Daniel Elford

Daniel ElfordAfter studying English and Media at college, Daniel went on to work in various positions, from sales assistant to a member of a fraud investigation team, to his current position as an Accounts Administrator for an engineering firm.  No matter what position he has held however, his passion for being creative has remained ever present, growing in the darkness.  Alongside drumming as part of a band, he regularly writes fiction, and has a love for film that most certainly puts him in the geek category. Furthermore, he has used the various outlets he has had at his disposal, such as his blog, to combine these passions, writing movie and music reviews, and recommendations.   He will give anything a chance, but is without mercy for terrible film making.  His personal taste leans towards more challenging cinema, with David Lynch among his favourite directors, and The Elephant Man at the top of his list of favourite films.  Using his spare time to study English Language further, he is a pedantic perfectionist as far as his own work is concerned, and is looking to take his writing to a more advanced level wherever possible.  He is available for reviews, interviews, articles, and anything else that offers him the chance to exercise and stretch his writing technique, and further voice his opinion to the masses.