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American Gods to HBO, Gaiman Q&A


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The House on the Rock, featured in Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods'

Last week, Neil Gaiman revealed that the rights to his award-winning novel American Gods had been purchased and that he would be working with an award-winning director (who shall remain nameless) to bring it to life. In update news, The Hollywood Reporter has reported that American Gods will be going to HBO, either as a miniseries or potentially an ongoing series. One can easily believe that the massive amount of buzz generated by Game of Thrones (premiering tonight! -- Shadowlocked's reviews are now up, here and here) has HBO interested in other sources of fantastical material.

THR says that the HBO version of American Gods will be produced by Playtone, Tom Hanks' production company, which was responsible for 2009's beautifully done Where the Wild Things Are, as well as several HBO series including Big Love, John Adams, and Band of Brothers.

American Gods, a road-trip fantasy that centers on the adventures of ex-con Shadow (and for the first time, had me wondering what the plural of 'pantheon' might be) did more than just win Hugo and Nebula awards: it also revitalized tourism at the House on the Rock (pictured above), where one of the climactic scenes of the novel takes place. In honor of a 10th-anniversary special edition re-release of the novel, as well as the news of the upcoming film adaptation, Gaiman participated in an online twitter Q&A about American Gods. The full text can be read here; but some highlights include:

Would you consider making American Gods into a movie or TV serial?
It’s in the works right now. I should say no more at this time, but I do not think anyone will be disappointed.

Did American Gods' narrative structure use sleight of hand because of Shadow’s hobby, or because it’s effective to keep readers guessing?
Both of those, and because it was what the book was all about. Now you see it, oops, look over there…

What scenes from the book do you think would completely ruin a film adaption of American Gods if they were removed?
I think the most important thing is to try & keep the races of all the characters correct.

The one we won’t get an answer to: Who is the Forgotten God?
I think I’ll answer it in another American Gods book. But no, not here. Also, I think I’ve forgotten your question.

When researching American Gods, Gaiman actually rented a car and took an American road trip himself, visiting all the sights he wrote about in the book. In the interview, Gaiman also teased another American Gods book in the works; the possibility of a Big Book of Myth, and of course, the upcoming HBO adaptation. The special edition anniversary text of American Gods is due out June 21. It includes portions of the original text which were cut from the first printing.


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