons will be expected to cover one novel each. While the ten-episode first season will comfortably cover A Song of Ice and Fire, and season two is Clash of the Kings, Martin feels, "the crux will come if we get a third season. Storm of Swords is a gigantic book, it's five hundred pages longer than Clash of Kings, which is itself a hundred pages longer than Game of Thrones. So you're talking six hundred extra pages compared to Game of Thrones. I don't think they can do that in one season, unless they do a season in 20 episodes. So I think they're gonna have to break that one into two."

Initially, one might think it a bit premature to discuss Season Three so early on; but with a Season Two renewal coming out less than 36 hours after the show's premiere, who's to say when a Season Three confirmation might come? Martin also made a really interesting point about why HBO was the correct choice for an adaptation of Game of Thrones. Obviously, there is just too much in the series to be encompassed by a standard movie, or mini-series, so an ongoing series seems best. But why HBO? "My hope is that my HBO series here will be a breakthrough of a similar type that'll show you can do fantasy on television. It doesn't have to be for kids or teenagers. You can do something that's just as an adult. HBO, of course, has a reputation for taking these genres and bringing it to a new level. They did it with Deadwood for westerns, and The Sopranos for the gangster film."

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#1 Beat me to it :( Chris Morgan 2011-04-20 02:49
But this is great news. The campaign for Kevin McKidd as Stannis starts here. Get that man off Grey's Anatomy now.

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