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Joss talks Dr. Horrible, Avengers


What a crazy, random happenstance ...

Neil Patrick Harris as the eponymous character in 'Doctor Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog' (2008)

In honor of the new Dr. Horrible compendium, Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The Book, creator Joss Whedon sat down with the ArtsBeat blog at the New York Times to discuss Dr. Horrible, the possibility of a sequel, and just a bit about a small, indie film he's working on, you may have heard about it, The Avengers?

It’s been almost three years since “Dr. Horrible” was first released. What does it mean to you now?
It means, what the hell have we been doing? Where’s the damn sequel? The shame. Mostly that. And it remains one of the purest experiences of my life. It just makes me happy all the time. It wasn’t like anything else.

This was totally financed out of your own pocket?
Mm-hmm. I’m like, hey, you know what? Some mid-life crises are cars. They cost about this much. Mine has songs in it.

So, fans are wondering, where is that sequel, then? There have been rumors buzzing about a possible sequel for ages, since the first Dr. Horrible went live. Joss said that his creative team have "done a lot of work on it ... (with) several songs near completion and a very specific structure. We've just all got jobs." After some of Joss Whedon's difficulties with mainstream television and film studios (the ridiculously premature endings of Firefly and Dollhouse, for starters) one would think that producing a film for the net and having complete creative control, start to finish, would be something that appeals to a creative person. Those assumptions are correct.

After something like “Dr. Horrible,” are you ever tempted to chuck it all and only produce things for the Internet?
I’m more than tempted. I’m a little obsessed. And after Dr. Horrible I thought, well, somebody will come around. I talked at great length and planned at great length the idea of a portal and putting shows together, having an Internet identity and starting my own little micro-studio. Nobody in town was interested, and then by the time they were, Avengers came around ... I still believe it’s a viable financial model, and a creative playground and I miss it. But in the year that I was supposed to do that, I instead decided to make this little Sundance movie that I’m making.

I certainly hope you find distribution for it.
You know, I’m looking at the Independent Film Channel very closely. Knock wood.

Can you say when you start production on “Avengers”?
We’re just a hardscrabble bunch. Guerilla filmmaking. I start production a week from Monday. I’m going to get started on the script now. Apparently that’s a thing. I don’t get it. Improv stunts are always way more exciting-looking.

Read the full interview here.

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