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American Gods film, Good Omens TV series in development


The award-winning novel paired with an award-winning director...

Neil Gaiman's 'American Gods' and 'Good Omens' getting screen adaptations

On the heels of the news that the Sandman comics will probably not be made into a TV series, at least not this year, comes some even better news: Gaiman's 2002 novel American Gods is going to get the big-screen treatment. In an interview with DigitalSpy, Gaiman revealed that the film rights to the book were sold only last week, and that he is going to head to LA to work out some details with the people who will be working on the film.

Gaiman said that he did not want to make any announcements, as he would "hate to steal anyone's fire", as it were; but he did drop some juicy tidbits regarding the film. He said that the director and cinematographer are already on board, that the director has "many, many Oscars", and that he (Gaiman) regards the director as a "genius". That's a pretty big compliment coming from an author that many would consider to be a genius himself! Gaiman also indicated that the director fell in love with the book years ago and has been fighting for the project ever since.

American Gods follows the story of Shadow, who travels through the American heartland, accompanied by all of the gods that the early settlers of America brought with them from their home countries. It won an incredible four major literary awards when it was published, including the Hugo Award for Best SF/Fantasy Novel, the Bram Stoker Award for Best Horror Novel, the Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel, and the Nebula Award for Best Novel.

In the same interview with DigitalSpy, Neil Gaiman confirmed that Good Omens is in development to become a four-part television series. Good Omens, which Gaiman co-wrote with Terry Pratchett back in 1990, has been rumored to be in and out of development for years. Initally, it was going to be a feature film helmed by Terry Gilliam, of Monty Python fame. Now it's in development as a TV mini-series and will be helmed by Terry Jones, of Monty Python fame. Good Omens chronicles the story of the Apocalypse, the Anti-Christ, and all the supernatural and human beings mixed up in the process; and it is truly hilarious.

Gaiman said that the advantage of doing a television mini-series over a feature film is obvious, "You don't have that compression. You don't start out from a point of view of, 'Okay, what are we throwing out?' because you can put it all in. You can put more in." He also said that the major problem is going to be figuring out when the movie will be set, as some plot devices (such as tape cassettes, etc.) are anachronistic to a current film: but that he was relieved that this would be someone else's problem. "I don't think I'm going to be very heavily involved in Good Omens." He joked that he and Terry Pratchett could appear as extras, particularly in scenes that take place in really nice restaurants, eating really nice food. He said, "We find the best possible people and let them get on with it."

Is it possible for Good Omens to go up against Terry Pratchett's DiscWorld TV series (also in development) just to see what happens?

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#1 The Long Con... Chris Morgan 2011-03-27 10:30
Loved American Gods.

But I'm wondering who they're going to cast for Shadow and Wednesday, the most crucial roles that will either make or break this film. During my reading, for some reason I always saw Rade Sherbedgia as Wednesday, Russian accent too.

But for a big Hollywood movie, he just won't do for a title role. My endorsement would have to go to Gary Oldman.

Casting Shadow is far, far harder. In my head I visualised someone who was a cross between Dominic West and Commander Shephard.
#2 RE: American Gods film, Good Omens TV series in development Rlgkd 2011-03-28 00:30
The director with many Oscars? Coppola?

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